Springtime Goddess Magic for Eco-Princesses & Mystic Minxes: Taurus New Moon 2017

taurus new moon 2017

The time to hesitate is through! This Wednesday, April 26th, brings us the Taurus new moon. Taurus is the season for spiritualizing the material & materializing the spiritual; for catalyzing your magical intentions; & for taking practical action to manifest your dreams for love, riches, & spiritual ascension.

And of course, making toe-curling sensational magic while you do it!

Right on cue, I’ve got some magical tips & resources for aligning your new moon ritual with the perfect Patron Goddess for Taurus season: Gaia!

For Gaia, magical manifestation starts with a strong foundation—not waiting on divine inspo, the right mood, or the proper mindset. Inspiration comes faster & clearer when you’re not worrying about your bills or anxious about the future. If you want to live a spiritual life & in accordance with your values, it’s time to get pragmatic & focus on what’s tangibly in front of you.

Let me tell you more about the OG Goddess, Gaia, & how to create a totally splendorous new moon magic for Taurus season!



Taurus New Moon 2017

Gaia teaches us how to be better human beings. Gaia personifies the spirit of Earth: alive, self-healing, & percolating with creative action. Gaia definitely knows how to bliss out, but also how to get bossy. She’s the kind of enchanted eco-princess who wakes before dawn every morning to watch the sunrise while plugging reminders into her phone, a steaming mug of Yerba Mate in her hand & her feet soaking in a foot spa. 

Before the sun rises high into the sky, Gaia wishes on the Morning Star. That’s the true extent of how woo-woo she can get; then she launches into playful action. She is known for being lavish, pragmatic, & conscientious. A hard worker & compassionate go-getter who eats up the process of making dreams real as if digging into a life-sized ice cream sundae.

She blesses people by tipping over 30%. It’s her policy & she earns enough to make sure she can do it. She chooses to call in response to every text she receives—her voice sounds on the other end of the line sounds like a field of flowers bursting open all at once. 

She is divine love manifest, which means Gaia cares most about making love real & tangible. Love is known when it is shown. 

Otherwise, how else will anyone ever know it? 

Gaia’s mantra: Prayer is behavior. Gaia is an anthropologist of the human heart. She’s brought picnic lunches to Tent Cities & has crossed the border into Canada to organize ESL labs for refugee families. At Christmas she donates piles of presents to the firehouse’s Toy Drive. She calls the charity crew & asks, “What are children asking for? What toys are hot right now?” She donates the toys & clothes that will make kids itch to get back to school. She wants to make them feel like the coolest kids in the building.

For Gaia, political correctness is not part of the solution. She’s allergic to having opinions in anything you don’t have true-life experience about. Instead, Gaia gives her best, action-based efforts to causes she cares about. You’d think she truly believes her effort alone will solve the problem for good. In that way, she’s a rebel among most eco-warrior types who find therapy in policing Facebook & Tumblr for hate speak.

Her other mantra: Get to work.

Her side hustle is running an online boutique for sulfate-paraben-dye-free bath goods. She takes a sinful amount of pleasure in creating lush, nourishing products for others. She takes pride in being living proof that sustainable lifestyling doesn’t have to mean sacrificing luxury. 

Gaia is built like a Kardashian, with emerald-green eyes & long coppery-colored curlicue locks. She glows pink & gold, & smells like cherry-vanilla flavored beeswax lip balm. Her signatures are golden flash tattoos in the shape of the Flower of Life symbol & maxi dresses with thigh-high boots. She wears gold jewelry with blue stones: lapis lazuli, aquamarine, turquoise. A pair of Solo sunglasses to top it off. 

When not serving or hustling, Gaia is relishing life: lounging into gooey bubble baths, whipping farmer’s market fare into gourmet masterpieces, adding mileage to her solid rose quartz self-pleasuring wand. She also sings. And chants. You hear Gaia before ever laying eyes on her. Her voice is like a burst of clarity. 

