How To Be A Sylph: My Tips For Celebrating The Aquarian Full Moon With Tons of Beauty & Starshine

Image via Pinterest (help me credit the creator  here )

Image via Pinterest (help me credit the creator here)

Full moons epitomize cumulative energy: creative, emotional, devotional, desirous. And today’s full moon is in Aquarius, the rebellious, idealistic psychonaut of the zodiac. We’ve also plunged into Leo season, which resounds with the 2 strongest expressions of Leo: Strength & Desire. We’re surrounded by deep feels & big thinking, so I’m basically swooning. 

To heighten the vibe, tonight is also a lunar eclipse! Leo faces Aquarius! If you want a deeper, astrological decoding of the eclipse, pay a visit to Rachel over at Aeolian Heart

You can check out my post for creating a mystically luxe full moon celebration, but here are a few ways you can throw a handful of Aquarian glimmer onto your full moon festivities:

Host a viewing party with all your weirdest, most philosophical friends & screen a heady feature film. My top recommendations: Richard Linklater’s Waking Life or Pink Floyd’s The Wall 🌙  Spend a chill night at home with a playlist & The Desire Map, visioneering your future. Desire plus vision = hella Leonine-Aquarian vibes! 🌙  Ready to become risk erotic? Book an appointment at a club with a sensory deprivation tank, where your float in salt water in a dark, soundproof chamber. It’s an UNREAL experience! Check out this article: 5 Reasons To Float In A Sensory Deprivation Tank

For more ideas, revisit my Goddess Moon Magic post from last January, where I talked about creating a new moon ritual invoking the Goddess Nuit. Full moon rituals should be about relish & catharsis, rather than constructing a formal ritual, but the post has TONS of Goddess inspiration to make your night sweetly bright!

And if you performed an Aquarian new moon ritual, congratulations! Take stock of what’s manifested. Did you stick to your intention? When did you feel the first tickle of synchronicity? Tonight’s your night to cut loose!

In celebration of the Aquarian full moon & the sun in Leo, I also want to exalt some of my summer style inspo: floaty, glittering, sylphic fantasy that’s both ethereal & hedonistic. This summer has been full of glimmer, risk eroticism, & muse worship. Aquarius is actually my Venus sign, which I’ll talk about below, so this Leo-Aquarian eclipse feels extra special. 

Let me characterize how I experience the Aquarian vibe, then talk about how you can hail more Aquarius into your life!



How To Be A Sylph - Venus in Aquarius via HellaNamaste

The sylph is an air spirit, a cousin to angels & idea-fairies. She’s a wild, poetical muse for mystics & philosophers. The sylph is the embodiment of inspiration, known to lure thinkers & visionaries to the highest peaks they’re capable of summiting. She dwells in forested mountains & hangs out with the Virgin Huntress Diana. Her favorite time of day is sunrise & she is intimate with the intricacies of Nature. Butterflies & hummingbirds are drawn to the sylph. 

The sylph has bright, slanted eyes, like a bird of prey. Pale, opalescent skin shimmering prismatically in moonshine & star light. In daylight, she looks like she’s swathed in bokeh lights: soft bubbles of yellow-pink-baby blue. Her voice carries like wind chimes. The sylph prefers translucent, flow-y fabrics: peasant blouses paired with a bralette & a mini skirt. She is constantly misplacing her shoes & is known to keep a pair of emergency Tieks in her handbag. She’s drawn to geometric patterns: sacred circles, pyramids, dodecahedrons. 

The sylph craves fresh air, travel, & sparkling conversation. A sylph is magnetically attracted to quicksilver: mercurial personalities & slippery, out-of-focus movers & shakers. She’s known to forget to eat for days at a time. She’s tall, slender, & walks tip-toed, as if being tugged at by the sky. Many girls resent her twiggy figure without realizing the sylph’s body will always be girl-like. She will always look as if she’ll be washed away. 

When weakened, the sylph becomes vaporous. She pales & flakes like dander. Electromagnetic smog, like from cellphone towers, makes her sick. She also doesn’t vibe well with others’ confusion or emotional overwhelm. The sylph is a lucid dreamer & can’t maneuver through dense feelings. She’s unable to empathize with people who don’t crave feeling Awake; clarified. She has a very solemn face.

