TAROT CAST • September 25th, 2017

This week’s Tarot Cast is all about generating inspiration. No longer should you feel like you’re just waiting on a sign! You are inspiration in motion!

You should be able to have faith in yourself, no matter how inconstant & ever-evolving you are, because you have a cache of inner-resources. A magic bag of tricks to get you through any situation.

Knowing when & how to find inspiration is one of those inner-resources. Inspiration has a bad rap, especially for high achievers who know: if you wait for inspiration, you’ll never budge from where you are.

But that’s why you don’t wait on inspiration. This Tarot Cast shows: you can create the experiences that generate the insights you want, thereby instigating the revolutions you need. Sometimes that means busting a move before you’re ready or clear about what action you should take. 

Let me give you the 411 on the 3 cards of this cast--the 7 of Wands, Oppression, & the Page of Wands--then tell you about the Tarot Cast activity, which will show you how to make feeling inspired an action step in your ordinary schedule. 



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Numerologically, 7s are always the point where inspiration becomes action. 

In the Wands suit (which corresponds with the element of fire & the life aspect of spirited endeavor; the divine expression of the Self), 7 is expressed as choosing to risk the stable-footing we’ve gained in order to achieve higher self-awareness. The 5 of Wands = a huge, external challenge that leads to creative Awakening; the 6 of Wands = self-integration of skills & talents expressed by rising to meet that challenge. The 7 of Wands symbolizes both the inspired urge to act commingled with the aversion to step out of what we can depend on.



The Oppression card occupies the same space as the Death card in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. It’s called Oppression, symbolizing when we’ve smothered our own self-evolution with vicious habits. 

Paired with the 7 of Wands, this would mean that you’re more motivated to avoid pain than find pleasure. The curiosity & inspiration is there, but you’re balking. What if… I get hurt? What if… I lose more than I gain? What if… it sucks? 

VERSUS: What if… I win? What if… it’s loved? What if… it feels good doing it?

Oppression - The Starchild Tarot via HellaNamaste copy.jpg


Page of Wands - Starchild Tarot via HellaNamaste.jpg

Pages of all the suits correspond with the materialization of the suit’s resources; in the Wands case, creative & inspirational resources. These are the tools, insights, techniques, & tactics you can draw on again & again to facilitate your own self-growth… no matter how painful or even pleasurable that growth may be.

What inspires you to take true-life action? 

What do you use to instigate radical change in your life? 

If the Page of Wands symbolizes a person, she would be young & sassy: a grown-up Lolita still nursing on heart-shaped lollipops. A provocateur. Just the sight of her makes you feel the stirrings to live out loud. What is that like--to live as though life is an experiment, & you’re constantly retooling a hypothesis about who you are? 

The risk to cross your own boundaries should feel thrilling. Like, a breakthrough! Crossing your boundaries shouldn’t be so easy that you’re constantly violating your own self-trust, though. When you cross boundaries, it ought to come after deliberate concentration & Divine nudging. When you cross boundaries, you should feel liberated. Never as if you’ve lost something precious. It’s all precious--what passes away & what takes its place.

The Page of Wands symbolizes a babe who is her own inspiration. The Oppression card symbolizes the threshold of massive change: where something must pass away (an attachment to something within the status quo of your life--regardless of whether you view it as a positive or negative attachment) in order for new things to pass in.

And the 7 of Wands symbolizes the inspired action you must take to clear out the old conventions that make those attachments more important than the possibilities that could come your way. 

Let me tell you how to make taking inspired action easy-breezy!



Your comfort zone is a death-trap. Waiting around for inspiration to strike is a direct-route to missing the boat. Waiting on a sign from the universe is the most outlandish form of spiritual bypassing a cosmic babe can get herself into! 

The Q to ask yourself with this Tarot Cast: What weekly (or even daily) actions can I take to make sure inspiration is always coming to me?

...Most importantly, that you always have a place to capture the inspiration? To put it to work for you?

On a fresh page of your diary, write in the heading: Stuff That Inspires Me. Now make a list!

Are you inspired by… gritty documentaries about social injustice? Afternoon strolls through the botanical garden? Coffee dates with your best friend? Listening to your child’s wild tales of what went down at the playground? Reading back issues of O Magazine?

Program time for getting inspired into your schedule. Don’t wait for inspiration to happen by accident! Test yourself: are you able to produce the circumstances necessary for you to experience a white-hot moment of clarity? Are you able to leverage whatever's available in the mo', in order to get a more Divine perspective on what's happening in your life?

Don’t confuse escapism with taking a mo’ to get clarified. If that documentary or award-winning drama didn’t inspire you the way you expected it to, pivot! Get out & try the next thing on the list. 

When you do feel a spontaneous eureka moment, take action! You’ll know what to do. It might mean something as measly as donating a couple bucks to the organization featured in the doc or decluttering your closet. Don’t sit on your inspiration! Think of it as lightening: you’ve got to ground it.

This list should be your go-to place when you’re feeling bored, trapped, fearful, or anxious. Got a date or work-related event on the horizon? ...On the verge of canceling or begging off? 

Stop right there! Pull out the list of Stuff That Inspires Me. Create an opportunity where you will feel clarified, confident, inspired, motivated. Yes, it will require conscientious action. You will have to put on your shoes & exit your ordinary routine. 

True spiritual power is power over your own boundaries, attachments, & the status quo of your own life. Don’t be afraid of breaking through! ...Even though something’s gotta break, you’re perfectly capable of whisking up the mess it leaves behind & filling the void. 

In fact, without that void, that space you’ve deliberately opened up, you won’t have room to grow!

What inspired action are you going to take this week? Let me know on Twitter!

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