TAROT CAST • September 4th, 2017

In this week’s Tarot Cast, I’ve include a little “Tarot hack” to help you visualize the message behind court cards--which can be tricky. Court cards took the longest for me to build an intuitive sense about. Partly speaking to personas or true-life people in our life, but also symbolizing qualities of those personas, court cards are like the secret sauce of any Tarot Cast: the mental or emotional orientation you should take, the inner resources you should draw on, the attitude you best lead with. 

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about performing your own Tarot Casts! If you read that post, you should have the technical part down pat, but I can guess that your inner-eye still needs a little bolstering to really slam-dunk your cast’s objectives. Visualization is one of those basic human skills that atrophy as we age. Visualization is literally conditioned out of us, but visualization is key to casting with the Tarot. You have to be able to conjure the card’s image (symbolism, colors, textures, and--in the case of court cards--personal qualities), then be able to project that image onto the scene around you. 

As you’re reading this week’s cast (the Knight of Cups + the Queen of Crystals + the 8 of Swords), let yourself fully conjure up the kind of people I’m describing. Go beyond my descriptors, which are only meant to kick-start your own intuition! Who in your life (or from your past) could be symbolized by the Knight of Cups or the Queen of Crystals? How did those people make you feel? What did you love or loathe about how they moved through the world?

Mostly, consider what in your life (your most recent intentions from the Leo black moon on August 21st, for instance) could benefit from the orientation, personableness, & qualities of these court cards!

The 8 of Swords, you will see, will speak to a particular mental attitude you best consider.



Knight of Cups - The Starchild Tarot via HellaNamaste copy.jpg

Heave your soul into action.

Knights symbolize the most dynamic expression of the suit’s element. For the Cups, that element is water. In all the courts, the Knight specifically corresponds to the element of fire. To capture a feel for the Knight of Cups, do a little Alchemist’s arithmetic by combining the elements: water + fire = steam. Too much h2o puts fire out, while too much fire boils water. 

The Knight of Cups is steamy; the Lover of the suit. Keats reincarnated. His emotions are always simmering. When he busts a move, it’s with his whole soul. If symbolizing a person, the Knight of Cups is the kind of infatuate who writes poetry to present at open mic night. He falls in love with every new girlfriend his friends introduce him to. He also has a penchant for grandiose displays of affection, like volunteering to do homework for girls he crushes on… though he’s already barely passing the class. He’s also most likely a film major.


The actual sex, gender, or romantic orientation of the Knight of Cups (or any court card) is a non-issue. It’s about how they characterize the elements they embody.

Queen of Crystals - The Starchild Tarot.jpg

Be malleable.

If symbolizing a person, the Queen of Crystals would be like a tender-hearted Kardashian. She delights in luxury & is the centrifugal force of the home she creates. Her presence is absolutely sumptuous--her attention, voice, & bearing can lift you up & make you feel like you’re being carried… like a teacup chihuahua in one of her designer handbags. She is sensational, comfortable, & teaches us: you are entitled to make yourself as comfortable as possible… depending on how obliged you feel to make others comfortable.

Queens of the courts always correspond with the element of water. So, while the Crystals suit technically speaks to our environment (what we build our lives on & with & how), the Queen symbolizes the soul of the suit; its intuitive smarts & emotional experiences. 

Some more Alchemist’s arithmetic: earth (the Crystals element) + water (the element of the courtly Queens) = mud or the basic, formative element that can create whole new worlds, rich with seeds & minerals. Too much mud means slow-moving destruction, but just the right proportions of earth to water can rebuild the world… & make it a hell of a lot cozier. 

Get your beliefs into formation.

The Swords correspond with the mental plane. Numerologically, 8 corresponds to formation. New beliefs are finally sticking; becoming autonomous in the background of your usual mental chatter.



New moons take about 6 months to finally grow into full moons. You probably already know: the moon takes about 29 days to cycle from beginning (new moons), middle (full moons), to end (waning moons), & passes through several different zodiac houses in the process. But for the new moon in Leo to finally grow into its fullness in Leo, it’s going to take some time…. About half a year.

