The Who, What, & Why Of Divine Magic

© Fukari. Check out  her work on Deviant Art . Like what you see?  Support Fukari on Patreon !

© Fukari. Check out her work on Deviant Art. Like what you see? Support Fukari on Patreon!

Divine Magic was my gateway into new intuitive experiences that holistically changed my life. Divine Magic revolutionized first my beliefs & feelings... 

...then consequently, my actions.

And there’s really nothing I care about more than helping cosmic babes become the sparkling, unique mystic minx they want to be…

...not just the cute, flakey girl who deciphers everyone's star signs as a party trick.

...not just the girl going broke paying for crystal healing workshops & road trips to music festivals.

...not just the girl playfully accusing her professors of advancing the shadow government's agenda.

Don't get me wrong. I was that girl. 

And that girl didn’t know how to make my dreamy, on-point intuitions manifest. 

As in, tangible. 


So, for you, stymied cosmic babe: I want to show you how to start acting like the Hand of Goddess in a world mired in Patriarchal fugue.

And to me, acting like the Hand of Goddess means co-creating our lives with the Divine. 

I'm talking about using spiritual magic for sculpting who you are in the world; how you experience & transmit beauty, power, & wisdom.

Spiritual magic for activating Goddess in your life.

So, let me sum up what I know about Divine Magic, what we use it for, how we use, & where you can start.

Hey. This post is lengthy. And compelling. And bursting with media & footnotes. Bookmark it now, so you can find your way back if you’re interrupted.



Magic is a convenient word for a whole collection of techniques, all of which involve the mind. In this case, we might conceive of these techniques as including the mobilization of confidence, will, and emotion brought about by the recognition of necessity; the use of imaginative faculties, particularly the ability to visualize, in order to begin to understand how other beings function in nature so we can use this knowledge to achieve necessary ends.

Divine Magic is a scheme of rituals, meditations, & ceremonies based on an ancient magical system called Theurgy. Theos = “gods” & ergon = “work”. Theurgy is the “work of the gods.” 

Meaning, Theurgy is a magic for spiritual Awakening. Divine Magicians use Theurgical rituals to fengshui their own psyche (the manifold controlling the flow & energy of your consciousness), in order to become agents of Love, Beauty, & Truth. Essentially, each Divine Magician becomes an ambassador for certain deities; corresponding to certain Ideals. 

In that way, Divine Magic is a philosophical magic. It’s a magic that fixes self-Enlightenment at the center of our lives. Many Theurgical practices are about learning to identify our highest virtues, the needs of the True World, & evolving ourselves through magic to become more of our virtuous higher selves.

Oh, & communing with Gods & Goddesses. 

Like, hella Gods & Goddesses.

Divine Magic a spiritual technology. We use this technology to open the Cosmic Gate. 

So what & where is this Cosmic Gate to be opened?

It’s you, sweetie. You are a jewel of the cosmos. You are a point of localized starlight, twinkling in an ocean of frequency on this deadening 3D plane of reality. 

With any magic, you’re taking into your hand the most powerful tool in the universe: consciousness. Divine Magic works on the premise that we--individually--are portals for Divine light to enter the world. Consciousness is both the tool & the entry point.

So, the more Awakened you are (which is just another way of saying you’re aware & attuned to supernatural cosmic sensations), the better you can usher in the Light. You can lend your consciousness to being an agent of Divine Intervention… a world desperate for miracles. 

Picture the cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. You are the triangle: a portal for white hot cosmic light to enter into the world, refracted into rainbows by the facets of your consciousness. 

That is, unless you’ve got hella psychic gristle in your consciousness, distorting or warbling your natural rainbow glow. Divine Magicians use spirit craft to sift, sculpt, & rearrange their psyches, so the light can shine brighter & further. We use magic to first perceive the cosmic light, then we use magic to cultivate ourselves… 

...which is to say, we use the Divine to unknot the focus-scattering, energy depleting psychodrama in our lives.

So, Divine Magic is a spiritual technology used to create Divinely inspired, philosophically sound worlds to live in.



© Fukari. Check out  her work on Deviant Art . Like what you see?  Support Fukari on Patreon !

