How To Create Your Own Goddess Altar (& Invoke HELLA Goddess magic!)

Triple Goddess altar via ZennedOut-- visit this link for the free, downloadable Triple Goddess wall hanging  pictured here!

Triple Goddess altar via ZennedOut--visit this link for the free, downloadable Triple Goddess wall hanging pictured here!

Every Goddess girl needs an altar. A place to luxuriate in sacred bliss, reconnect with her creamy, dreamy divine core, & build a solid relationship with the Divine Feminine.

A Goddess altar is also a platform for manifesting hella Goddess magic. It’s a ritual station, a shrine, & represents a microcosm of the macro-transformation you crave. Moon magic happens at your altar. So does psychic healing. Mystic experiences & lightening-bright divine insights & magical self-activation ALL happen at your Goddess altar!

Let me show you step-by-step how to create your Goddess altar, then we'll dip into a little divine magic 101!



Gorgeous altar via Pinterest ( help me credit the artist ) 

Gorgeous altar via Pinterest (help me credit the artist

My altar centerpiece is a Goddess statuette surrounded by rose quartz, lapis lazuli, & moonstone. The base is a large, circular pottery dish piled with sand from Panther Beach, CA. (Close to home. <3) Altogether, the altar occupies about 1/3 the surface of a book shelf & is the first noticed when you walk into our family room. 

Along with tumbled stones, sand, & the centerpiece, the altar holds:

altar cards (designed by me: an iridescent yin yang, a hot pink lotus blossom) fresh cut roses (from the florist) a hematite stone carved into the shape of an ankh photocopies of The Hierophant & Temperance cards from The Starchild Tarot scrumptious-smelling artisan candles anointed with flower essences (like this one) a small china offering dish (currently holding 3 squares of chocolate) a miniature cauldron my magic diary (a.k.a. my book of shadows or grimoire) Japanese prayer incense & incense burner a wand I made by twining together 5 dried & de-thorned rose stems with a medium-sized chunk of tumbled labradorite stone attached at the end

On a lower shelf, I have a carved wooden box storing smaller candles, a matchbook, essences & tinctures, differently themed altar cards, & other totems. 

My altar swag rotates with the seasons, the lunar calendar, & my most recent magical intentions.   

During magic rituals, I create vivid & surreal phantasms: multi-dimensional, sense-evocative "images" representing the manifestation of my magical intention. For days or weeks afterward, the altar is a microcosmic chamber of the macro-satisfaction I’ve envisioned. 

I also create Goddess phantasms. These are lovingly nurtured, vividly surreal "visualizations" of my Patron Goddess Inanna. She’s the archetypal Goddess-Self I aspire to & am trying to magically unlock. Meditating & doing magic at my Goddess altar is pretty much where I've bonded with the Divine Feminine.



I practice a type of Goddess Magic that's rooted in an ancient magical system called theurgy. In theurgy (a.k.a. Divine Magic), we call on deities & draw on the supernatural to energize our magical intentions. Goddess rituals, then, are portals for divine intervention. We craft magical intentions to evolve us towards becoming the Hand of Goddess.

(And you can't become a miracle-working enchanted babe if you're hurtin' for wish fulfillment, right? Well, that's how Goddess Girls roll.)

No matter what your mystical-magical tradition, before building your Goddess altar, the first thing you have to ask yourself is: What’s my magical intention?

What do you really need? Do you have to feel beautiful, so you can create beauty? Do you need freedom before you can become someone’s liberator? Your Goddess altar opens up the space for you to satisfy that need. 

Grab a pad of paper & your favorite pen. A the Qs below & see if it helps you craft a vision for your Goddess altar & magical intentions.

Ask thyself:

  1. Ask yourself: What can Goddess help me with in my life? What’s your soul’s mission? Your unmet spiritual cravings?
  2. What are your key archetypes? If you’ve adopted a Patron Goddess, you already have an idea. 
  3. Consider an elemental nature you aspire to. For example: fluidity (water), steadfastness (earth), inspired (air), creative (fire). 
  4. Where in your life do you need extra space? Who would you be if you felt energy rich? Make a short list of the thoughts drowning you out & the icky feelings clogging up your max energy output. Without those thoughts & feelings, what would your life look like?
  5. What kind of Goddess relationship do you want? What does a Goddess-activated life smell, look, sound, taste, & feel like? Who would you become? How would you be? How would it change your day-to-day experience?


Rose healing altar via  fuckyeahaltars on Tumblr

Rose healing altar via fuckyeahaltars on Tumblr

Your altar is the threshold for Goddess to emerge into your life. Being there should juice you up & make you feel magical. 

Consider spaces in your home where you already feel nourished, inspired, & sacred. Where in your house do you like to meditate, be creative, sit & think, or make big plans? How do you plan on using your altar? Are going to learn about or invent altar rituals? Use it for journaling space? Reading Tarot?

You can build an altar on your bookshelf, your make-up vanity, or hang it from the ceiling. Build an altar on top of a cinder block or inside your Jetta’s glove compartment. Follow your own weird heart. I know people who've built altars in their closets & others who've built one in every room of the house plus the garage. 

Create your altar where you will use it & where you feel welcome. 

