...Annnd we’re back! January 2018 Tarot Cast

January 2018 Tarot Cast via HellaNamaste 3 copy.jpg

In this cast (the FIRST of the new Tarot Cast series, which is now monthly!), the cards correspond to 2 major zodiac events happening right now: Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio (where it will be until Nov of 2018) & Saturn’s transit through Capricorn (which will last until 2020). (Click the links to read more about the events from Aeolian Heart Astrology!)

And though I am not an astrologer, I am intersecting some hardcore self-improvement with these events.



For 2018, I desire to feel squeaky clean & rock solid. 

January 2018 Tarot Cast via HellaNamaste copy.jpg

2017 was a doozer. I just left my first Saturn Return. ( My Saturn → ♐️ ) The worst is over, but there’s still some goo on the manifold. I’ve lately felt the need to simplify what I carry on my heart & in my mind. 

In fact, I want to rebuild my life from the ground up: starting in my emotional basement & working up through the foundations of my beliefs. 

And, holy Fates, isn’t this a lucky time for just that!

Jupiter’s move into Scorpio has brought an opportunity for mega-shadow work. Because of Jupiter’s limitlessness, the realm of life corresponding with Scorpio (the deepest fathoms of psychosis & emotion) will balloon. Contained shadow-drama doomed to spill over into your life.

Jupiter → ♏️  will coincide with sudden bouts of melancholy & obsession. If you’ve got a lot of drama goin’ on in your life, Jupiter → ♏️ might be the occasion to start sorting it out. 

(Don't worry--I’ll share more about what I’m doing below!) 

If you want to learn more, read this article: Sex, Drugs, & Apocalypse Now: Jupiter in Scorpio.

Meanwhile, Saturn -> ♑️  is perfect for getting down to brass tac. Saturn -> ♑️will be a good time for off-loading the non-essential, building core strength, & tightening resolve. For me, Saturn -> ♑️  is lucky to coincide with a time when I'm rifling through all my shadow drama. I won't be able to stay mired in old woe--not when there's so much I have control of right here, in the present. 

Learn more from this article: Cosmic Trigger Warning: Saturn in Capricorn.

One card in this month’s Tarot Cast corresponds with Jupiter & Scorpio, while another corresponds with Saturn & Capricorn! The third card corresponds with a special influence--a je ne sais quoi or a quintessence so to speak, I hope to inject into the scheme of events that the first 2 cards correspond with. (I'll talk more about the 3rd card below.) 

These are the 3 cards that helped formed my intentions & rituals for the 2018 New Year, which I've decided to share! Feel free to use this same small spread in your own New Year's spell-casting, or modify to your heart's content. I’ve linked you to all the info & resources I'll be drawing on to put this Tarot Cast on lock.

You can also read all about my Tarot Cast process over here

At the bottom, I tell you how to use this Tarot Cast to kick start your own critical objectives for 2018!

The cards kicking off 2018

Oppression - The Starchild Tarot via HellaNamaste copy.jpg

The Oppression card is ruled by Saturn & Capricorn. This card symbolizes the ultimate in outer limits. Phrases like “the clock is ticking” & “there will be consequences” come to mind. 

The question you should ask yourself: What am I doing with my life?

Oppression corresponds with the Devil in traditional Tarot. Oppression / The Devil speak to fessing up to the hand we’ve played in creating our own reality. Oppression shows us that we fear disillusionment more than we want reedom. Everybody can tell ya what’s blocking them from getting what they want, but few can tell you how those blockages came to manifest.

Jumpstart your freedom: if you want freedom from inner & outer vices, start by critiquing your own excuse-making. How good are you at talking yourself out of a good thing?

Next, go through the door you’re most afraid of. Do you actually even know what’s on the other side? Wouldn’t it be a relief just to be there?

Finally, ask for something that somebody might say no to. Start with something small, then work your way up. This helps you practice asking for help, while also building up a tolerance for baring your belly. 

(Btw, if someone says no, they usually give a reason. Learning that reason spotlights exactly what it takes to get a yes!)

What Oppression initiates us into: Pragmatism. Taking the more sensible path. The path which will strengthen our virtues, instead of serve us up to our vices.  

I just shared how I’m using Saturn → ♑️  for a #karmicreboot in this post, but you can also check out this post, How To Survive Saturn Return, for more tactics to help you synergize with Saturn!

