What To Do While Venus Transits Pisces: A Venus Magic Primer For Beautiful Dreamers

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Tis the season of the Mystic Swoon! Every year around this time, Venus, the planetary agent of beauty, recreation, & romance, transits Pisces, the Sign of imagination & misty dreamscapes.

With spring right around the corner, Venus → ♓️ (February 10th to March 6th) is the perfect excuse to start waking up your senses & beautifying your inner universe!

In fact, that’s what Venus Magic is all about: working with desire & the sublime to make beautiful things happen; for healing emotional wounds holding you back from loving yourself; for melting into someone else's gaze; for spiritual rapture through the senses.

Being a former bio-hacking productivity junkie, I had no idea how to make use of this--or any--Venus transit, so the first thing I did was register for SUBLIME: The Art & Magic of Venus in Pisces, a workshop over at Aeolian Heart Astrology, which was all about what goes on 4th dimensionally when Venus transits ♓️. 

(No longer available! But subscribe to Rachel's newsletter to find out when Venus visits Pisces again, & other super-fab transits!)

The second big help: reading up on my Venus sign, because your Venus sign is like an astrological keyhole into your taste, flirt style, & secret pleasures!

So, if you also struggle to feel good, let me tell you how your Venus Sign (found in your natal chart) can point you towards the aesthetics that are actually medicine for your soul!

Any & all Venus Magic does while Venus transits Pisces will amount to pillow talk for the soul.

OKAY, BUT BEFORE WE GET INTO IT… let’s set the mood. 🎧


Venus Magic: What’s It Good For?

Venus Magic helps us manifest our Ideals about Love, Beauty, & Desire. Ideals, like dreams, are ethereal. We have a sense about them, but putting them into words never captures the whole picture. This ethereal realm corresponds with the Outer Planets, like Neptune, which overlords Pisces. 

And Pisces exalts Venus! Each Sign showcases Venus in a special way (some ways debilitating her natural powers), & Venus will transit them all in about 225 days, but Pisces is her favorite part of the voyage, where she can surrender to soul-gasmic splendor. 

In Pisces, Venus energy has a quality of being both super blown out, like light rays dissolving in a watery atmosphere. Memory overlaps imagination, & you can’t tell whether you’re on the inside or the outside of experience.

For a gal coming into this with a huge mind-body disconnect, imagistic, interdimensional Pisces was the perfect entry-point to working magically with the Morningstar Goddess, & bridging the gap between what I think should be happening compared to what is happening. 

So, obviously, Venus transiting Pisces is the perfect occasion for using the Imaginal Realm to create space, relationships, & perceptions for satisfying your heart’s desires. Venus Magic for Pisces season is all about stirring up the very waters of imagination, where you put together your intentions, emphasizing playtime, whimsy, & gaining new perspective, more than trying to make an intention work

Before I link to you references for building a Venus ritual (which you don’t even need--you can freeplay any ritual, but having certain materials helps me trust the process more), let me describe the principles (my principles) that I’ve picked up along the way!

In Venus Magic, feeling good is your modus operandi. The “work” is about subtracting the noise throwing static on good vibes, which are natural & easy come, easy go. To start, you have to start with taking responsibility for your experience, which means getting out of your head--abandoning your shoulds

This should feel like this… It ought to go like this… 

Fuck that noise. 

First principle of Venus Magic: Pleasure is power.

In Venus Magic, your sweet spot is your power position. That state where you feel most at ease, in your element, in your domain. Venus Magic helps you charm yourself into feeling good; for fully engaging with your senses, thoughts, & feelings. 

But you have to know what feels good, for you, mind, body, & soul. 

Do you know what feels good to you? 

While Venus transits Pisces, we have the opportunity for getting to the hot, glow-y core of our pleasure power. And once you know that power, you are responsible for it. You can’t unknow what makes you feel good, dreamy, & cool.

The second principle of Venus Magic (these are make believe, btw):
sensation is the root of spiritual rapture. 

Totally not the prevailing dogma, right? 

Oh, but girls, we already knew this. The dogma is in your mind, which keeps your mind from fully collaborating, reaching into, & fully connecting with your body.

Your pleasure-power is knitted to your immediate environment, which is what your 5 senses are accessing right this moment. Sense awareness is an aspect of human intelligence, devalued because awareness doesn’t produce. Awareness is the access point to higher dimensions.

What are you sensing? 