In the Tarot, Gaia corresponds with The Hierophant: the spiritual teacher who makes the abstract & woo-woo concrete & relatable. Gaia deeply believes in transferrable power—that to empower others, you must first secure resources & sovereignty for yourself.

Want to shop for groceries exclusively at Whole Foods; order high end naturopathic cosmetics; spend 40% more on average for non-chemical-based salon treatments?

Well, babygirl, you better be able to afford it.

Gaia is all about self-sustainability & finding clarity through engagement. You need to know how to take care of yourself. She has little patience for exhausted activists who rail against the apathy or ignorance of others. 

How can you expect others to care about the issues if you make caring about the issues look like a major sacrifice? 

For her, caring means choosing to Thrive. People all over the world are dying trying to survive; there’s no reason for you—with all your freedom & privilege—to barely scrape by. 

That said: true grit is for cowboys. We are Goddesses. For Gaia, the path to self-satisfaction should be savored. This is your life, after all. Make fulfilling your intentions a procession of micro-pleasures & doing good by yourself & for the world will never feel like a sacrifice.   

And the only thing that should be at stake in fulfilling your intentions? Bliss. Creative satisfaction. 

And Thriving.



taurus new moon 2017

We all have our source in Gaia. She is the primeval Goddess from which all Goddesses emerge. Gaia consciousness is the cosmic Super-Matrix of the universe. Gaia is the backdrop that we project our infinitesimally small by comparison self-evolution against.

Her favorite type of cosmic babes are compassionate go-getters: the sweetly-bright pragmatists who want to be of use to the world. She pours her universal power into babes who ache to become catalysts of change, but who aren’t interested in becoming That Girl. She’s not looking for evangelists, she’s looking for mercenaries of love.

As a Patron Goddess, Gaia urges you to take action before you’re quite ready. She will coach you on stockpiling resources for your life journey. Have you plugged it into your planner? Where are you going to get the money? Have you lined up the interview yet? 

She prickles with excitement when she sees you taking simple joy in the process of realizing your dreams, even when it’s drudgery. She distrusts disciples who want to keep their hands clean or stay perched on meditation pillows. She’s not the kind of Goddess who cares about mindset or waiting until the moment feels right. 

To prepare for invoking Gaia (whether to ask her Patronage or for overseeing your ritual), try this exercise: grab a notebook or diary, or talk out loud into a voice recorder. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes, so you can write automatically, without stopping to review or edit. 

Answer the Q: What do I want to give the world? What do I need to secure for myself in order to have the resources, time, & bandwidth to do it? 

Most importantly: Who benefits from my having all my basic needs & desires met?

Name your cravings. Give names & descriptions to your needs & wants. Use this exercise to create your magical intention. Tell her what you’ve already done—not what you plan on doing. 

If you want to get closer to Gaia, try walking meditation. Pray to her on the Morning Star. Do one “extra” thing every evening, before closing up shop for the night; something you could technically put off until tomorrow. 

For all her practicality & emphasis on action-based results, remember that Gaia is not about self-hacking. She has no patience for asceticism or self-deprivation. @@The path to enlightenment is through cherishing & embracing your humanity.@@ 

She tsk-tsks & sympathizes with the girls who feel guilty for seeing beauty in the world, despite the horrors we know about. Pleasure is a human birthright. Only when you allow yourself to shamelessly enjoy the pleasure of being alive are you able to truly connect with the power source of all life. 

Otherwise, your magic will always be stymied. 

Our planet is a realm of the soul. We are umbilically tied to the earth. No matter how transcendent you think you are, you are rooted on this plane of reality. That’s what being human is all about. 

And that’s what Gaia wants to teach you. Whatever your spiritual aspirations, you’re still only human. 

But that counts for a lot.



Taurus New Moon 2017

For the Taurus new moon, build a sensationally luxe ritual space. Make it in a smorgasbord of textures, tastes, & visual splendors. Burn beeswax candles daubed with sweet & fruity oils. Hang erotic images over your altar. Make the space psychedelically lush. Make it beautiful.