© Fukari. Check out her work on Deviant Art. Like what you see? Support Fukari on Patreon!

When we create a Divine ritual, we’re trying to achieve Henosis. Henosis translates to “Divine communion.” Henosis (a.k.a. Henning Out) is where you plug back into the One & Ultimate Reality. It’s like plugging back into Source.

Divine Magic is esoteric. Meaning that studying & practicing Divine craft leads you inward. Your initiations into Divine Magic take you through inner doorways, crushing barriers & opening up secret rooms along the way. Divine Magic builds a passageway to the very impersonal core of who you are & your holy creative potential. 

Compare this to religion or secularism, which are exoteric. Exoteric initiations lead you outward…

...Into the Hologram. 

What is the Hologram? Basically, The Matrix. (See video above. It's a cliche, but it helps unpack the concept.) Most Goddess Girls call it The Patriarchy, Christopher McCandless called it SOCIETY!, but most of us on the fringe can sum it up as a pseudo-reality we’re indoctrinated into (by the process of “losing our innocence” or internalizing shame, guilt, or fear). I’ve always referred to this illusion as the Hologram, because it’s basically something that we project against the True World, which is real & pulsates beneath that projection.

Dogmatists are basically less sinister versions of what Morpheus called “agents.” Dogmatists come in all sizes, shapes, & flavors: Buddhists have dogma. So do Neo-Nazis.

Unlike agents, though, most dogmatists have good intentions. They believe & trust in the Hologram (parts of it, at least), because the Hologram is part of their experience. The Hologram is part of all of our experience. The problem isn’t the Hologram, but our attachments to it. Dogmatists of all stripes become attached to the theater of human drama that unfolds within the Hologram, then justify their attachments in metaphysical terms.

But, in terms of consciousness, all dogma calcifies. Dogma hardens into gristle & crimps the flow of rad cosmic light as it tries raging through us.

Your attachments to the Hologram basically Zip-ties the lock on your Cosmic Gate. Divine Magic dissolves the tie. 

#cavelife: what life in the hologram means

So, philosophers have been talking about this idea of a shallow, shadowy, artificial world for millennia. 

Let's talk about Plato’s Cave of Illusion.

Plato's Cave of Illusions is essentially the Hologram. Cavepeople live by the shadows cast on the cave walls by the campfire burning at the center of the community. They technically have everything needed for survival, though it’s limited & not particularly nourishing. Most cavepeople have no idea that the rest of the world lies waiting outside the cave, & they’re not even really interested in it, because cave life is all they know. 

Divine Magicians--along with most Starseed, Lightworker, magical-babe types--enjoy their jaunts out of the cave. 

Despite the fact that outside the cave is a really intense experience. If your whole life has only ever been lit by campfire, I mean, the sun’s gonna burn, right?

So, the mystical babes return to the cave from their forays into this bigger, more vivid realm & can’t help but look at the shadows with total derision. Divine Magicians cannot divest precious psychic energy into this shadow world, because they’ll need to shore it up for another outer-cave excursion. 

Everything you will build in the Hologram--everything I build as well, & everything we both believe it means--is an illusion. In Divine Magic, we deeply appreciate that our consciousness is a portal for the Divine to emerge on this plane of reality. If hijacked, our consciousness can be manipulated into serving the Hologram. This is where we could talk about shadow governments & other conspiracies, but the point is realizing that your consciousness is the world you’re building. 

The Hologram isn’t evil or anything; it's just an unnecessarily limited scope of the universe. 

So, whether you’re building your reality in The Hologram or in the True World (beyond the Cave) depends on where you’re putting your time, attention, & energy. (Time + attention + energy = consciousness, btw.)

And here's why where you spend your consciousness really matters, on a metaphysical level: Nothing built in the Hologram will ever outlast or outpace the expanse of the Universe. When you watch a tornado or a tsunami demolish an entire city: that’s the True World exerting itself against the Hologram. The True World could almost be described as a veritable Garden of Eden, but cast under a spell. That spell, our #cavelife, has been seeping into the etheric body of the True World, corrupting it's natural perfection. Of course, the True World, as a manifestation of the perfect Universe, can totally regenerate itself, but the deeper that curse sinks in, the rougher that regeneration will be on the Hologram.

