It's All Lies, Darling: The Scorpio New Moon 2017

For me, Scorpio season is deeply cathartic. It’s the season of purging & putrefaction: swirling up all the gloopy energies that have been congealing in my heart. 

So, I have ideas for your new moon ritual PLUS a Patron Goddess to help set your intentions off!

Btw--this Patron Goddess isn’t for the typical Goddess Girl. I’ve seen you over there, side-eyeing me. Not quite trolling, but not quite committed to what this column & Goddess magic is all about.

Well, she’s here. The Patron Goddess for that process you’re in. 

Get ready for a stinking, mussed good time!

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All Hail The Cosmic Queen: My Go-To Astrologers, Star Witches, & Cosmic Alchemists

In magic, timing is everything.In the past few years, I’ve started to appreciate good timing as an intuitive power. Hesitation, urgency, unease, getting the Green Light… all of these instinctual feelings arise out of the crossfire between heavenly signals & the vibing of our intentions. Studying astrology is just a way of making sense of it all. 

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Lotus Blossoms, Metta Meditations, & Perfect Ballerina Buns: Libra New Moon 2017

The Libra new moon is coming! This Thursday, the 19th, ushers in a new cycle of symphonic, synergistic subliminal vibes! It’s the perfect cycle for mending fences & cultivating loving kindness; for clearing up the static in your heart chakra & learning to cut people some slack. The Libran moon cycle is perfect for activating the kind of intentions that put the shine in your eyes & for taking on the kind of tasks that will reset your karma.

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Why You Suck At Manifestation (+ The Secret To Supercharging Your Vision Board)

A vision board is an altar for your thoughts & beliefs. Manifestation depends on vivid, living sensations. You have to convince yourself of the reality of your visions with an intensity that feels as real & true as recollecting a memory. It may not be happening right now, but it’s seeping through the fabric of your current reality. Like waiting for a photo to develop.

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