TAROT CAST • July 31st, 2017

Tarot Cast - July 31st via HellaNamaste

Surrounded by firey Courts, I believe this tarot cast is about taking this week to move only in the direction of your True North. (Symbolized by The Star.) You’ll need to show a little moxie, shake up your sense of priority, & start acting like you know you’re entitled to your destiny.

Let’s talk about the individual card messages, then I’ll tell you about one small, painless “self-hack” that will keep you truckin’ in the right direction.


Visionary Optimism Fueled By Diamond-Core Desire: 

Tarot Cast - July 31st 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: Have faith. Clarify your core-desired feelings & remember: doubt is fatal.

The Star card is a cosmic thumbs-up. Hey, wherever you’re at, this is where you ought to be! 

Though you may be going crazy with anticipation.

The Star card speaks to a very special sensation, one combining desire & aspiration. We’re progressing towards something that feels external to us, as if we have to earn it or wait until we pre-qualify. But while in progress, something is also unfolding within us. It feels like we’re under pressure… & already pressurized. We crave relief, which is how we sometimes end up in the weeds.

Hope & optimism can feel like its own pleasurable friction.

In The Starchild Tarot, The Star corresponds with Aquarius, which is a house of vision, imagination, & individuality. This card should kindle your sense of hope in whatever phase you’re in on this journey. Keep scanning the horizon & never forget the direction of True North.

Tarot Cast - July 31st 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: Courageous, practical, & charismatic, the Queen of Wands is Queen Supreme of manifestation.

Her mantra: Meditate, manifest, manicure. She’s the type of mega-babe totally comfortable with taking the initiative… & also the credit. She’s moving fast & hot, because that’s what it takes to make shit happen.

Court cards often symbolize people in our lives. Sometimes court cards speak to unexpressed personality traits in ourselves. These are practically one in the same: if a court card shows up in a reading, you can realize it’s speaking about a certain quality you should attune yourself to. A quality necessary for getting what you need or want. 

The Queen urges you to walk through the door you can’t walk back through, because it’s through that door you’ll learn the secrets to getting shit done. It’s with that commitment to action that you’re initiated into the mysteries of manifestation, which are only ever revealed during the experience itself

Find the maven who demonstrates wisdom through experience; who is imaginative, but focused. She’ll be a slightly older gal who makes you feel like her closest confidante, even while maintaining her mystery. She might be your immediate boss at work or someone through your alumni network you reach out to for mentorship. Find out why she operates how she does, decide if you agree with those principles, then build your own signature actions around them.

Tarot Cast - July 31st 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: The creative dynamo of the Tarot. A real spit-fire.

He’s growing a start-up out in Silicon Valley while finishing his MBA or he’s touring with his rock band & teaching guitar lessons on Skype. 

Combined, the Knight & Queen of Wands symbolize two different prongs of manifestation. One full-out charges after what he wants, while the other finesses her desire-fulfillment. Both are characterized by their clarity, willpower, & energy. Wands court cards know how to focus their power. Sometimes that focus tightens them into a spear of light & other times it softens them into a glowing beacon. 

And as paradoxical as it seems, sometimes you need to be both. The soft, glow-y beacon attracts more of what she wants, while the focused beam of light cuts a path directly to it. Manifestation gets easier—as in, there’s more glowing & less laser-cutting—when you’ve already got the right moves down pat. 


When you feel anxiety or dread, take immediate action… even if the action doesn’t address the cause of your anxiety or dread. Movement is the key. If overwhelm is your problem, start delegating instead. 

But here’s the only rule: don’t think about it

I know this one is going to knock you starry-eyed philosophers for a loop, but sometimes contemplation, stillness, & even journaling doesn’t work the problem out. Often, slowing down, immersing ourselves in the heavy feels actually empowers the feelings surrounding the problem.

Which slows us down. So now, the problem is festering… & appears so much more complicated than it actually is. 

The Queen of Wands isn’t too shy to ask for help. She doesn’t believe in the illusion of the Babe Who Does It All & Looks Hot Doing It. If you need more time, offload some tasks onto friends, fam, or Task Rabbit. If you’re stuck in an unavoidable waiting game, enroll in a fitness bootcamp & get movin’. 

By channeling the feeling into any kind of action, no matter how unrelated, you’re letting your body answer its own distress signals. Your mind recognizes that, hey, signing up to offer ESL tutoring isn’t going to do anything about this weird hiatus my boyfriend asked to take, but taking some noble-hearted inspired action actually relieves your bod of those icky, self-limiting feelings.

The objective: train your body to activate, to engage, when you start feeling those heavy feels. It’s a simple, potent technique that helps the heavy feelings move through your body. Surrendering to anxiety & dread traps those sensations, so they’re ricocheting throughout your nervous system, like lightening in a bottle. 

And they stay there. Reverberating when you least expect anxiety or dread to pop up. 

Okay, so activity dispels heavy vibes before they have the opportunity to settle in. Got it. But how do you know what activities to respond with? 

That’s where The Big Picture comes in. The only analysis ever required of you should be deciding, Do these feelings relate at all to my bigger goals, dreams, or vision? Am I feeling this way because I’m way off-course or am I feeling this way because, well, I’m trained to think I have to feel bad for everything, no matter how unrelated to my own Big Picture?

Resist slipping down a contemplative rabbit hole by making a game of choosing actions that align with what you want to feel or do. Maybe a fitness bootcamp or suddenly organizing 6 years’ worth of old bills & tax documents don’t play directly into moving you towards True North, but they certainly symbolize how you want to feel strong & on top of things as you’re moving. 

If this technique would be a game-changer--because, for the past few weeks, months, or years, you’ve been drowsing in dread or antsy all day--you might consider putting together some backup. Surround yourself with the kind of people who easily metabolize self-limiting inner barriers. Check in with a mentor or with your confident BFF who’s always on the move. Let them know that your new goal is to stay busy, then figure out a system where they maybe text you at night to find out what you spent the day on. Knowing those check ins are coming will definitely spur you on, because “I sat in lotus position chewing on my feelings of hopelessness for an hour” isn’t what they’ll want to hear. 

Because whatever’s lying in wait in the direction of your True North is totally worth getting to!

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Merry magic-making!