And us? Same deal. We are naturally perfect. We are Divine, but corrupted by the cursed realm we're born into; a shadowy realm our ignorant forebears have committed themselves to. 

The curse can only be broken on an individual level. You decide to Wake The Fuck Up out of #cavelife. Then you commit to getting very conscientious about your time, attention, & energy. (Your consciousness.)

For most Divine Magicians, the world we’re building is a blend of Hologram & the True World… 

...because unless you want to move to a mountain cave & meditate for 30 years, most of us want to tweak the Hologram. We want to hack the shadow-world. We want to bait some of our fellows outside of the cave, where they can experience what it’s like to get a massive influx of sweet cosmic flow… 

…& how it basically feels like someone supercharging your mind-body-soul.

Can you think of where, when, & how you’ve been manipulated into making something real for someone else? Validating their beliefs; their feelings; their behavior? What shadow-drama is it causing you? 

The goal of any Divine Magician is achieving Henosis & breaking open the Cosmic Gate. We fall into a mystic swoon, which strips away layers of Who I Am, What I Believe, What I Feel, & What That Means, then lie defenseless in true Awe. In that Awe, we reintegrate ourselves with Divine energy.

Once opened, you suddenly realize the limitless psychic potential throbbing beneath all the crusty layers of identity & habit. The deeper inward you travel, the more aware you become of an ever-expanding, multidimensional ocean of energy that is impossible to conceptualize or emotionally relate with...

...that’s what’s churning in the True World.

So, this is what we do in Divine Magical rituals: reintegrate ourselves with Divine energy. Supercharge our consciousness. To open that corridor, we have to crush those internal barriers (at the very least, confront & neutralize them), so the sweet cosmic flow can rush through. It’s a much more philosophical process than most curious cosmic babes realize. 

Of course, there are plenty of magical schools that lean more towards creating enchanted experiences, sans philosophy. You can splash around in magical realms beyond the Cave-Matrix-Hologram without a single thought about the status quo or integrating the experience. To each her own! 

But Divine Magicians are 100% committed to evolving their consciousness with the Divine. Not necessarily because it makes them feel important, but because they realize they already are important, & they’ve got to make an impact. 

In Divine Magic, we are collaborating with the Divine to remake ourselves... 

...And thus, to remake the world.


What Is Divine Magic via HellaNamaste.gif

Look at this .gif. The shape formed by the body’s energy is called a Torus. Consciousness moves in this shape around your body. See how it cycles in & out, over & around? Tremendous.

Okay, so that Torus needs to stay in shape, which means it needs to keep its sweet flow. That’s imperative. 

But psychic gristle (remember dogma?) can shred the flow. The more energy the gristle gathers, the wobblier your Toral flow. 

Thus, the weaker your cosmic raging.

Cue the onset of dis-ease. First, mental-emotional. Then physical.

So, how do Divine Magical cosmic babes oust psychic gristle? 

Well, very often, the mystic swoon will wipe away the gristle. Swoon once & you’re unlikely to take any Hologram messaging for granted ever again. If you’ve ever happened to watch a film while coming down off a hallucinogenic substance (magic mushrooms, perhaps), then the world after a Divine ritual looks like that. 24/7. You never lose the awareness that you’re looking at a truly mesmerizing artifice. (Sometimes it actually looks really beautiful, because so many of us are creators of beauty. A lot of times, you see ugliness.)

Sometimes though, we need more than just a little mystic swooning. We have to buff up the cosmic lens of our souls. We create rituals in order to fluff up our psychic layers. 

For really tough psychic gristle, we turn to Daimons…. A.k.a. Our Higher Selves, our Patron Gods, & our Patron Goddesses.

This is where it gets really woo-woo.



© Fukari. Check out  her work on Deviant Art . Like what you see?  Support Fukari on Patreon !

© Fukari. Check out her work on Deviant Art. Like what you see? Support Fukari on Patreon!