The neighbor’s kids giggling; flowers sweating their fragrance through the open window; candle wax pooling on your altar. Maybe it’s the cathedral-like silence of the library’s quiet-study area. Maybe it’s overhearing your adored roommate gabbing on the phone, the glitter in her voice as she talks about her favorite class, or it’s the memory of your sunrise run on the beach, the creamsicle colors of the sky & the zen-like emptiness of breaking through exhaustion. 

All of this, this delicious sensory samsara, is the stuff of spiritual ecstasy. Imagine if you were dying, slowly, in this moment. (You are. Actually.) These sense details… they envelope you. Without a raging river of thoughts keeping all that data at bay, those smells, sounds, visuals, etc., would eventually melt all the way through your skin, each & every one of your cells sipping at the world’s sensational noise. 

What knocks us off the route: should, could, would. Any & every urgent abstract thought. 

Venus will transit Pisces from February 10th to March 6th, & the first quarter or full moon are perfect occasions for a little Venusian magic-making! If you're totally new to magic, read this post first, which describes the tools I use, why I use them, & when they come into play.

Remember, it's actually all play. You don't need to follow any procedure to a T--not unless you need to feel technically on-point before you start improvising. 

Also, here’s a complete list of Venus correspondences, with more info about the Venus archetype. You’ll find everything you need to craft a ritual that rings true for the Goddess Venus. 

And if you need a ritual outline, check out my post about creating new moon rituals, which includes a printable roadmap. Use it as a template!

But if you want a star-studded intuitive quest into the poet’s heart of Venus in Pisces, let me tell you about using your Venus sign for decoding the keys to pleasure-power, so you create a truly glimmering world of Beauty & Truth for yourself to live it.

Your Venus Sign: The Decoder Of Your Pleasure, Desire, & Style Aesthetic While Venus Transits Pisces

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Your Venus sign is the short code to your tastes, pleasures, & flirt style. Your Venus sign can help you alight on the feelings & sensations that can transport you to your sweet spot in a snap. You can use this info to prime yourself for any situation, not just a ritual: job interviews, first dates, rainy Sunday afternoons. 

Last year, I wrote a post about discovering my Venus sign, which I used to help create the most sublime Aquarian full moon ritual. I used the info to trick out my ritual surroundings, which seeped into how I deck my space, spend my time, & respond to basic urges for food, water, & comfort.

According to the Astro Twins, with a Venus in Aquarius, I am sapiosexual: turned on by beautiful minds. 

TRUTH. Hellaaa truth. Elon Musk is my celebrity crush. I fantasize about our pillow talk: that I would inspire him to reinvest into the Earth, instead of colonizing dead planets. 

Also, I take great pleasure in speculation: I love people-watching. I love guessing at people’s thoughts & feelings in the fleeting moments I catch them.

Overall, my Venus sign gave me insight for up-leveling my life’s pleasure quotient, which has become core to what I’m doing with Venus Magic. If you want to deliberately practice shifting your mood into “sudden bliss” a.k.a. your sweet spot, your Venus sign is the keyhole you should be peeking through!

Where to find out your own Venus sign

Get a copy of your natal chart in front of you. You can get one for free at astro.com or by signing up for the Astro Twins’ newsletter. You could also check where your birth date falls on this chart over at Star Sign Astrology.

When you have your chart, look for this symbol: ♀

Now look to the outer rim of the wheel. What’s Sign does your natal Venus fall in?  

When you know, Google “Venus + [its Sign]” to open up a treasure trove of info-tainment!

To jumpstart: read more about the Astro Twins’ Venus sign summaries, which are pithy, but speak volumes. 

Of course, you would get a much more cohesive, spooky-specific Venus sign interpretation from an astrologer. Here are my favorites, but just to summarize: Bess Matassa of The Star Parlor (formerly Mojave Rising) specializes in sense-specific natal chart readings, while Kimberly at Star Sign Style focuses on natal chart-inspired style & beauty advice. 

You could spend all 3 weeks of Venus’ transit just learning about your natal Venus, which might awaken you to so much more about your connection to the world (& it’s delights!). 

But there’s plenty of general pleasures to drip into your life—micro-rituals / mini-ecstasies to deepen, widen your sense-awareness, so that maybe you can edge on rapture!

Swoony Things To Do While Venus Transits Pisces

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In SUBLIME, Rachel explained how we can use ritual to align with this ethereal time of the year, for inspiration, healing, & (of course) decoding what makes us feel good. I planned a whole ritual & plugged reminders into my schedule during the workshop, so when it ended, I felt like I’d just worked out a problem I hadn’t even realized I was stuck on!

