TAROT CAST • July 10th, 2017

Tarot Cast - July 10th 2017 via HellaNamaste

Quote of the week:

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
— Henry David Thoreau

Word. Doesn't hearing that make you want to go whew, thank god? 

It sounds so much more rational to start with the dream--the castles in the air--than to start with the foundation. Because the shape & substance of the foundation should fit the dream... or else it won't be much support

What if that actually makes you feel worse... because you've been breaking your back building a dependable foundation, but it sure doesn't feel like it fits with what you've dreamed of?

This week's Tarot Cast wants you to take inventory of the tools / experiences you already have for refitting the foundation of your life for your dreams! Read on for a little info about the cards casted, then scroll to the bottom to find an activity for applying this Tarot insights to your week!




Tarot Cast - July 10th 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: Create your foundation. 


4 is the number of stability. Every structure in the universe builds from a place of symmetry. The Wands speak to creativity, willpower, & spirited endeavors. What have you manifested to build your life on?

The Emperor - The Starchild Tarot via HellaNamaste.jpg

Message: Experience is the best teacher. 

What experience are you lacking? What experience do you need to confidently develop your dreams? I’m not talking about credentials. The Emperor cares about true-life experience: the kind of authenticity & self-authority you earn by way of going through the shit without a compass & surviving. 

Tarot Cast - July 10th 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: Take inventory of your tools & resources.

Aces are new beginnings & messages. The Crystals suit speaks to practical concerns of our lives: possessions, pleasures, & professionalism. This is the material environment you’ve formed or are forming. This card could mean that a new tool or resource will become available to you--perhaps you will earn it or will finally find the money to get it. 

Combined with the 4 of Wands & The Emperor, you’re encouraged to put into motion the events that will create the experiences you need to build the foundation for your dreams.


Let’s do an actual inventory of what you have & what you need. Grab a sheet of paper. In the header, write a dream. When I say dream, you’re allowed to interpret that as either (1) an actual dream you had while sleeping or (2) a vision you’ve had for your life. 

In first couple lines or area under your header, jot down a few thoughts about the dream you’ve written down. What does it mean to you? Also answer these Qs: Where did you expect to be at this point in your life? Where do you want to be in 10 years’ time? This is a self-reflective activity, so answer in the way you feel like answering—there’s no hiring manager to impress here.

Now list 10 tools & resources you already have to get yourself there. These can be anything from: a daily planner to help me stay organized, a degree related to this field, contact info of a friend’s girlfriend who works at a company that could help. Focus on tangible tools / resources. Push yourself to list 10, but don’t stop if you have more. 

Now, in a separate column, list 10 pieces of experiences that will serve you well when you’re actually living your dream. You can write these as stories (try keeping them to 2-3 sentences). Push yourself to list 10.

Finally, think about the gap between where you are right now & where you want to be. What kind of experience do you need before you feel confident about building & living your dream? Where can you get that experience? What tools do you have that can help create the experiences you need? What kind of experience do you already have that can make up for tools you lack? 

Don’t worry about painting a realistic picture of your dreams. This is intuitive. When you see it down on paper, the “gap” between here & where you want to be seems obvious… And often, much smaller than we supposed. 

Now—if you’re resistant to doing the exercise, I have an idea what might be going on. Maybe you’ve got circumstances in your life standing in the way, which you’ve got to put all your energies towards before you’re able to switch things up. I have to wait until graduation… I can’t start this before I know if Jimmy John’s popping the question… There’s sooo much drama happening, I really can’t micro-focus on my own thing right now…

Be wary of putting off building a foundation for the life you want to live, because it becomes a habit. Extenuating circumstances will always be churning away in the background… unless you’re giving them priority focus. Until you get clarity on what you’re working with & what you’ve got to get started on making real, you have NO IDEA where to prioritize your energy! 

In other words, unless those circumstances parlay into building the life you want to live in, then you’ve got to start recognizing them for what they are: circumstantial. 

Let me just walk you through a scenario. Let’s pretend you’ve always envisioned leading a kind, plant-based lifestyle, but have never stuck to it (there’s just always been a stressful job or an unsympathetic carnivorous boyfriend in the way). This exercise should spark an a-ha moment about what you’re going to have to do to make living that life inevitable & self-sustainable. You have to learn plenty of daily vegan meal recipes; you have to stuff your purse with vegan snacks to curb your detox cravings; you have to rehearse the script for why you’ve got plant-based—in a way that detracts naysayers who, for whatever reason, want to knock you off your grind.

Notice that you're the one creating the circumstances that will make your dream happen?

And that you’re in charge of allllll the steps you take?

From the exercise, you see everything you've already got to work with. If you're not where you want or expected to be at this point, start using what you've got

It's not going in a museum--pick it up & USE IT!

I wish you many magnificent insights & plenty of marvelous results!

Merry magic-making!