Q&A Tarot Readings by Email 🔮

Q&A Tarot Readings by Email 🔮


Starshine + life strategies to help heal your heart, do your dharma, & fengshui your life around magic, love, & wisdom! 🌟 

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Wherever you are is the entry point.
— Kabir

For some babes, Tarot readings are a guilty pleasure. They save my emails to dip into like a secret candy stash when it’s slow at work, so they have something to talk up for those final few hours they’re stuck at the office. 

Some clients are breathless the moment they click on my reply. This email might be the first time in days, weeks, even months they’ve paused long enough to tune in. Does this feel true? Does it feel correct? How do I feel about this?

Other babes will draft entire mission statements on a single reading! They print off & insert the email behind their side-hustle manifesto or pin it to the lower corner of their vision board. Their readings are like snapshots of an inner journey they’re making while their outer world begins taking shape.

Tarot readings are supposed to make you swoon. The tarot is doing its job if your extremities tingle; you feel over-exposed; the experience slaps a secretive Mona Lisa smile on your face you just can’t suppress.

With a Tarot reading, weird babes...

🌟 Crystallize intentions & hash-out their first action-steps
🌟 Analyze a sticky problem from a topsy-turvy angle (what’s more topsy-turvy than a card game with a stranger on the Internet?)
🌟 Enjoy a nice palette cleanser after a long stretch of blah
🌟 Confirm your gut feelings; spot good omens; devise your next major a-ha moment
🌟 Find inspiration for a whole new venture... or relationship… or life
🌟 Catching winks from the universe!

what i love about tarot readings: getting a new set of eyes on my thoughts, feelings, & behavior. 

Getting your cards read is a little like asking a stranger for a kiss: anything could happen. 

And once they lean in, it changes the pH of the situation you’re in. 

I totally realize the intimacy of the Tarot, which is why I want my readings to feel special… exactly like stolen kisses from the candy-stained maw of the Sublime. 

Even if the message isn’t something you wanna hear, I want you to at least feel like you really treated yo’ self!

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how Q&A Tarot readings work

Tarot 5.jpg

With an email reading, you get an answer to your burning question direct-to-inbox, resplendent with high resolution images of the spread, plus a digital voice recording of myself walking you through the significance of each card, & how it speaks to your question.

Because I’m an astrological Tarot reader, I note correlations between the cards & features in your birth chart, so that my answer can be framed with the meta-circumstances of your actual life.

You may also email me as many times as you like, until the message crystallizes. 💎

  1. Buy your reading here. All readings are done through email. Readings cost $50, payable via Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. 10% of every reading is donated to Lumos, USA.

  2. Select the spread from the dropdown menu. The spread depends on your question, but if you’re not sure which to choose, just leave it blank & I’ll choose for you!

  3. After you buy a reading, I email you a questionnaire, where you can ask your burning Q & tell me a little about yourself! This questionnaire captures your birth information (date, time, & location of your birth), & also helps me get to understand your question. If you don’t have all your birth info, provide what you can & I’ll take it from there!

  4. Once you email the questionnaire back to me, I do your Life-Path Numerology & choose a Significator for you: this is a Tarot card representing you in the spread. I base my choice on your Numerology, your question, & the details provided on your questionnaire. (Psst--you have the option of selecting the Significator. You can indicate it on the questionnaire!)

  5. Within a week, I do the reading, document it, then send an email interpreting what I found & how it answers to your Q!

  6. You email me back as many times as you like until the reading is clear and (most importantly) useful.

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what we can talk about in your session!

Phone 1.jpg

Spreads are card layouts. Each layout has a different number of cards & different meanings for every card position. Choosing a spread depends on the type of question you’re asking.

Below are the spreads I most often use, with full descriptions. You can choose your spread at checkout, & can even switch the spread or suggest a different one when I send you a follow-up email after purchase.

All readings are done with the Starchild Tarot, which I’ve showcased below!


the starseed spread (5 cards)

An “intuitive snapshot” of your present state of affairs. Illuminates the underlying situation, your best first steps, what’s necessary to sustain your progress, lessons to be learned, & the potential outcome. Designed by Danielle Noel, digital artist extraordinaire & creatrix of the Starchild Tarot.

Starseed Spread via HellaNamaste.png

Beleaguered Lightworking babes looking for an encouraging nudge from the universe in the right direction.

the higher self / shadow spread (9 cards)

Also designed by Danielle Noel, this spread has a Significator (representing you), 4 cards representing your Higher Self, & 4 cards representing your Shadow Self. In the email, I walk you through what each card in each position means. If you provide your birth data (date, time, & location of your birth), I can highlight any astrological correlations between the cards & features in your stars!

Shadow Spread via HellaNamaste.png
Very often we think of the Shadow Self as something that exists as separate from our Higher Self; however, these two forces may often expand and contract in relation to one another, creating a symbiotic dance in our life. When we are able to take a deeper look into our restrained dreams, fears, pains, suppressions, desires, and repeated lessons, we have the potential to unlock new forms of wisdom and medicine that allow us to grow and transform, connecting with a higher awareness that nourishes our heart and soul.
— Danielle Noel, The Book of Tarot

Elevating and deepening your perspective of a problem.
When you can’t stir up the mojo you need, or you’re feeling a vague sense of unease about a particular person or project, this spread gives clues to where you’re sabotaging yourself & also the specific spiritual gifts you can draw on to resolve the prob.

the metatron spread (7 cards)

Another Noel spread! This one communicates your connections with higher consciousness, the Akashic realm, the Universe itself, plus your spirit, soul-star, Crown and Third-Eye chakras. Best when combined with a hot, magical intention-setting ritual!

