What I Loved, Manifested, & Made Mo' Betta in 2017 (Plus My 2018 Happy List)

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This year, I felt extremes. This was the year my family finally relocated back to the motherland: California. Full circle moments abounded. 

But it was also the year my marriage nearly fell apart. It was the year I missed my best friend’s wedding & my too-young cousin’s funeral. It was the year where the distance between me & home started to feel so painful, I might as well have been strapped to the rack. 

Also, 2017 was the year I finally exited my Saturn Return. And, giiiiirl, I felt it. I was already about a year of a mysterious tension headache dragging me into hell before I stumbled upon an article describing what Saturn Return was. 

Now that I'm out of it, I’m feeling like I finally cashed my reality check. All clear. 

So, I want to cross off 2017 with a special Q. Here it is: 

What makes you smile?

Smiling matters. I’d fkn forgotten about that. What makes you smile is your medicine. Gathering a list of all the things that can lure a grin on your face instinctively teaches you how to keep your heart light + twinkly for all off 2018. 

5 years ago, I would’ve snarked if told to keep a “Happy List” handy, but these days? I’m down for consciously sprinkling little hits of bliss throughout the day. 

Because, for years, I didn’t even know what made me happy. Before Saturn Return, I was an overachiever whose daily feelings alternated between nervous ticking & drug-induced numbness. 

But keeping a Happy List, I’ve recently learned, is about learning to stay aware of your mood, & empowered in a way to naturally boost it. 

The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.
— Voltaire

So, lemme tell you about my working Happy List, plus some great ideas for what you can do to kick off 2018 feelin’ good.

Also, a recap my favs of 2017!

My 2018 Happy List

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This is what I’m committed to mixing into my daily-weekly life all during 2018.

These are the things that make me happy. That’s all. 

(That’s everything.) 


Squishy little toddler feet
Drawing planetary symbols on money
Pulling the exact Tarot card I was just visualizing
Aeolian Heart’s weekly astro forecasts
My husband’s man-bun
The Pacific Ocean
Danielle LaPorte audiobooks
Metta meditation
Writing out thank you cards
The Lemonade Parody on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Dogs hanging their heads out of car windows
Homemade soup
All-day writing jags
Rebelle Society email newsletters
Crystals & twinkle lights
Garnet-colored eyeshadow
Starrrrrrs *swoony sigh*
Leaving big, sugar-daddy tips
Lavender-infused fresh laundry


Emily Faulstich is the babe behind Happy List-making. (If she’s not, she’s hidden her source well.) She even sells the “ultimate” Happy List via her blog, buuuut…

...I think you deserve an authentic Happy List!

Write out your own Happy List, then commit to daily mood boosters, no excuses. A Happy List could be vision board inspo. It could also help you calendar an entire month’s worth of social media updates! (Can you imagine how good it will feel to scroll back through the past month of your own updates & smiling at every single thing??)

If taking inventory of the present feels like it will only slow you down, plot the future instead. Draft a statement of intent. A babe statement. A mission statement. A vision communiqué. Then post it everywhere. Grab your 2018 calendar & start marking off D-days: dates when you will check off tasks contributing to the vision you’re brainstorming tonight. 

That’s how you start off the new year with a plan.

Set the stakes high: if you don’t hit one of your vision’s sub-goals by its D-Day, cancel Netflix or deactivate your FB. 

Do it. Do it do it do it. 

Feet to the fi-yah!

And if you’re just not that into list-making or visioneering: Desire Map your 2018! I did a write up of Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map, which shows you how to map your life around what feels good to you. (After some methodological digging & buffing.) 

And for a simple, good-to-go deeper year review, check out last year’s NYE post, where I have Qs to help you seriously ponder the peaks & valleys of 2017.

What rocked my world in 2017:

Season 3 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The Lemonade parody made me… feel everything. CATHARSIS. On my Happy List.

Btw, have you noticed the UKS’s OBVIOUS Triple Goddess trope? O ya. Read more about it at the bottom of this post: All Hail The Emo-Princess of the Underworld: Gemini New Moon 2017

(...read about it, because I still can’t stop talking about it.)

Also, Gaga: Five Foot Two premiered (on Netflix) & I watched it twice the same night. She’s a walking & breathing waterfall of shakti, & I think I would start speaking in tongues if Dame Gaga ever walked into the same vicinity I were in.

What I really loved about the documentary: how desperate Gaga is to evolve. The wardrobe changes are not a gimmick. She’s a human being living as an artist who sustains her lifestyle by entertaining us. She metabolizes human energy (all that attention!) the way normal people just fkn breathe

Like, I want to buy shares of Lady Gaga (™) stock, that’s how much I believe in her. 