I’ve always been aware of the otherworld, of spirits that exist in that twilight place that lies in the corner of our eyes, of faerie and stranger things still that we spy only when we’re not really paying attention to them, whispers and flickering shadows, here one moment, gone the instant we turn our heads for a closer look. But I couldn’t always find them. And when I did, for a long time I thought they were only this excess of imagination that I carry around inside me, that somehow it was leaking out of me into the world.

Charles de Lint, The Onion Girl


Magic rituals are like sacred Tupperware: safe, sealed multidimensional spaces you create, then seal yourself in, in order to confront your shadow, crush inner barriers, & lay your soul bare before the Divine. 

This is what I want… what I need… what I’ve got to do… 

...little help, please?

Divine Magicians use magic ritual to commune with Gods, Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, our inner-genius, & our Higher Self, all of which exist on separate planes of reality. ("Separate planes of reality" translates to "wider distances beyond the opening of the Cave,") We can’t communicate with the Universe itself, so we communicate with supernatural beings that are a few pegs higher up on the evolutionary ladder.

For a lot of witchy babes, invoking deities is a huge turn off. If the idea of interacting with supernatural creations gives you the heebie jeebies (after all, that is the basic storyline of most supernatural thrillers), then Divine Magic might not be your bag. 

But honestly, it’s not as weirdsies as you might think. So much of the interaction happens in the mystic swoon, while you’re Henning Out, so whatever you recall after the ritual, feels dreamy. Totally surreal. 

Invoking a Goddess, in other words, doesn’t go off like showing up for a job interview. You’re not being judged. You’re also not likely to be victimized. (I know Julia’s experience in The Magicians got under your skin, but I for one have never experienced a trickster-God rape situation.)

Here’s the thing: nothing about our shadow world is really all that appealing to etheric beings. 

They’re basically in Heaven. We’re basically in Hell. 

And no, they do not pity us! If I’ve learned nothing else from my interactions with the Divine, I’ve at least learned this: We choose our path through Hell. Often, we create our own Hell. 

Which also means, we can create our own Heaven. On Earth.

And that realization is pretty much the first revelation of Divine Magic!


You can perform Divine Magic with both Gods & Goddesses, but in my rituals, I’ve only called upon Goddesses. When I create a Divine ritual, I invoke Goddesses corresponding with my intentions. I ask for experiences or insights that will help unlock my Sacred Femme wisdom. I might not receive an obvious key during the ritual, but within a day afterwards, something will unfold. 

Practicing Divine Magic has helped me act--literally act--on what I've studied about Sacred Feminine mysticism. If Divine Magic is a spiritual technology, then the Divine Feminine is the consciousness I’m accessing with the technology. Magic is basically a smartphone that gets me onto the Cloud, which is obviously broadcasted everywhere, but can only be interacted with via specially designed hardware.

Btw, we are overdrawn on the Divine Masculine. Construction, linearity, willpower. Sacred Masculine mysticism, for me, is any ineffable experience where self-reconstruction takes place. We consciously build who want to become. Conformation to external consciousness: controlling the energy around us in order to create the world in our own image. 

So, MY interpretation? The Hologram is a manifestation of Sacred Masculine mysticism run amok. Because the Hologram, like any ordinary cancer, is warbling up the planet’s consciousness. Divine Magic & my study of Sacred Feminine mysticism has centered on recreating who I am & how I contribute to or de-warble the planet’s conscious flow. 

Divine Feminine consciousness is the limbic, imaginal, soulful half of experience that the Hologram has largely choked off. I feel that the Divine Masculine is a consciousness we reach for, while the Divine Feminine is consciousness we melt into. 

For a little background on the difference between these polar energies, watch this film:

Through Divine magic, we’re trying to usher Truth & Beauty into the world, which means changing who we are in order to do it. We do magic that will evolve us towards our Higher Selves... 

...So, if you’re like me, to start acting like a miracle-working agent of Goddess in a world desperate for Divine intervention.



© Fukari. Check out  her work on Deviant Art . Like what you see?  Support Fukari on Patreon !

© Fukari. Check out her work on Deviant Art. Like what you see? Support Fukari on Patreon!

