TAROT CAST • June 12th, 2017

Tarot Cast - June 12th via HellaNamaste
Tarot Cast - June 12th via HellaNamaste
Tarot Cast - June 12th via HellaNamaste

Welcome to a brand new Hella•Namaste feature: The Tarot Cast!

As you probably know, HN is all about providing mystical inspo to help make your life magical. And the basic premise of my magical practice: We are co-creators with the Divine. For me, this belief counter-weighs the intense, Luciferian productivity-hacking spiral I plummeted through during my college years. 

In order to stop look at the world as an storm of circumstances happening to me, I needed to start looking at the world symbolically. Every single event, condition, or situation--when stripped of the emotional & rational layers I pile onto it--means something bigger than me. Whatever that bigger sumpin' is (what we in the esoterica community call the Mystery), it wants to align with my own trivial purpose...

...on its own terms.

According to natural laws I simply have no clue about. Of course.

Can I get an amen? I know this is a common revelation for many cosmic babes.

And the Tarot has definitely been a major tool for helping me revise my approach to the world & build an intimate, golden-happy relationship with the Divine Mystery.

My true wish is for the Tarot to help you do the same! ❤︎

So, this is how the Hella•Namaste weekly Tarot Cast will work: Every week, I’ll pull 3 cards from my faaav deck, Danielle Noel’s The Starchild Tarot, to help make your week magical. I’ll scan & upload these cards onto the HN homepage, where you’ll be able to find them & co-interpret their meanings. These cards will reveal symbols you should watch for, the challenges you might face down, & the soul-tingly moments of synchronicity you might possible encounter--if you take your intuition into account!

Perfect, right? A little mmmm’my self-reflection & enchantment between friends.

Let's jump into our inaugural cast:



Tarot Cast - June 12th via HellaNamaste

Message: Make your own luck. This is the card of cycles, transition, change. Life is awash in positive & negative consequences, & having an awareness of how life cycles through lucky & unlucky periods empowers you right now to set fortunate events into motion. If we’re co-creating our lives with the Divine, then you have to make something out of everything you’re handed--that's the only way to influence whether you cycle through deeper phases of good fortune. 

Because the Wheel is a Major Arcana card, this card isn’t about turning a particular sitch in your life around on its head, but about building the inner-resources for helping you make your own luck. Major Arcana cards are meta; they speak to the Big Picture. Learn to Lemonade. Your task is to become a soul-MacGyver. 

Associative symbols: the Ouroboros & the Yin Yang.  



Tarot Cast - June 12th via HellaNamaste

Message: To change the situation, change your beliefs about the situation. The Swords suit corresponds with our thoughts & beliefs. Numerologically, 5 is the number of self-Awakening, change, & challenge. Taking control of your thoughts & beliefs makes you the Architect of your own life: the engineer-slash-designer of all the outcomes your little heart truly desires.

In relation with the Wheel of Fortune, the 5 of Swords speaks to a particular belief (perhaps a system of beliefs) that’s limiting you from making your own luck. Challenge yourself to start acting like you believe the opposite of what you do. Strut into a room like you’re a beauty queen. Pretend you’re in a spotlight & that the edges around you twinkle in its beam, like facets of a diamond.

What you’ll find: the world mirrors back what you believe the world is. The only challenging part of revolutionizing your headspace is cracking through your own resolve, your own commitment to your self-limiting beliefs.



Tarot Cast - June 12th via HellaNamaste

Message: Partner up with a firestarter. The Wands suit corresponds with the spirit of our lives: our creative slow-burning core. Pages, like all court cards, may represent actual people. So, you may know this person: she is fun-loving, petulant, & rebellious, perhaps even skirting on naivety. She is the harbinger of new, self-transformative experiences.  

This babe will help you reset your self-limiting beliefs by taking risky, soul-altering action. Channel her spirit of rebelliousness that comes only from a lack of awareness about consequences. What creative risks would you take if you didn’t think you "knew" what would happen? What this babe will teach you: get impatient. Stop waiting on the right moment. If you’re stuck in that waiting place, find the person who most exemplifies this sort of innocent devil-may-care approach, then follow her straight into the fire. Wherever she leads you, I guarantee: you’ll amass the inner-resources you need to bridge the gap between who you are now & who you want to become...

...A mystically-inspired creatrix remaking the world. 


Every week hereafter, you can expect new cards, new meanings, & new inspo on your own spiritually-inspired, self-creative journey.

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Want to be a guest Tarot-caster? If you’ve got a deck & would like to pull cards for any of the upcoming weeks, email me here! Be sure to let me know what deck you work with, if you have access to a scanner (not a problem if you don't), & your history with interpreting the deck. 

Have a magically on-point week!

Tarot card images from The Starchild Tarot: Akashic Edition.