TAROT CAST • June 19th, 2017

Tarot Cast - June 19th via HellaNamaste
Tarot Cast - June 19th via HellaNamaste
Tarot Cast - June 19th via HellaNamaste

Mark your calendars: the new moon happens this Friday! Magical intentions concerning love, family, & devotion align perfectly with the Cancer astro cycle, & I think this Tarot Cast is going to inspire some truly on-point intention-setting. In fact, my gut whispered yesssss when I turned over the cards & saw Temperance, the King of Cups, & The Star. The messages in this Tarot Cast inspired a little exercise I share below to help you start thinking Big Picture about how you're moving through your life. 



Tarot Cast - June 19th via HellaNamaste

Message: Bide your time.

The finish line is an illusion; don’t burn out chasing it. Step back for a mo’ & take in the true scope of your life: it’s long & covers miles of unpredictable terrain. Adapt to the circumstances in front of you, instead of trying to make the circumstances fit your expectations.

Chances are, what’s missing is not extra productivity-hacking. But if you’re feeling dry-hearted & uninspired, like you can’t even begin to chill for a minute, you might need to take a cue from our next card...

Tarot Cast - June 19th via HellaNamaste

Message: Get sovereign over your feels.

The Cups speak to matters of the heart: relationships, creativity, & soulful feelings. Cups also deal in visions & artistic expression.


What you can learn from the King of Cups: the King feels deeply, but never forgets that his feelings are only information. The King of Cups epitomizes emotional maturity, which is the same as saying that he is sovereign over his feelings. I’ve written before about the rules of Sovereignty, which includes tips for getting perspective on how your feelings manipulate your response to life.

If indicating a person, the King of Cups is likely an endearing older gentleman full of affection & psychic wisdom. He personifies the saying “still waters run deep” & probably quotes Seneca or Marcus Aurelius on the daily. He might be that aging bachelor uncle who never quite moved on from the Summer of Love, & is acutely aware of it--which makes him seem like a living embodiment to Living Your Truth. No matter the topic of your interaction with him (current events, relationship drama, the best place to score a cup of world true fair trade coffee), you grow wiser by transmission. If this sounds like someone you already know, make plans with them this week!


Tarot Cast - June 19th via HellaNamaste 3.jpg

Message: Have faith.

Are you keeping your personal North Star within sight? This card is a cosmic thumbs-up, a sign that something tremendous is waiting for you where you're going, but it also comes with a critical reminder: doubt is fatal.

Self-doubt is to The Star what productivity-hacking is to Temperance: these cards want you to reorient yourself to going at your own pace, in the direction of your own true North. Read together with the King of Cups, you've got solid esoteric encouragement for taking a starry-eyed Taoist approach... no matter how dithering it may appear to insecure lifehackers watching from the sidelines. 


Here's a little exercise to help you put this Tarot Cast to work for you. Sometime this week, take a little life inventory. Block out a couple hours in your schedule to daydream. Create a playlist, light a candle, & lay out on your bedroom floor. Let your mind wander to all the goals, projects, aspirations, & To-Do list items you've got on your plate. Have a pile of scratch paper & a few writing tools within reach, so you can jot down every feeling that resounds in your body when you think about those items. Don't get wrapped up in jotting down new To-Dos or Reminders--just let yourself name those feelings & go into detail describing them.

Once you've gotten it all externalized, ask yourself: Is this how I want to feel? 

What’s missing is… Sunday picnic pleasure. What’s missing is… steady-handed accountability. What’s missing is… true loving devotion to the cause.

Is this what I truly want? Yes. And this is how I want to get it...

Haste & Uncertainty are never good motivation--not when you've got big plans, not when you respect life as an aesthetic. This exercise should help you figure out your own way to start experiencing Patience & Faith, which is going to make the scope & process of living your life truly magical

All a cosmic babe really wants: sweet, bright flow to carry her to her rewards & achievements.

Because True Grit without a little Bright Faith hurts.

When you start feeling disconnected or self-doubtful, take a cue from the King of Cups. Tune back into the core wisdom urging you along your evolutionary path. Ask yourself, Does this process feel the way I want it to feel? What's urging me to make this process as uncomfortable as it is--do I think people won't believe I deserve the rewards if I don't look as if I'm busting my ass for them? 

Once you've reoriented your perspective, your emotions can become a delicious fuel for your life journey.

Before I sign off, here's a little sonic inspo to accompany your Tarot-scopic self-reflection!

I'm truly hoping this exercise gives you a little intuitive perspective on where you're at & where you want to go--it's already tremendously informed my new moon intentions for this Friday! 


Images: © Danielle Noel, The Starchild Tarot