Coincidentally, it also takes about 6 months to change a belief. 

This week (on September 6th), the moon will be full in Pisces. What was your new moon intention back in February? (February 26th, to be exact.) Pisces is a water sign, so a viable intention would have been one focused on evolving your desires, visions, & personal wisdom. What I mean by viable: the natural energy of that new moon during that time of year bodes better for those softer, romantic, glittering-depths kind of personal intentions, than for intentions that will demand a lot of chutzpah or discipline.

Even so, realizing a magical intention always requires a switch-up in beliefs. Beliefs in-form our surroundings, which subliminally influence our emotions & desires. If your intention doesn’t seem manifest by its appointed time, you can almost always find the root of it in your beliefs.

So, here’s this week’s activity: pull out your grimoire, diary, or any other place you’ve been tracking your new moon intentions. What was the intention set during the Pisces new moon? Note a few highlights: how has the situation inspiring your intention evolved? What actions did you take to purposefully evolve the situation? What synchronistic scenarios have taken place--events not directly created by you, but which definitely served your intention?

Most importantly, is your intention manifest? 

If yes, brava! Break out the champers! Throw a full moon ritual party & glory in your ability to magically evolve the situations of your life!

If not… do a little assessment. 

Examine what you documented re: your Pisces new moon ritual. What elements did you incorporate into the ceremony? Where was it held? Did you write down how you felt before, during, or after the ritual?

Did you describe the ritual actions & words you performed? How about where you originally sourced the rites--from a book, a blog post, or a fellow witch from a meet-up group you stopped going to before summer began?

First, note what information you wish you had right now. 6 months isn’t such a long time, but you might still be fuzzy on some details or mistrusting of what you do remember. 

Second, deconstruct your Pisces new moon magical intention. What was the vision lying on the other end of it? Break the intention into 3 components: What changes to beliefs, feelings, & behavior would manifesting the intention have entailed? 

If I wanted a deeper, intuitive connection with my boo, what would I have had to believe about our relationship? About my (& his) capacity for love? To start believing that our relationship had this potential, what would I have had to stop believing? (List the beliefs, whether rooted in true-life experience or media messaging, that totally conflicted with your ability to make this belief take root.)

You can do the same for the feelings & behavior aspects of your Pisces magical intention, but if you only have time for one, focus on the beliefs. As I mentioned, beliefs in-form the conditions surrounding our magical intention. Beliefs are the toughest, but shortest distance between here & manifestation

If you’re wondering about the role that feelings & behavior play in magical manifestation, let’s hearken back to the Knight of Cups & Queen of Crystals. Remember the Alchemist’s arithmetic I used to illustrate the feel of these cards? The ideal disposition for reforming beliefs comes with feeling a simmering, romanticization of your vision PLUS a malleability in your behavior. You want to be in loverly pursuit of your vision. You also want to stay flexible, adjusting your behavior to suit the pursuit.

That’s truly the key to successful intention-setting! A readiness to tweak your thoughts, feelings, & behavior, so that your psychic universe begins unconsciously rebuilding the world around you. The result? Autonomous wish fulfillment. 

Even if you’re new to Moon Magic & haven’t yet set many intentions by the Maiden Moon, take time to celebrate this week! The Pisces full moon is hella romantic… take your full moon splendors to the mountains. Plan a midnight picnic. Shrug off your ordinary inhibitions & snuggle up with someone who makes your soul quiver with happiness. 

And remember that the Virgo new moon is happening on September 20th! Within the next couple weeks, I should have a write up about creating a deluxe new moon ritual specifically for this new moon (with pointers for crafting a spot-on magical intention!). Make sure you’re subscribed to Magic ❤︎ Magic, so you’ll be linked to it directly from your inbox!

I wish you hella romantic moonbeams this week & a-many great a-ha moments! ❤︎ ✨

Star shine & moonbeams,

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