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It's All Lies, Darling: The Scorpio New Moon 2017

For me, Scorpio season is deeply cathartic. It’s the season of purging & putrefaction: swirling up all the gloopy energies that have been congealing in my heart. 

So, I have ideas for your new moon ritual PLUS a Patron Goddess to help set your intentions off!

Btw--this Patron Goddess isn’t for the typical Goddess Girl. I’ve seen you over there, side-eyeing me. Not quite trolling, but not quite committed to what this column & Goddess magic is all about.

Well, she’s here. The Patron Goddess for that process you’re in. 

Get ready for a stinking, mussed good time!

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Lotus Blossoms, Metta Meditations, & Perfect Ballerina Buns: Libra New Moon 2017

The Libra new moon is coming! This Thursday, the 19th, ushers in a new cycle of symphonic, synergistic subliminal vibes! It’s the perfect cycle for mending fences & cultivating loving kindness; for clearing up the static in your heart chakra & learning to cut people some slack. The Libran moon cycle is perfect for activating the kind of intentions that put the shine in your eyes & for taking on the kind of tasks that will reset your karma.

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It's Autumn, Stargirl! Virgo New Moon Magic 2017

Virgo season is ideal for a little auric detail-cleaning! I'm kicking off a few newly-minted self-healing rituals in the next couple weeks & amping up my contemplative practice. I'm devoting fall-time to stockpiling spiritual resources. Winter is hard enough without throwing in a little seasonally-affective dark night of the soul, so squirrel away those spiritual nuts while you can!

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