TAROT CAST • July 24th, 2017

Tarot Cast - July 24th, 2017

We’ve got earth & fire in this cast. Together, fire & earth are the elements of Reformation. This Tarot Cast speaks to a particular environmental shift; a shuffling of circumstances that may be throwing static on your productivity, creativity, or your ability to feel safe & comfortable. This shift may be one you’re willing to make or one that's been set in motion by event outside of your control. 

In some cases, the cast may speak to a change you’re refusing to make for fear of the disruption it will bring with it.

That fear of change--that fear of reformation--puts you at a disadvantage.

Visualize a volcano... one that's pretty close & rupturing. Yeah, that's dangerous bizness. But if you’re nimble enough to sidestep its firey flow, the fire will harden, becoming new land, & give you a new place to stand & a whole new vantage. 

The question is: how do you become spiritually nimble enough?

Whether your life has been upended or you’re deliberately trying to switch things up, I have a technique to share with you that will train you mind-body-&-soul to glide through the kerfluffle… painlessly, gracefully, & even happily.

You’re gonna feel goood, despite the upset!

But first, what are we dealing with here?



Tarot Cast - July 24th, 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: Inventory Your Spoils.

The Crystals suit corresponds with the earth element: the energy that gives form to spirit. Numerologically, 6 is the number of reflection & integration. The 2 other cards of this cast are fives: the number of change, challenge, & Awakening. Though change is disorienting, as long as you keep faith that you will have the opportunity to refit the pieces, you’ll make it through.

So, let’s look at the 6 of Crystals positioned as Card #1 as a sign that we need to get ourselves oriented for a bit of an upset. Let’s prepare before for how we will reintegrate after. 

Here’s a preliminary task to do, so you’re prepared for the activity I’ll recommend at the bottom of this cast:

Make a list of 3-5 items you gained from past challenges. You don’t have to list objects that are precious or treasured, just items that symbolize an effort you made. These should be items that give form to your past accomplishments

To emphasize: it’s not about the objects themselves, but about the feelings they evoke & what those feelings mean for you

This killer faux leather bossgirl blazer that I get to wear to work because I pushed myself to truly qualify for this kind of gig. Every time I wear it, I’m reminded about hard work paying off. 

This airport souvenir from my nightmare layover in NYC, which I picked up on my first trip abroad & which turned out to be one disaster after another… but it symbolizes how I learned that rolling with the punches is easier if you’ve got a destination in mind. 

Beside each item in your list, write a couple sentences describing the feeling the item evokes. 

When I wear this blazer, I feel Safe, but also Powerful, like a warrior queen whose reputation precedes her. I’ve already proven my strength, & whatever challenges I now face in life will only reveal different aspects of that strength.

You can also take a pic of the items with your phone. Print it off your computer, then cut the images into squares, so you can carry them with you someplace you want to be when you perform this week’s Tarot Cast activity. ;D

Tarot Cast - July 24th, 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: Adapt Or Die.

The Wands suit corresponds to the element of fire, which is the animating force of the material world. 5 corresponds to change, challenge, & (consequently) awakening. Creative challenges harbinger creative awakenings. Challenges bring to light dormant abilities & types of intelligence. 

So, we like challenges. (Or we’re learning to like them.)

Given that this card shows up with 2 cards from the Crystals suit, I sense this week might involve a crisis of confidence arising from uncontrollable circumstances. Maybe your routine is disrupted, a new boss or partner is brought in on a project, or the status quo of your life is otherwise upended in some way. You might ricochet between panic & resentment, which kicks off a domino effect of disatisfaction. 

This card reminds us: Creativity is adaptable. Don’t attack the circumstances themselves or flop down in the middle of the floor & give up hope. Rethink protocol. Figure out how to organize chaos.

Easier said than done. (Don’t worry, the activity will help you put this into practice!)

Tarot Cast - July 24th, 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: Steel Yourself For An Environmental Upset.


You may not be in control of everything that happens to you, but you are in control of how you respond to it.

Look back at the card in the #1 position: the 6 of Crystals. Obviously, 5 comes before 6, but this is a meaningful reverse in the sequence. You can better integrate changes in the material circumstances of your life if you keep in mind that everything in your life came to you from overcoming previous challenges.  

This week’s activity will show you exactly how to take the inventory you gathered from the 6 of Crystals, plus the insight of the 5 of Wands into deliberate practice! 


I’ve talked before about The Coherence Technique: a science-backed, stress-busting meditative strategy backed proving the physiological effects & benefits of feeling gratitude. The Coherence Technique requires zero tools, pills, or even facilitators, & I’m going to show you how you use it to help you glide through the ever-shifting circumstances of your world without stressing out!

How does it work? The science supporting The Coherence Technique shows that the feeling of gratitude syncs your heart with your brain. Distressing, non-productive, creativity-zapping feelings (like grief, anger, or anxiety) have a true physical effect: they warp the shared current of electromagnetism that flows between your heart & brain. The Coherence Technique helps us learn to consciously smooth out the electromagnetic tether, so we can feel clarity, integrated, & ready to rise to the occasion circumstances have rendered to us. 

So, what you’re going to do this week is learn how to immediately invoke warm, glowy feeling of appreciation….

...which will be hellaaaa useful if / when things go topsy turvy!

Here’s the link again to the article about The Coherence Technique & here’s more about the science of it. Practice the Technique as soon as possible--you can do it right where you’re sitting. If you need a little extra guidance, here’s a video demonstration of the Technique.

Okay, so this is how I advise you employ The Coherence Technique. Remember the inventory you created when reading about Card #1? Pull it up. Each of these items should help prompt that warm, glowy feeling of appreciation. Read / look at these objects & feel yourself experiencing the good feels. Try to get a baseline. 

If you’ve got your diary handy, you should write about what appreciation & gratitude actually feels like for you. Bring your “happy stuff” flash cards with you to a cafe you love or an outdoor space you find every excuse to be in. Write a couple pages describing the actual, physical sensation of gratitude. If conversation makes you happy, do this exercise with a friend, each of you sharing what gratitude & appreciation feels like for you

And use lots of poetic devices. Gratitude feels like… taking a bite of the fluffiest homemade cheesecake I’ve ever tasted that a friend made especially for me… Appreciation splashes through my body the way my puppy learned to swim in the neighbor’s kiddie pool

There’s really nothing like a metaphor or simile to make The Coherence Technique feel like second nature. 

Continue exploring & practicing The Coherence Technique, until you figure out the precise thoughts or memories that will 100% produce that warm, glowy feeling. You may find that some of the items from your happy list just don’t work as well as, say, thinking of people in your life. 

PRO TIP: when you know the actual thoughts that can trigger the warm, glowy feelings of gratitude, promise to do the thing, talk to the person, or play with the object that stimulates it. Promise yourself this & you’ll actually have faster results during the practice session! 

Life is an ever-changing landscape. And with every apparently miniscule movement life makes, there’s a fluctuation. Getting proficient at helping ourselves feel good now, while things are status quo, will make adaptation sooo much easier. 

How is The Coherence Technique working for you? What’s on your happy list? Tweet me about it!


Love, gratitude, & magic,