TAROT CAST • June 26th, 2017


This week’s Tarot Cast urges you to reset your inner monologue, set your sights on the #HBIC, & start taking totally unplotted creative action!

Tarot Cast - June 26th via HellaNamaste

Message: Reset your mindset.

The Swords suit speaks to matters of the mind: the matrix of thoughts & beliefs making up your life. The 9 of Swords spotlights anxious, self-limiting, even damaging mindset problems. Numerologically, 9 signifies the closing of a loop, which means that if you’re wrestling with pessimism, you’re running the risk of poisoning your own agency through the world: the loop closes & you lose sight of options that are actually right in front of you that could spin events in your favor. Common symptoms of a damaging mindset: an addiction to future-trippin’, neggy self-talk, & lying awake in bed at night playing out worst case scenarios in your mental theater. 

Tarot Cast - June 26th via HellaNamaste

Message: Courageous, practical, & charismatic, the Queen of Wands is the #HBIC. 

She is a seasoned maven of manifestation: the type of mega-babe who is totally comfortable with taking the initiative… & also the credit. She’s a dynamic leader, moving fast & hot, & she guarantees she’ll deliver… But you might also lose the opportunity to shine. 

Manifestation depends on experience in self-initiation. You have to be willing to walk through the fire. And until you’ve walked, you won’t dissolve your fears, hang-ups, or naivety about how to make shit happen. The Queen of Wands can teach you about discernment: choosing the take the most joyful versus taking the most logical course of action. The Queen urges you to walk through the door you can’t walk back through…

...it’s through that door that you’ll realize something new about yourself--a key piece of insight that can be leveraged time & time again. Find the maven who demonstrates wisdom through experience; who is imaginative, but focused. She’ll be a slightly older gal who makes you feel like her closest confidante, even while maintaining her mystery. She might be your immediate boss at work or someone through your alumni network you reach out to for mentorship. Ask her about her principles, because in the slightly theatrical action she tends to stir up, you might mistake copying down her signature moves. Find out why she operates how she does, decide if you agree with those principles, then build your own signature actions around them.

Tarot Cast - June 26th via HellaNamaste

Message: Experience is the best teacher.

The Emperor demonstrates inner-stability, pragmatism, & strategy. This card instructs you to look at challenges as opportunities. Experience, whether you find failure or glory, clarifies who you really are. If you’re still trying to figure out who that is, it’s time to start deliberately putting yourself in situations to find out.

The Emperor is an essentialist. He’s about cutting through the bullshit. Getting to the essence might mean breaking up or breaking away, which is scary, but that’s why you have to stay true to what life has already taught you. To meditate on this card, ask yourself: What do I really want? When have I been here before? Where do I feeeel like going from here?

Chances are, the answer won’t be something grandiose. The answer may be something like: Stop redrafting that email to the recruiter & just mail it as is. Or, This week I am taking my first bellydancing class, even if I need to grab a glass of wine at that wine bar around the corner from the studio before it starts.

Sometimes, in order to start trusting in ourselves, we have to stop plotting out our options & just start acting. You will never build the trust if your sense of priority / strategy have come from outside voices.



Tarot Cast - June 26th via HellaNamaste
Tarot Cast - June 26th via HellaNamaste
Tarot Cast - June 26th via HellaNamaste

Find clarity through engagement. There’s a lot of spirited creative fire in this spread, so whatever it is you’ve got on your mind, it’s begging for some totally transformative creative action. Creative action simply means action that is improvisational. You don’t need a game plan--especially if formulating the right game plan is what’s keeping you stuck in your head.

A pessimistic outlook isn’t any more “realistic” than an optimistic one. I’ve watched too many smart babes actually wither during the magical years of early adulthood, because they believed that pessimism was protecting them from disappointment. They’ve grown grim, resentful, & also a little bit smug for having sidestepped failure, which hasn’t helped them land where they dreamed of landing so much as helped them keep their hands clean. 

Take concrete, action-based steps to address what’s on your mind: the fears, worries, repeating shame stories. Meeting up with a counselor might help with this, if you think you need support. More than likely, all you need is a little time for Desire Mapping.

Who is your Queen of Wands? Commit to taking one action this week, even if you’re convinced it’s premature. Go where your gut tells you to start. When you feel doubtful, seek counsel with the Queen of Wands in your life--even if you’ve got to channel a celebrity or a Goddess. I recommend the volcano Goddess Pele: if your self-limiting mindset was forged by a series of trials & tribulations, it might be that you’ve got some serious shadow-drama to unpack, & Pele offers the right amount of archetypal punch to help. 

If you can lead yourself--diplomatically & without apology--the world will open itself to you.

But not until you actually start leading.

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