Btw, I fully endorse enrolling in workshops while you’re still saving up for a personal astrology consult. In a workshop, you’re basically given an actionable horoscope, which might not decode everything that’s going on with you personally, but still gives you enough material to figure stuff out on your own. Workshops are spaces to test your intention-setting & self-awareness. 

All of which brings my inner mystic minx to an edge. I mean, why not while away an afternoon wondering deeply about making my life feel better?

So, here are a few activities to help you get swept up in what Venus → Pisces is all about! 


[Waits] told me, ‘I realized that, as a songwriter, the only thing I really do is make jewelry for the inside of other people’s minds.’ Music is nothing more than decoration for the imagination. That’s all it is. That realization, Waits said, seemed to open things up for him. Songwriting became less painful after that.

-- Liz Gilbert, Big Magic (based on a past interview)

Decorate your imagination. Re-read your favorite stories & poems. Create playlists of all the music that transports you to other places. Visit art museums, set up your kid’s mini-planetarium in the living room, & pretty much cram your imagination with sparkling, glowy artifacts. 

This is also a great time to binge on astrology, the Tarot, & other symbolic languages. Your dreamer-subsconscious loves symbolism & reading up on it can also help you decode & create with your dreams! 

If you’re already pretty aware of what’s in your chart & also pretty adept at the Tarot, consider enrolling in a class to uplevel your symbolic language I can’t fudging wait for DISCOVERY to open up--the astrology course offered by Rachel @ Aeolian Heart! (Can you tell I’ve got star fever?)

You could also consider Venus → Pisces the perfect occasion for a “thought-form makeover.” Do you have any habitual thoughts that make you feel shitty? How about any thoughts promoting beautiful words & actions.

If you want to replace a few shitty thoughtforms, I love these Venus teachings I found on Universe of Symbolism

Young girls, you are magic, born to experience something magical. Love every moment of being a girl. You make the stars laugh. 

Young women, you are Divine, born to manifest the Divine Feminine on earth. You are the magic of procreation. You make the stars shine.

Grown women, be beautiful, gentle, wise, elegant, & supportive. Remind every woman who she is with your smile & loving presence. You excite the stars & make them dance.


Venus → Pisces is the season for poets & mystics--aesthetes, in general. According to Evelyn Underhill in Practical Mysticism: A Little Book For Normal People, aesthetes are practical mystics. We are designed to live in a state of peak sense-awareness. 

Living as a true aesthete prioritizes self-purification. Regularly & vigorously cleansing the faculties of perception--the very fabric of our perception itself! 

The core of practical mysticism, according to Miss Evelyn: being immaculate in body & mind, so that the Truth may clearly impress itself upon your soul. 

Well, why not. I don’t agree with Miss Evelyn on all points, but I totally believe she was a swoon-y mystic. And she’s not wrong about our senses needing regular flushing to keep us sensitive to the exquisiteness of direct experience. 

Sensitivity & awareness are part-in-parcel to having penetrative, mystical insight into reality. Sense sensitivity is an ability; it means you naturally tune into the connective tissues beneath superficial reality, stuff most people block out. 

I know that if I want to get to level of practical mysticism, I’ve gotta clean up my act. I’ve got to get intentionally sensitive & learn how to protect that sensitivity. Quite frankly, my senses are pretty blunt.

Be an aesthete. Merge with the moment. Dissolve into the world around you.

Do it. Do it do it do it.


A dream journal gives an eagle-eye view on an epic conversation you pick back up with the World Soul every night while you sleep. Dreams are a resource, a treasure trove, an elevated perspective on the content of your psyche. In a dream, new sensations storm your nervous system, remixing the levels, reshaping the topography of your soul, subliminally seeping into your waking mind.

If you can manage 3 keywords every day about your dreams for 2 weeks, your dreams will start noticeably amping up. If you focus on keywords (instead of trying to write out the whole dream as you remember it), you’ll be able to track the sun & moon easily.

For dream-journaling experts: document the positions of the sun & moon, which I track with the Deluxe Moon & Time Passages apps. 

What if you have trouble remembering your dreams? Start treating sleep like it’s basic hygiene. In fact, create a brand new, therapeutic bedtime routine. Go ahead, upgrade your bedsheets. Institute the bedroom as a no-phone zone. Drink a mugful of mugwort tea a couple hours before bed. (I’ve tried & liked this brand.)