For ideas about setting (& visual inspiration), check out my Pinterest board, Goddess Altars-a-go-go. Also follow fuckyeahaltars on Tumblr. (I’ll link to these again below.)



Sweet pink &amp; white altar via Pinterest (help me credit the artist)

Sweet pink & white altar via Pinterest (help me credit the artist)

You can keep whatever you want on your altar, of course. But there are 3 types of altar swag to include if you actually want to invoke Goddess.

First thing: Have you found your Patron Goddess? My tips & resources are over here. Once you know what Goddess you want to invoke, gather synthemata. Goddess synthemata are just materials that signify the Goddess you're invoking. If you're not invoking a specific Goddess, gather synthemata signifying the Goddess quality you want to unlock within yourself, e.g. synthemata for Beauty, synthemata for Genius, etc.


  1. MATERIAL // You’re a mystical girl in a material world, right? Where do YOU see manifestations of Goddess? Look for Goddess signatures on different types of matter. What crystals, herbs, types of food, metals, & other types of matter are associated with your Goddess? 
  2. SYMBOLIC // Symbolic synthemata is matter manipulated to symbolize the Goddess, like statuettes or altar cards. You can find statuettes of your Goddess at any online metaphysical shop, though they're pricey. Instead, you can use symbols for modern archetypes related to your Goddess. Do you have an intensely close relationship with Katniss from The Hunger Games? Adorn your altar with a trinket with the MockingJay symbol or write quotes from the books on pieces of fine stationary. 
  3. CONCEPTUAL // This one’s tricky. Conceptual synthemata isn't necessarily upon the altar, but is part of your Goddess meditation. Conceptual synthemata can be from the Zodiac, Numerology, sacred geometry, or Tarot cards. You'll identify your conceptual synthemata with intuitive knowing--feeling the je ne sais quoi that tips you off whether a stranger is a Scorpio or a Gemini. If you really can't come up with anything, start with a circle. (Which is universally femme.) Meditate on the circle. You don't need to place circles on your altar, your conceptual synthemata helps shift your mindset.

As a rule, gather synthemata that feels natural & obvious to you versus what doctrines tell you to use. If you want to decorate your altar in sunflowers, Hunger Games action figures, & Star of David-shaped pendants, then ride that vibe. 



So fresh &amp; bright:&nbsp; Danielle LaPorte's White Altar

So fresh & bright: Danielle LaPorte's White Altar

Rituals build energetic containers for playing with, confronting, galvanizing, or restoring energy. If you want to draw Goddess energy, you have to create a container to draw it into. To do that, especially with a specific Goddess in mind, you have to create a phantasm

I'll explain a magic exercise that I've used for inviting Goddess into my ritual life. But if you're interested in performing magic ceremonies at your altar, you should score your copy of The New Moon Ritual Roadmap: my step-by-step instructions for creating a satisfying new moon ceremony.

The roadmap outlines the checkpoints I hit in my own new moon magic ceremony, including at what point I invoke the Goddess, so you'll get a pretty good scope of where, how, & to what capacity you can bring Goddess into your magic!

Visit this post for more about using new moon magic.

Okay, let's start building a relationship with your Goddess! 



You can create a Goddess phantasm at any moment, near or far from your altar. Practice at your Goddess altar often though, so it garners those rad, magical divine vibes. 

A phantasm is a multidimensional sensory image. When you “visualize” a Goddess phantasm, you sense her smell, appearance, texture(s), how she sounds (her voice or even something like rainfall or the clanging of swords), even how she tastes, on top of your concept of her. It should be vivid, intimate, & personal to how you WANT to perceive your Goddess.

Your research & hunt for signatures will vivify your Goddess to some degree. But you have to fill in the gaps. Sometimes it helps to write a 500-word scene about your Goddess, as if she were a character or you were writing about a memory. I built a vision-board for Inanna before creating an altar, which I would suggest along with creating a Pinterest board. Make this a project in clarifying your Goddess perception & remember that she embodies the completed version of who you’d become with her particular strengths & attributes manifested in your own life.

Make The Proper Introductions

After setting up your altar, lock the door & power down your phone. Light the candles, burn the incense, get sky clad or slip into something that makes you feel ethereal. While preparing, wind down the mental chatter. Sometimes ambient sounds like chanting or tinkling New Age tracks help. 

Once you've shifted your attire & the room's ambiance, come before your altar & get still. Conjure your phantasm. Bring her into the room with you. Invoke her name. Offer her something special (maybe your research dug up something about her taste?). Request her to patronize your magical development or see over your ceremonies. You can ask for a sign or ask a question. The deeper you develop your meditative practice (part-in-parcel to Goddess-work!), the clearer you'll receive messages / recognize signs.

When exiting your communion, eat / drink the offering, or later on, bury it in the ground.

Each morning & night, set before your altar & project your Goddess phantasm. Practice makes perfect. The more you project the phantasm, the more alive it becomes.

Louise Androlia's altar via   How To Design An Altar  &nbsp;

Louise Androlia's altar via How To Design An Altar 



Magic only gets better once you’re tending an altar! You feel richer, sweeter, & brighter. More abundant

What's on your altar