A New Theosophy: My Review of Danielle LaPorte’s Forthcoming White Hot Truth

White Hot Truth book review

What cosmic babes will love about White Hot Truth: reading true confessions from a seasoned spiritual seeker. Danielle LaPorte has pierced, retreated from, & pierced again the glowing core of practical mysticism. White Hot Truth splays out a global scope of living in alignment with the Mystery: from D. LaPorte’s revolving daily practices to her full-out life transformations powered by gusts of spiritual expansion. All spanning the better part of a lifetime.

 I love the opening chapter:

I’ve had a life coach, a creativity coach, a speaking coach, an intuitive-business coach. I’ve had astrology readings with both western & eastern (those are called “Vedic”) astrologers—because, you know, it’s always good to have a backup astrologer in case you don’t like what the first one predicts. I’ve communicated with the goddess Pele, and talked with my Spirit Guides and the Archangel Metatron. I’ve communed with my inner child, my future self, and the devas of my website. I’ve cleared dozens of past lives, dissolved some ancestral dos, and examined the fine print of my Soul contracts.

I’ve tried hypnotherapy to resolve my karma (turns out that I can’t be put under the spell, so I might be stuck with the karma). I’ve suffered through wellness workshops led by chain-smoking megalomaniacs who treated their staff like morons. I’ve fire-walked barefoot down a twenty-foot bed of hot coals—without getting burned. I’ve chanted prayers in infrared saunas, then gotten rid of my microwave. I’ve taught myself the art of planning for synchronicity.

On the way to my first meeting at the White House, I tucked crystals into my bra for protection—they weren’t detected by security because that’s how magical amethysts can be. I’ve dropped mushrooms but refused painkillers. I’ve popped blue-green algae to pull all-nighters, brewed kombucha for my cha-cha. I have meditated while having a coffee colonic (and let me tell you, if you can meditate with a tube up your ass, you are definitely headed for enlightenment). I’ve read channeling transcripts on how to find my Soulmate—for which I blame at least two breakups and a few missed opportunities to get laid by good men. If I’d been less fixated on the perfect twin flame, I might have been more easy… going. I temporarily broke up with the New Age to date New Physics. Everything happens for a reason.

To be sure, nothing in this book is a priori. This book isn’t hawking a new Wisdom™. @@White Hot Truth is an autobiographical report on How To New Age—& also, How Not To New Age.@@ The book recounts LaPorte’s initiations into cosmic spiritualism, as she’s coursed through pop spirituality, eastern mysticism, the wellness movement, & the Church of Self-Improvement. D. LaPorte gives the deadpan truth about what worked, what didn’t, & why some of it really doesn’t matter at all. 

And the insight is precious; diamond-bright & just as cold: @@If the teeth-gritted quest for Enlightenment doesn’t feel liberating in itself, then it’s not Enlightened.@@

Self-hacking might just be… a form of self-mutilation. 

White Hot Truth book review

Why I think cosmic babes should get their hands on White Hot Truth: Danielle LaPorte—a Oprah-approved self-help author—is telling us that self-evolution really begins with recognizing that your experience ripples through the fabric of reality. 

So, living with cosmic awareness is actually about placing positive constraints on self-helping yourself. You could be doing all the things the way Danielle did, & wind up with freaky consequences demanding more & wackier mystical antidotes. 

If you’re already feeling raw & disillusioned by your own polyblend of self-hacking pop-mysticism, here’s some advance advice from Danielle: it’s all about your tribe. Your girl gang. Your sisterhood. Find the babes who vibe with your evolutionary journey… & hang on tight. Your job is to give each other more velocity through to suck into Enlightenment. 

Need help with that? White Hot Truth comes with a totally gratis virtual book club! It’s actually a SICK digital space, resplendent with videos, workbooks, & hashtags for taking the discussion online. (And perhaps snagging your future girl gang out of the convo!)

White Hot Truth hits bookstores May 16th. Preorder the hardcover at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. When you do, you’ll get an advanced copy of the audio version! (Claim your audiobook here!) That’s how I scored my own advanced reading & I’m sooo glad I did. 

First of all, I love Danielle LaPorte’s voice & have literally spent whole days listening to audio versions of The Desire Map & The Fire Starter Sessions. This book was no different. It was like a virtual slumber party for my soul. YES--talk about THAT! YES--thank you for saying so! 

You probably won’t vibe with everything D. professes, but I know you’ll feel just as gratified for someone initiating the conversation about where self-help & spiritualism got knotted up. You'll nod your head more than once, scoff plenty, but by the end of it, you'll feel the same way you would if you'd just spent 18 hours in intensive therapy. You'll feel wrung out & golden-shiny.


Did you score the audiobook? How far are you through it? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter!

Here’s to clear-sighted spiritual seeking!

Love, light, & sweetness,

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