Metatron Spread via HellaNamaste.png
Metatron (also known as Thoth) was chosen as the theme for this layout because he is a celestial guide who has been known throughout the ages as the great scribe and recordkeeper of all that is contained in the Akashic Records and universal library... Archangel Metatron also helps us clear away any blockages or lower vibrational energies that may need to be released, creating space for new healing and energetic downloads.
— Danielle Noel, The Book of Tarot

Ultra woo-woo cosmic babes needing a little help decoding the mission statement in their DNA, or perhaps starry-eyed #bossgirls looking to infuse an upcoming endeavor with a little cosmic yum. If you’ve got a major new moon ritual coming up, this is the spread for you!

the celtic cross spread (10 cards)

Popular, old-school mega-spread where I combine the tarot with your Life-Path Numerology. With the Celtic Cross, you get insight into what crosses you, your foundation, your past, what crowns you, & what lies in your imminent future, along with your attitude, environment, hopes / fears, & the final outcome.

Celtic Cross Spread via HellaNamaste.png

Birthdays & re-birthdays, anniversaries, check ins, & when you’re cusping on your Saturn Return!

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Tarot 6.jpg

do you issue refunds?

If you haven’t submitted your questionnaire, email me. I’ll gladly refund your money, no hard feelings. Seriously.

Once you return your questionnaire, though, you’re no longer eligible for a refund. You agree to this when you click the little box warning you that my readings are for entertainment purposes only, that I cannot make any predictions or offer guarantees, & that you’ve promised to pay me for rendering my service.

That said, I won’t send you garbage! I want to delight you. Even if you get hella busy & totally forget that you bought a reading from me, when you finally get around to opening that email, I want it to make you smile

Good thing I know what I’m worth. 
What a good thing, 
Put the money down first.
— Gaga, "Diamond Heart"

My goal is to make you go, Wow, that’s so cool!

So, please: don’t click BUY unless you really want a Tarot reading.

what tarot deck do you use for the readings?

I use the Starchild Tarot for all my readings. I do have the Rider-Waite deck, but I’m currently obsessed with the Starchild, so that’s what I work with exclusively.

If you have a deck recommendation, scoot on over to the contact page, & let me know!

Just FYI: even if you think of the perfect deck for my readings, know that I’m prettttty slow to move on a new thing.

Like, as I’m writing this page, it’s 2018 & I only just discovered Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. 

(You guys! Sooo good!)

So, expect your reading to be done in the Starchild Tarot, which certainly isn’t going to disappoint! 😍

i just bought a reading! what happens next?

Ahhh, so cool! 😎 Check your email. I should be floating something over right this second. Open it & fill out your questionnaire, then get it back to me ASAP, so I can start!

If it’s been longer than a day since your purchase & still no email, send me a note. Usually it means there was a typo in the email address.

how long will it take to receive my reading?

I’ll email your reading within 1 week, starting the day I receive your questionnaire. I move as fast as I can, because the waiting is definitely the hardest part!

I’ll also email you if I don’t receive your questionnaire within 3 days, just to prod you along. If something comes up & you realize you’d prefer getting your reading at a later date, just reply to let me know. Email readings give us tons of flexibility, so it’s not a big deal.

i’m having trouble opening up the questionnaire!

If there’s drama getting your questionnaire to open, send me a note, & I’ll plop a version of it into a regular email. You can fill it in directly, then email it back. Super easy!

do you offer live readings?

I don’t right now, only because I’d have to make childcare arrangements. I’ll be offering in-person / Skype readings in a few months, when my kid enters preschool, but for right now, the best Q&A experience I can offer is through email.  

When I do a reading, I arrange it around certain times in the evening when I can be alone, in my special little nook, with my deck, my book of secrets, surrounded by all my weird totems, with a fat pad of paper in front of me so I can take notes. Your printed birth chart & questionnaire will be within reach, & I will be able to totally immerse myself in your question. 

This precious window of time is what I have to work with, & I don’t want to risk it closing while we’re troubleshooting tech problems or trying to finagle it around conflicting schedules, so for now, I’ll just email you the reading.

what if i have more questions?

Email me as many times as you want to clarify the message! As long as you don’t abuse it (using the ‘reply’ feature as a way of bypassing whatever the issue or problem you were asking about in the first place!), I’m cool with it.

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My Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Quoting Liz Gilbert (quoting Tom Waits): “I make jewelry for the mind.” Tarot readings are not substitutions for professional medical, legal, or financial advice. Contact me after you’ve reached out to a pro!

Also, #trueconfession: I am not psychic. I’m pretty good at speculation, & I believe I make more lucid speculations with the Tarot, but I can’t use it to predict outcomes. 

What I know for sure: the longer you wait, the worse your problem will get, so please keep your expectations modest & treat this service for what it is: a catalyst for dreamy-sweet action!

My goal as the reader is relaying the message as clear & crisp as possible, so you feel answered. 

If you have any Qs regarding my policy or practices, email me.