TAROT CAST • September 18th, 2017

New moon in Virgo this Wednesday! I’ll be performing my usual Goddess moon magic, then kicking off a few weeks of newly minted self-healing rituals. Virgo season is ideal for a little auric detail-cleaning, so I’m really getting after it while I can! (Visit this post to learn how to create a delicious Virgo new moon ritual!)

This week’s Tarot Cast is a bit hefty & ominous. We have 2 Major Arcana cards that follow one-after-the-other on the Tarot wheel, & a portent little message from the Crystals suit, which corresponds to our environment & material resources. Because this card is coupled with The Hierophant & The Lovers, I’ll be treading carefully. This cast speaks to swift changes, a bit of spiritual tasking, but also fast absorption. 

It’s a Tarot Cast that hints you already know how to handle whatever’s coming. As long as you stay out of your own way, you’ll land on your feet! 

Let me unpack how these cards are interacting with each other, then show you what you can do to apply the insight to your life!



The Hierophant - The Starchild Tarot via HellaNamaste.jpg

The Hierophant

Numerologically, The Hierophant corresponds with 5: the life-path number of the teacher, challenger, & Awakened survivor. Often, our best teachers are also our most contemptuous challengers. The Hierophant is also a figure who symbolizes the status quo & conventional attitude: their teachings & principles tasks us to understand why the world is the way it is.

Ace of Crystal - The Starchild Tarot via HellaNamaste.jpg

The Ace Of Crystals

An omen of change to your surroundings. Something is tangibly coming into your life! Whether that’s good or bad is entirely subjective (metaphysically, it’s always goood), but it definitely bodes for a switch-up to how you’re moving through the world.

The Lovers

The card we love for all the wrong reasons. Contrary to popular belief, The Lovers card doesn’t speak to romance. The Lovers symbolizes an inner alchemy: the Great Marriage between your inner God & inner Goddess; your animus & anima. All your relationships symbolize your self-relationship. That doesn’t mean you can let your unfaithful husband or belittling mother off the hook for the way they treat you. The Lovers simply symbolize that True Love is a unified Self. This is a card about self-integration.

The Hierophant & The Lovers are Major Arcana cards. These are keys to the bigger mysteries. The stuff great spiritual lessons are made of. No one can teach you about these lessons (maybe The Hierophant can try), you simply have to live through the experience.

The Ace of Crystals is a Minor Arcana card. Minor Arcana cards speak to the lesser mysteries: the ordinary miracles of our daily lives we very easily take for granted. One banal little object (whatever that Ace symbolizes) can instigate an entire spiritual revolution.

What we know for sure: The Hierophant is exoteric. This is a spiritual challenge or change issued from outside of ourselves. The Ace of Crystals really plays on that. The Hierophant also corresponds astrologically with Taurus, which is a season for acquiring resources & building a firm place to stand in the world. The Hierophant corresponds with Earth.

The Lovers corresponds astrologically with Gemini. Gemini corresponds elementally with Air: the mental realm. This week may be your occasion to adopt some ideas that will help in-form the matter around you: the environment you’re in. This is time to either bust-up your life’s status quo or bolster it with some solid mental principles!

This week’s Tarot Cast activity:
Go Out & Trust Someone

The first question I want you to ask yourself: What have I gathered? What resources (inner & outer) do I draw from to get me through a tough day? What are the proverbs, affirmations, spiritual teachings, or song lyrics I say to myself when I need a little spiritual boost? 

Think about both your touchstones (objects, totems, or items you can physically interact with, which symbolize something about your spiritual upbringing) & also your beliefs (the principles undergirding your spiritual development). You can write about this in your journal or just think about it for a few minutes while your washing up the dishes or taking a walk around the block. 

Consider this teensy bit of attention you pay to these Qs a primer for whatever unexpected events emerge in the next coming week. The consequences of that surprise will be a direct result with your ability to roll with the unknown.

There’s nothing you can do to stop it, of course, but you can definitely make any surprise favorable to yourself by deciding right now: I’m going to believe, feel, & act in a way (as best I can) that will help me come out clean on the other side of this

Once you declare something like that for yourself, you’re unstoppable. That’s how Bright Faith germinates. 

Just like last week’s cast, I also want you to keep creating the experiences that will help you stockpile inner resources. Because our lives are drenched in media, we forget about making an effort to create true-life experiences, especially the kind that will generate the insights & good feels we’ll need to draw on when life’s status quo flips. 

If you feel like you’re already tucking into early hibernation with #NetflixAndChill & your Facebook timeline, this is a good week to venture out. Because we’ve got The Lovers in this cast, you should put in (actual) face-time with people in your life: especially those who’ve had a formative influence on who you are. Purposefully create experiences where you can pool what you know for sure: the insights & lessons that have taught you all how to cope, if not thrive in a spiritually-assaultive world.

Sweet, mild advice, right? If you've got specific Qs about this cast (especially in regards to building non-religious Bright Faith in the unknown), drop me an email! I might think of a special task you could do to generate these Tarot-intimated insights for you!

In the meantime, happy new-moon-in-Virgo!



All Tarot images from The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel.

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