All magic rituals are creative systems. Creative, because your objective is to fall into a mystic swoon or flow, & systemic, because the procedures used in the ritual should help you do just that. In other words, the swoon should happen autonomously. Un-self-consciously.

Self-consciousness is the scourge of all mystic swooning. The acute prickly sensation of you saying to yourself, “Okay, here I am lighting the ceremonial candle… Let me announce my intention… Ugh, I don’t like how I said that, do-over… Ugh, I’m spilling incense everywhere…

Bear in mind: meditation is probably the closest you can get to just experiencing the One Reality. A Divine Magician’s goal is to be able to drop into wordlessness with a snap. Meditation is cool & good.

But mystic swooning is the juicy cherry-filled center of ritual & ceremony. You’re cutting the Zip-tie on the Cosmic Gate, so all the compressive thought forms & feelings making up your daily, Holographic life rush away…

...freeing up space for the tide of shakti energy can rush in.

I’m going to link you to a few HellaNamaste resources to help you craft strong, sincere Divine rituals! All of these instructions, at first blush, might seem paradoxically vague & particular. I embellished rituals from my sources to suit my preferred experience, & I totally expect you to modify what I give you.

It’s all about creating a system that helps you find your swoon.

Here’s what I’m going to tell you about: altars, ritual tools, goddess offerings, & phantasms. 

But, before I dig in, just a quick note on my primary source about Divine Magic, as well as one caveat you should be aware of:


If you’re like me & appreciate having secondary sources listed, buy this book: The Practical Art of Divine Magic by Patrick Dunn. Dunn’s a trained scholar & decodes all the scholarly sources he cites on ancient Theurgy into practical terms. So, not only does he have true-life experience in the Craft, but he points you to all of the references that guide his own practice!

And if you’re still like me & wary of academic interpretations on the ancient past, then rest assured:

Divine Magic is pragmatic

Meaning, the ritual words & actions are adaptable. When creating your own Divine meditations & ceremonies, you’re supposed to be innovative. 

If you’re just getting your feet wet, inventing magic practices could feel like a big, fat, sloppy shot in the dark at a target you’re only half-certain exists. You might feel like a stupid fraud.

Or worse, you might feel that the One reality is truly out there, but you’re not magical enough to reach it.

FALSE. Here’s the truth:

When you create a magic ritual, you’ll be going against your conditioning. You've been conditioned by #cavelife. Once you’ve entered the ceremony, there will be no Netflix, Facebook, or secondary sources to guide you through the raw mystical experience. 

Mystical experiences are peak experiences & peaks are precarious.

Have faith, though: your own etheric Nebuchadnezzar is watching & waiting for you to make contact! They’re making contact all the time, but you’re so conditioned to overlooking it. 

It will take time, practice, & (most challenging of all) faith. How convenient, I hear you thinking. So, if magic doesn’t work, I don’t believe enough? 

Yes. Here’s the whole truth: doubt is fatal. Effective magic means breaking out of the cage of identity & learned behavior. Placing faith in your natural ability to reconnect with your true Source, the Divine (the One Reality, the Goddess, the Cosmic Muffin, et. al.), is about learning to stop relying on the behavior taught to you by the cave world.

Also known as the Matrix. 

Also known as the Hologram.

You’ll know your magic is working when you notice the Hologram flickering off all by itself. Colors will vivify & the True World will shimmer & sparkle all around you. 

You will become present to the unfolding of the cosmos in every little thing--from tiny flower blossoms trembling with growing pains to the way your roommate clenches her jaw whenever she hands you a rent check.

You’ll become attuned, man. Receptive. Autonomously integrative. 

And not many people will get that. That’s why the philosophical part of magic---particularly in Theurgy; Divine Magic---is so critical. If you want to lead an enchanted life, you’re better off conditioning your psychic universe to hazard the pits & perils of creating enchantment.

So, here’s what you’re going to have to school yourself in to get started:


If you regularly read my column, Goddess Moon Magic, you know that I tell you how to create sensational new moon rituals as well as how to invoke a Patron Goddess for each one. Spiritual rapture, to me, is rooted in sensation.