Srsly. Gaga is my queen

In music, I couldn’t stop listening to Lana Del Rey’s Lust For Life album. (Released in 2016.) Ya, I’m hella into nostalgia-pop-sadcore rock. Otherwise I might as well delete Spotify.

What I played over & over again: Lana Del Rey ft. the White Witch, Stevie Nicks, “Beautiful People (Beautiful Problems).” This song pretty much encapsulates my worldview about those of us rockin’ in the “free” world. 

“Free,” because, it’s complicated. But it’s free enough. And because it’s free enough, we’re obligated to rock it.

The book that blew my mind: The Sun, The Moon, & The Rolling Stones. (Released in 2016, but I’ve only just now worked my way down my reading list to it!) For me, punk rock died the year Bad Religion released a Christmas album, but I hadn’t even known rock itself was dead until reading this book. (I love Generation X for keeping us honest.) 

If you want to hear more about the book, check out James Altucher’s interview with Rich Cohen, where they talk about a lot about how to creatively evolve when you’re a mega-public artisst.

I also loved Danielle LaPorte’s White Hot Truth: Clarity For Keeping It Real On Your Spiritual Path, From One Seeker To Another. Totally diff from her previous books (there’s no method), which I missed. (Hella INFJ.)

But true to LaPorte style, WHT is beautiful, & I refer to it over & over again. (And I’ve replayed the audio version so much, I know it by heart. Lovvve D’s voice.) 

OH, & 2017 was the year I finally enrolled in INFLUENCE, Dr. Carolyn Elliott’s virtual course on practical magic. And you know what? SO worth it

I’m definitely not a stranger to ritual, deity invocation, shadow work, or catalyzing soul-throbbing good intentions, but INFLUENCE did give me totally legit new resources to mix into my practice. Dame Elliott, that Machiavellian bodhisattva witch, has my allegiance for life.

In fact, I’mma just put it out there: the work I did in INFLUENCE influenced the circumstances that facilitated my family moving back to California. 

(Whoa, your mind’s so blowwwn…)

Dame Elliott would want me to note that all magic requires some mundane channels to backup the magical work, but in my experience, the magical work put the mundane channels into place. INFLUENCE supplied concepts & practices (& conversations) that helped clean up the { { space } } around the intention, so it could get to work. 

If / when INFLUENCE reopens for enrollment, you should. You just should. (And let me know when you do!)

I also fell in love with the stars in 2017. I now realize that the stars aren’t just impacting my life--they’re coordinating it! (Find out all my go-to astrology sources in this post!)

Also, you should note: Aeolian Heart is my #1 go-to astrologer. The 2 most impactful astrology articles of the year: Sex, Drugs, & Apocalypse Now (Rachel’s explanation re: Jupiter → Scorpio) & Cosmic Trigger Warning (her explanation of Saturn → Capricorn).

I also started seriously reading up on my “season.” You know. As in, “I’m a Toned Winter.” I’m gradually updating the whole color scheme of my life into jewel tones. This is how I learned that coloring my hair Mother of Pearl will never be a good idea, but wearing luridly luxe garnet-colored eyeshadow always will be. 

Find out your season via the Internet, then pop over to Pinterest for THOUSANDS of collages to inspire your 2018 makeover! (For more Internet help in determining your season, check out this site... & remember, any beauty stylist or makeup artist worth her salt will be able to tell you!)

Other Ways I’m Ringing In 2018

Cleaning out my purses & updating my wallet (thereby updating how I want my money stuff to feel) ✨ Updating my login passwords (I picked a power word for 2018, so I get daily hits of affirmation)✨ purging my closets ✨ marking off birthdays & events in my calendar ✨ buying new stationery / birthday cards (I don’t like running out last minute!) ✨ plotting my 2018 editorial calendar for HellaNamaste (I kind of love Xandra's ed. cal. concept!) ✨  Making this my Every Year resolution!


THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I’M DOING FOR THE NEW YEAR: Updating the Magic ❤︎ Mondays format. Magic ❤︎ Mondays is my weekly newsletter & how I update readers.

But here’s what happened with me: I started getting sooo bummed out by my inbox. Newsletters I'm subscribed to started backing up, so that when I finally settled down to read them, the updates would be older than a month!

So, here's the new Magic ❤︎ Mondays format: I'm going to start sending out actual newsletters every other Monday. On alternating Mondays, I'll invite subscribers to 10-minute Facebook Live sessions on topics related to fusing action with magic! How does that sound? Pretty tight?

More deets on the format change will follow in next week's newsletter, so subscribe now to stay in the loop! (Plus, the next email update will link you to all the printables I've created for HellaNamaste to date!)


So, what’s on your Happy List? Hit me up on Twitter!

May your NYE sparkle & shine!

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