TAROT CAST • July 17th, 2017

Tarot Cast - July 17th 2017 via HellaNamaste

You already know: beliefs have consequences. Whether you’d call those consequences good or bad depends on whether you’re getting (or losing) what you actually want! 

This Tarot Cast urges you to take guided action in ousting seriously self-limiting beliefs. Taking some potentially ungraceful 180-degree turns might be overdue, as well as getting some wiser outside perspective. 

Tarot Cast - July 17th 2017 via HellaNamaste

The Hierophant’s Message: Look For Wisdom... Within & Without.

At number 5 in the Major Arcana, The Hierophant numerologically corresponds to a pivotal point of our spiritual journey: a personal reformation instigated by challenging circumstances... like a confrontation with the status quo or a "losing my religion" moment. 

The Hierophant is the card of gurus, mentors, & royal viziers. The Hierophant represents a little bit of the status quo--they’re a wisdom-keeper with a defined social role & a static set of teachings & principles. That blend of religion & secularism rankles many cosmic babes, because New Age spirituality is their refuge from conventionalism. 

But the Hierophant is basically a mentor: someone who guides you on spiritualizing the material & materializing the spiritual.

Often the most conventional people you know actually have the best insight into working with the powers-that-be to get what you really want. 

So, without hearing The Hierophant’s patent answers to life’s Big Qs, we wouldn’t find the Bigger, Better Qs to ask. 

Tarot Cast - July 17th 2017 via HellaNamaste

9 of Swords Message: Free Your Mind.

This card indicates it’s time for a mindset reset.

Everything we do is a consequence of our beliefs. If you’re feeling confused or stressed, or lying in bed at night playing imaginary worst case scenarios through your mental theater, then it’s time to begin reforming your thoughts. 

And the only antidote to a busted mindset: action

The longer you let the beliefs set, the deeper they root.

If you’re not sure what action to take, you might need outside perspective. (The activity I recommend below for applying this Tarot Cast might help you find it!)


Tarot Cast - July 17th 2017 via HellaNamaste

The Emperor’s Message: Consider The Source. 

For The Emperor, the best teacher has true-life experience. The Emperor prefers you learn by trial & error rather than fill your mind up with prescripts & conventions handed down from an Ivory Tower… 

...Especially if those prescripts will paralyze you from ever busting an original move.

Notably, The Hierophant follows The Emperor in the Major Arcana, showing that wisdom also tends to follow experience. Paired together with the 9 of Swords, this Tarot Cast urges you to reframe your beliefs by taking guided action. 

Start with asking these Qs:

Which of your ideas about the world vex you hardest?

Which of those vexing ideas were learned… or taught to you?

Finally, what can you do to prove yourself wrong?

go looking for someone else’s opinion on your beliefs about how the world works.

First, circle in on a problem in your life. Deconstruct the problem a little, so that when you say it aloud, you cop up to the belief underpinning it. That means, talking about the problem as if it’s your problem--don’t frame the problem as a social issue or as a necessary spiritual initiation. 

For best results, choose a belief that doesn’t focus on lack, as in: I don’t have enough money, love, or experience

Instead, focus on a belief about what you do have, as in: I have money, but I don’t like what I’ve spent my money on. I believe I’m stuck with my bad choices, because I’ll never get that money back, even if I tried reselling what’s possible to resell, so I’m stuck forever with my mistakes. 

Or, I have a really great, loving partner, but s/he doesn’t actually make me feel good about myself. I believe there’s absolutely no way to bring that up without looking selfish, so I prefer to not bring it up until (or unless) I’m prepared to break off the relationship.

Or (just so we have well-rounded examples), I have a degree in this field & a pretty stable position at my job, but I’m sooo bored. I believe that venturing out would be too risky & would mean I wasted my precious time & energy on the kind of work that I find ultimately pointless. Also, my parents would probably stop inviting me home for the holidays.

If multiple beliefs underpin the problem, make note of them as well. 

Okay. So where can you find some outside perspective on your problem? 

From a pretend mentor. You could totally find yourself a real mentor, but the objective is not to cloud over your problem with a new, distracting task. (Unless the problem you’re focusing on causes you serious grief & even the idea of challenging it scares you… then skip the mentor & find a counselor.)

To get started, check out Marie Forleo’s 6 Surprising Tips for Finding A Mentor. After you hear her tips, spend an afternoon researching about that mentor--reading quotes, short biographies, or streaming interview clips. Keep your diary close at hand & jot down ideas, their recommended resources, & your own praise / criticism for how they've handled their own biz.

The creative component of this task is figuring out how that mentor-from-a-distance would likely judge your problem, & what they might suggest to help you fix it

Then, whatever you think they might suggest or task you with, actually perform that task. The tasks might be real actions they took on their own journey when faced with similar challenges, or the tasks might be inspired by a certain code of honor or set of principles shared in a book or blog post they wrote. 

You'll know what task to follow, because it will be the most obvious. The task doesn't need to be major--it could even be as trivial as taking a nap. (Sleep is a biggie for Arianna Huffington, for example.) Only you understand the circumstances of your challenges, so you'll intuitively know what action to take. (Hint--it very likely will be an action that fills you with the most dread, no matter how small!)

The biggest challenge is breaking through your own self-limiting beliefs about the challenges.

And here’s the win-win: IF you bust some original moves that don’t solve your problem, doing this activity will actually help you start ousting the belief that's making it worse. You cannot begin doing anything about a thought causing you grief until you can get it down in front of you. 

So, even if the action you decided to take comes with a big, obvious payoff, you have nevertheless begun transforming the problem. You can take more actions your pretend mentor prescribes you until--through trial & error--you finally get a breakthrough.

Are you ready?

Get set.

Go have a breakthrough!

Have a magical week!