You can create a ritual anywhere as long as it’s safe & distraction-free. (If you’re a boss meditator, you could probably create a ritual in, like, the mall food court.) Some witchy babes prefer the outdoors, taking the ritual to whatever setting corresponds with the deity they’re working with or their intention. 

For me, I work with an altar. I have a couple altars in my house, including a Goddess altar. Visit the link to get the 411 on creating your own Goddess altar! You can use it as a ritual station, where you perform your rituals, as a sacred meditation zone, or just a place that makes your wishes tangible. 

Btw, I have a Patron Goddess, but not a Patron God, so unlike Wicca, my altar doesn’t have a masculine aspect. You can absolutely add one, though!


Ancient Theurgy split the soul into 3 parts: the Logos, Thymus, & Eros. You’ll need a tool symbolizing each part, which will interact with the other parts. 

The Logos almost always is a wand, pointed crystal, or ceremonial knife (I’ve even used colored pencils, chalk, or a fountain pen), because that’s the tool you direct the ritual with.

The Thymus represents the emotional part of the soul, so whatever feels you’ve got surrounding your magical intention (or whatever feels you feel might sabotage realizing your intention), you’ve got to find something to symbolize it in the ritual. 

The Eros represents the desirous, appetitive part of the soul, which is your true desire at the core of your intention. We all think our intention is to manifest a certain item, person, or status, but usually that object is just how our thinking mind translates a primal, nonverbal urge. 

Figuring out how to represent the Thymus & the Eros is part of what contemplation & self-analysis involved in Divine Magic will lead you to. Sometimes we don’t use an object, but the ritual actions themselves speak to the pieces. 

You goal is just to craft a ritual that holistically affects your psyche. It's not just about what you think you want or need; it's about what you want AND what you need AND what you believe you're capable of manifesting. 

Visit this post for more info about the tools I use in a Goddess ritual


Do you have a Patron Goddess? I show you how to start the process of finding your Patron in this post. (I also explain how I interact with my own Patron Goddess, Inanna!)

Every Divine ritual makes an offering. We gift to the Goddesses we’re calling on, because we want to prove we are thoughtful. Deities don’t need offerings (our 3D crap is pointless to them), but they like the meaning behind the gesture, which you’ll have to communicate in your ritual.

While discovering your PG, you’ll undoubtedly come across potential offerings to make. I’ve offered things like tubes of lipgloss & spoonfuls of cupcake frosting.

If you really want to gift your Patron Goddess, perform other small, significant feats on Earth. You can communicate what you’re doing with your Goddess: I signed up via Patreon to sponsor a local comic book artist… I’m volunteering as an ESL tutor… I’m sponsoring a little girl in Guatemala... These are the things that make all Goddesses vibrate with pleasure. Trust me.


Phantasms is just a word for creative visualization. A phantasm is basically what you “see” when you conjure an image of your Patron Goddess, or when visualization the manifestation of your intent.

I talk a lot about phantasms & creative visualization in this post!

There’s another branch of ancient magic that I totally dig: Thaumaturgy

Also known as: Practical Magic. 

For me, Theurgy has been the precursory magic to Practical Magic. Both styles overlap in a lot of ways, but whereas Divine Magic is philosophical, more about conditioning ourselves to dwell in intensive, enchanted experiences, as well as practice accessing Cosmic Consciousness, World-Making Magic (a.k.a. Thaumaturgy) is about straight-up manifestation

I just enrolled into INFLUENCE: the course on practical magic & shadow work with Carolyn Elliott, author of Awaken Your Creative Genius & editor of WITCH Magazine. Carolyn Elliott is pretty much #HBIC of Practical Magic & I am so excited, I literally have butterflies!!

(BTW, enrollment for INFLUENCE is still open, until Monday Oct. 2nd at midnight! If you join up, shoot me an email or Tweet me & let me know!)

What's your magic? What are you practicing, who did you learn it from, & how do you talk about it? Email me! Tweet me!

Tell me all about your Craft! 

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All images © Fukari. Check out her work on Deviant Art. Like what you see? Support Fukari on Patreon!