Treat yourself: buy one new article of clothing or a high-end eyeshadow or lipstick to wear during your ritual; maybe in pink, gold, or copper. 

Wear metallic flash tattoos—they’ll glimmer so prettily in the candlelight. 

Your complete satisfaction matters to Gaia. Choose to thrive, not merely survive. The best magical intentions for this cycle are ones that, by realizing them, will strengthen your foundations. 

Of the magical intention you’re setting with this new moon, ask: How will this intention make me feel richer? How can I make realizing my intention a very practical process? How can I make doing the practical steps feel beautiful? 

Write your magical intention down onto seed paper. On a separate sheet of paper or in a notebook, deconstruct the intention into concrete action-steps—things you could accomplish day-by-day for the next month or so. (Longer if necessary.) While in your ritual zone, plug the actions into your daily planner in one color of ink. In a different ink, write the thing you will treat yourself with once the task is complete. 

No task or gesture is too small if it’s part of the process. 

Taurus corresponds with the throat, so during your pre-ritual meditation, experiment with chanting or singing. Sit at your altar holding a piece of lapis lazuli or other blue stone. Chant aloud to yourself the phrase: I will create what I need. Go back to your planner & for every to-do or step of realizing your magical intention that you can’t envision doing, write down the phrase: I will create what I need.

If the idea of chanting or singing makes you squirm, try this: set a timer for 15 minutes, hit “record” on your VoiceMemo app, & spill your guts. Talk out loud about the events, problems, or solutions related to you magical intention. The idea is to get the energy flowing in your throat zone. (One of the benefits of an open & flowy throat chakra? The ease of asking for what you want or need.) 

If you want more tips for loosening up your throat chakra, read this article: How To Find Your Voice With Your Throat Chakra.

To invoke Gaia in your ritual, offer her something that demands action & will create harmony in your life. She’s fond of taking action that proves your commitment. For instance, deactivating your Facebook account, so you have time to volunteer at the animal shelter; selling off your clothes & rebuilding your wardrobe with eco-friendly fabrics; even promising to bring your own cup to the local Fair Trade coffee shop in the morning, so you can reduce your carbon footprint. 

You can also offer Gaia a couple of figs or a dish of warm milk sweetened with honey. 

When you’re exiting the mystical zone, nibble on chocolate-covered fruit, like strawberries or orange slices. Bury the seed paper you wrote your magical intention on in the yard or put your little terra-cotta pot where you’ll remember to attend to it.

Before the evening’s over, take a sumptuous bubble bath. Throw out your drugstore creams (they’re slowly poisoning you anyway) & massage your skin with coconut oil blended with vanilla & orange blossom essentials. I suggest surging your intention every week or so with a ritual bath; here’s a recipe for creating one over here. Use the ritual to reaffirm & solidify your magical intention. 

For the rest of the evening, follow your cravings. Want a little human contact? Call up a friend or two. Hit the Sbux drive through for an astronomically calorie-dense treat.

When you get back home—even if you want to put it off until the next morning, get to work making to-do lists & plugging your intentions into your planner. 

@@During the Taurus moon cycle, materialize your spiritual world. Stop philosophizing & make it REAL!@@ Here are some ways to sensationally celebrate Taurus season:

build a Goddess altar redraft your mission statement, breaking it down action-by-action explore sex magic—this article shows you how to create a sex magical new moon ritual! do more bath magic—this links you to my bath magic ritual again dress for your Venus sign hack your productivity… elegantly download the Mint app & get proactive with your finances ask important people in your life, “How can I be a better lover / friend / mother / daughter?” buy these awesome golden flash tattoos

Admit the beauty around you. Have confidence in your abilities. Whatever you’re unsure about, approach it with a willingness to learn. 

No more waiting for divine inspo. No more waiting for just the right mood or mindset before getting real about your life & dreams. @@You are the beginning & end for all the abundance that flows into your life.@@

And if you want to get something done, make sure it gets plugged into your schedule.

Love & savoring,

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