TAROT CAST • July 3rd, 2017


This week's Tarot Cast features 3 Minor Arcana cards. While the Major Arcana symbolizes broad archetypal themes in human experience, the Minor Arcana speaks to the daily thoughts, feelings, & environments we live through.  

While you read the cast, bring to mind anything in your life that's currently in medias res or "in process." If you've got something where the progress has slowed so significantly, you cringe whenever anybody asks for an update, this one's for you, baby.

At the bottom, you'll find a little activity to help you put this Tarot Cast to work for you this week!

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Message: Specialize to move forward.

In numerology, 7 signifies an opportunity for busting original moves or else risk losing momentum on what you’ve been developing. This is where you decide to take a more skillful approach to a particular situation. For the Wands suit, the “particular situation” pertains to a spirited endeavor: it’s talking about that side hustle you’ve been trying to get off the ground or finally earning the invitation to stay on as a paid employee after your internship is over. You’ll know what it is, because the wheels have been in motion for a while now (maybe the initial high off the inspiration or launch phase has even faded a little), but you wouldn't say you've seen any more progress. 

Because 7 is also a spiritual number, this card might be hinting at taking some space. Reframe the situation after a week or so of meditating on it. Set a deadline to make sure you return to the project & be ready to pivot into a new direction from wherever you left off. 

Tarot Cast - July 3rd via HellaNamaste

Message: Jubilation! Start a party. 

Numerologically, 3 signifies fruition; the successful joining of 2. This is a card signifying emotional growth, & maybe a little dancing to celebrate. 

Because the Cups suit speaks to vision & artistic expression as well as to matters of the heart, this card could indicate that you’ve finally soothed some friction in your life. Maybe you've finally experienced an emotional breakthrough with a new friend or lover; maybe you've finally sorted your feelings out about that project the 7 of Wands alludes to.

More literally, this card could suggest new people are in your life, & that's reason alone to celebrate. ❤︎

Tarot Cast - July 3rd via HellaNamaste

Message: Make a practical choice now that will help you wind up with results you want further down the line.

In The Starchild Tarot, the Crystal suit speaks to the material world, environment, & practical concerns. Numerologically, 2 can symbolize either a union or a set of choices.

For this particular Cast, I believe the 2 of Crystals wants you to make a choice with a certain outcome in mind. Sometimes, we’re awe-struck by unexpected success or new fervor: a hobby blog that started paying the rent; night classes that awakened our passion in a new subject. The pace & enthusiasm won't last forever, though, & practically speaking, you might want to get ahead of any potential dips. 


Here's an activity to help you put this week's Tarot Cast to work!

Crack open your diary or work journal to a fresh page & bring your project to mind--whatever "in process" item that came to mind while you were reading the 7 of Wands' message. Write this project at the top of the page.

Write down 10 potential courses of action you could take to start gaining new momentum. Push yourself to write down at least 10, even if some ideas sound zany or you instantly disapprove of them.

Now, circle the actions that would produce the fastest tangible results or generate the quickest feedback. 

Next, rate from 1 to 10 how scary or cringe-worthy each action is. Jot down a few notes about why the action deserves that rating. 

Ten, b/c I'm REALLY embarrassed to admit where I'm stuck... I'd rather abandon the work I've started altogether than do this.

Six or seven, b/c I feel anxious just thinking about busting this move, but I suspect the payoff would be really gratifying.

Now, set your diary / work journal aside. Give the project list & your potential courses of action some space. The 7 of Wands certainly encourages making room for a little divine inspo to wedge in, so in this scenario, a little self-reflection will go a long way! You can try daily meditating or pulling cards from your own Tarot deck.

OR you could take some inspiration from the 3 of Cups & throw together a get-together for celebrating what you’ve started! It’ll give you an opportunity to talk about your project & maybe also create a little serendipity: perhaps an attendee to your party will point out where you can refocus your energy & otherwise take your project to the next level.

At the end of the week, revisit your diary entry. Re-evaluate your brainstormed actions. Are there any actions you would rate differently? What suddenly looks very appealing?

Finally, select one action to follow. Chances are, you'll choose the most practical course of action: the one that might make you to cringe, but which has the potential to bring about the most new progress.

Super simple. Super insightful.

Thx, Starchild Tarot!

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Have a magical, mystically-inspired week!