If not careful, a sylph will drift like a balloon into cold dark space… until the world below looks bluer than the sky above… 

If depressed, she’d close her eyes & just hope to wake up in the Numinous itself. 

So, to keep herself feeling swift & lucid, the sylph lives & breathes fantasy. She shows 1000 different faces. She surrounds herself only with philosophers & visionaries. She walks straight out of her shoes to feel the planet vibrating under her bare feet. She can seem cold when she drifts away, but she always comes back with a shard of white, hot insight.

The sylph is a muse. She wants to be treated like a guest of honor who comes & goes as she pleases. She wants everyone around her to feel like geniuses. 

That’s what being in the company of a sylph feels like.



How To Be A Sylph via HellaNamaste

My Venus is in Aquarius, which is perhaps why I’m drawn to the sylvan aesthetic: I swoon at ethereal glam. If I could time all my entrances into a room just when the sun came out from behind a cloud, I would. I want to feel… prismatic.

Your Venus sign explains the femme influence in your life: the way you express your femininity, the kind of art you like, the way you flirt, & what gives you true pleasure. 

If you’re also vibin’ with the sylvan aesthete, do a little reading about the Air influences in your chart! Check out Rachel’s free class, HEARTBEAT: Navigating Your Natal Chart. You’ll get instructions for obtaining your natal chart & an overview for decoding all the planetary influences, including your Venus.

If you already have your chart (I keep miniature copies of mine & my son’s natal charts in my planner-grimoire), look for this symbol: ♀

What house did Venus fall into? If it was either Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, that might explain why you’re also digging the sylvan aesthete!

If that’s the case, let me show you where you can aim some of that airy influence.



Glitter brows & holographic nails. Face jewels, dyed feathers, & metallic temporary tattoos. Flowy ruffled dresses & neon platform boots. Since tonight’s eclipse is occurring between Leo & Aquarius, you’re primed for creating bold looks that declare I am from a STAR

Here’s what you should be doing:

🌙  Want a little air sign fashion inspo? Check out Mojave Rising’s sensual interpretation of Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius seasons! Take note of the textures, patterns, & types of fabrics. (I definitely vibe with Aquarian holograma.)

🌙  Wear turquoise! According the Kimberly over at StarSignStyle, turquoise is a lucky color for Venus-in-Aquarians. I’ve been wearing an aquamarine pendant nearly every day & just reordered some more of LaPorte’s golden Sacred Geo metallic flash tattoos! Gold, silver, & bright sky blue? Ahhh.

🌙  Omg, Mother Of Pearl-hair. Swoon. If you have a pro who can help, do this look! And send me pictures, so I can live vicariously through you. 

🌙  Or consider coloring your hair blue! Try a semi-permanent tint, such as Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair in Anime or Dirty Mermaid.

🌙  Make your face sparkle & gleam. I am obsessed with Lime Crime’s Opal Highlighter Powder! Check out the Lime Crime Instagram feed for inspo. I lovvve the mermaid & fairy looks! 

🌙  For dramatically dreamy eyes, try Kat Von D’s Alchemist palette--everything you need to transform your face, lips, & eyes. I’m kind of obsessed with getting this palette, even though it’s been out for hella daysss. I’m always the last to catch onto what’s trending.

🌙  Where can you score 90s-retro holographic mini-backpacks & chokers? Check out I haven't bought anything from the site, but nearly every Pinterest image with a holographic ensemble leads me back to here! (FYI, it's rave / EDM clothing.) 

🌙  Redecorate like a visionary interior designer. Check out Bess Matassa’s tips for cleaning & styling your home according to your zodiac sign. I’ve read in other places that your decor taste can also be dictated by your moon or your Venus sign. Why not read for all the signs, then decide what vibes best with you! (No matter what, you still need more sun catchers.)

That's everything you need to synergize with tonight's lunar festivities! Send me pictures, Tweet me comments, & be as airy-fairy as all get-out.

Prismatically yours,

Ensemble under SYLPHIC STYLE INSPO designed by silkeproumen. Other images via Pinterest. Help me credit the creators here.