Venus Magic concentrates on manifesting essential power. This is power you don’t create, but create with. It’s power accessed when you’re plugged into your heart’s desire. When desire is thrown in, your instincts dial way up. You’ll be able to sniff out the right people, experiences, & products to make the journey truly your own.

But there’s a ton of social programming to break through before you can make the journey your’s.

If that’s the case for you: it’s time for desire rehab. Recommended reading: Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map. Last year, I wrote about my Desire Map experience, & I still go by the core desires unearthed in that process. 

Because of how grand a role desire plays in magic, you can’t afford to ignore it. 


Start seeing everything as God,
But keep it a secret.
— Hafiz

Go to a natural spot, like the mountains or the coast. Wear feathers in your hair & meditate on a giant rock. Carry your kicks in a bag & kiss the ground with your feet. Say a prayer & leave a feather with a piece of rose quartz somewhere in the wild. Even if nothing particularly thrilling happens while you’re in the great outdoors, keep the excursion secret. Don’t breathe a word about it.

If the idea of going out into nature makes you want to barf, steal away for a day in the city. Go window shopping & cafe crawling, take selfies & buy postcards. Find ways to document the city’s splendors: a camera phone, a journal, your Voice Memo app. Bring homemade jewelry or goody-bags to pass out to strangers.

Whether out in nature or in the city, find or invent an entry-point to merge with what’s happening around you. 


Venus in Pisces is the perfect occasion for booking an appointment with a masseuse or holistic esthetician; for splurging on a spa pedicure; for learning to meditate in the bathtub. It’s also a good time for experimenting with some whimsical magical effort, like drinking water infused with gemstones or carving glyphs onto your make-up brushes. 

Every mystic minx should have her own self-love ritual bath recipe--an elixir of fresh herbs, fruit juices, cream, & oils--with a tailored procedural to boot. I show you how to invent your own self-love bath ritual here!


We talked about beautifying your inner life, but what about the outside?

This is the most obvious way to apply your Venus sign. But there’s still so much inspiration to take from other sublime-y places. I love everything Bess Matassa writes about star-inspired home design over at Apartment Therapy

And here are the Astro Twins’ home decor horoscopes as well, which points you towards star-satisfying design trends vibing with your own taste! 

In general, without knowing a thing about astrology, you could channel Venus into your home by filling it with squeezable textures, fragrant soy candles, fresh cut pink or peach roses, seashells, jade, quartz, & copper. And getting into the habit of playing ocean sounds on Spotify. Or buying a tiny plug-in water fountain. All of this stuff corresponds with Venus. Hella Venusian vibes. 

Also consider upgrading your wardrobe or getting a makeover. I’m forever indebted to Kimberly @ Star Sign Style for introducing me to the Aquarian Venus power of turquoise.

Visit this page to find Venus sign-inspired style & beauty advice


Place it in the eastern quadrant of your house (or wherever you want), on a vanity table (or whatever you want), then shower it with symbols, minerals, herbs, metals, & colors corresponding with Venus (or however you want to do it up). 

On Friday (Venus Day), leave a mug of deluxe hot cocoa as an offering. Set an intention while lighting a candle on your altar & journal about it. Write down the sun, moon, & date. Over time, you’ll gather enough data to help you set smarter intentions for bigger results. You’ll build rapport with Venus. 

Every morning, tidy your altar up & light incense. Meditate, draw Tarot cards, sing hymnals, or finger yourself. Whatever you do at your altar should be self-satisfying. Make your altar feed your particular need for Beauty, Love, & Desire. 

Whenever you notice your altar, you should wonder, What have I done today to make myself feel beautiful? What can I still do?

If the amount of stuff you could put on your altar is overwhelming, start with what you have & looks / feels good to you. Again, let your Venus sign guide you! 

However, regardless of your Venus sign’s bearing, your Venus altar definitely needs these LDR prayer candles

To learn more about building a Goddess altar, visit this post.


I’d like to make my life a 24/7 swoon; a rager with the beautiful & the sublime until I die, which will feel like melting back into the universe, so my last speculative thought will be, Oh how funny--I was made of wax, the whole time!

I think this is to say, I aspire to my life as an aesthetic. Full of quality & composition. Which is why Venus → Pisces is my new favorite time of year for daydreaming in the afternoon & praying in the middle of the night. For making new contact with the surfaces of reality surrounding me! 

And also, for sinking deeply into the mallow core of my perception. To really feel my ideas & figure out the bigger idea, the current behind my experiences.

And you--I wish you plenty of sparkle & vertigo! May you swoon your pains away & may your dreams froth over into your waking life! 

Be a supernova. 

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