The Emperor - The Starchild Tarot via HellaNamaste copy.jpg

A couple months before Saturn’s move, Jupiter drifted into Scorpio, which initiated a year of cathartic, shadow-y self-growth. 

(Not like you’ve noticed, right?)

The Emperor corresponds with self-authority, status, & wisdom gained by way of true-life experience. 

Numerologically, The Emperor corresponds with 4: the number of formation & stability. A new status quo built on a rock solid foundation. 

Astrologically, The Emperor corresponds with Jupiter & Scorpio. Jupiter is limitless, while Scorpio wants to grind. This kind of growth is subterranean & is gonna swirl shit up! Certain structures in your unconscious (like, the dramatic, emotional storyline of what it feels like to be you) might collapse. It will be up to you to either rebuild (& reinforce) those structures, or embrace the new, wide open space in your psyche.

In this Tarot Cast, The Emperor is the key of Reformation. We shall survive this dark night & it will make us into more of who we are.

The inner-resource learned from The Emperor: trusting in your own qualification. You are everything you need to lead yourself. 

And if it doesn’t quite feel that way, get out into the field. Become experienced. Put yourself through situations where all you can draw on is your own inner resources. 

January 2018 Tarot Cast via HellaNamaste

The Magician makes the unconscious conscious. She’s gathered her resources & is ready to check off step 1 of her action-plan. She’s poised to bust some original moves & test herself. 

The Magician astrologically corresponds to Mercury: the swiftest, most iridescent planet in our realm of influence. Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo, which correspond to Air & Earth. (Respectively.)

When these elements combine in a reading, I picture how air & soil interact with each other. Scattering. Breaking. Air & Earth can occupy the same space without needing to conform to one another. That’s good, but they don’t have much simpatico.

Sounds like the base element for Pragmatism, which is The Magician exactly. The Magician trusts in her potential. She also believes in keeping supplies well-stocked. She can keep the faith, because of her daily practice & because she tests failsafes. 

For mega-shadow work, you have to make certain sacrifices. Like, replacing a habit that keeps you playin’ small. Or ditching a frenemy who’s been good for your status, but toxic for your heart. You might have to surrender up about ¾ of your entire belief system. 

The Magician symbolizes that ability to stay focused on potential. On not getting distracted by the details. She works with bigger, more interesting possibilities--not the old shit dragging us down. 

For me, Pragmatism is the sacred key to seeing through the work of 2018. Pragmatism is the spirit of reframing the problem, of thinking more sensibly about what’s possible & what you’re actually equipped for. 

That’s how the Magician lines up with how I'm ringing in 2018. The Magician is a reminder to stay sharp, light on my feet, & light-hearted over all. Even when it feels like my emotional universe is cooking down into tar. Even when it feels like the whole cosmos is working against me. 

Because, that’s kind of the point. 

And because, we already have everything we need. 

It’s time to get experienced

Ready to put this Tarot Cast into action? 

As I mentioned in the intro, magic is my thinking space. New moon rituals catalyze my intentions. New moon rituals make me feel as though the longing behind my wishes gets noticed. That my reasons were heard.

In a few days, I’m posting my last-ever Goddess Moon Magic post for the Capricorn new moon. I’ll talk about invoking a Patron Goddess & tricking out an altar to match. 

Because, beauty. 

Because, drama. 

Because, magic!

If you also want to work with this Cast (for Jupiter, for Saturn, or just because it vibes with you!), plug a reminder into your phone right now to make sure you set aside time to really study these cards. 

When the reminder goes off & you’ve got some quiet / privacy, grab your Tarot deck & separate out Oppression (a.k.a. The Devil), The Emperor, & The Magician. 

Add any other cards that hook your eye! You might find that The High Priestess or Queen of Crystals speaks more to what you’re going through than The Magician. In which case, pull a switcharoo. 

When you have your cards, grab your grimoire, diary, or scratch paper. Or record your observations with your phone’s Voice Memo app. Document the most arresting detail of each card--whatever looks most obvious to you about the card. 

Like, In order to describe this card to someone who hasn’t seen it, I would say...

After you’ve noted the features of the Cast, crack open your guidebook & note the card’s correspondences. (Astrological, numerological, elemental.) If your guidebook doesn’t supply this information, find out the card’s correspondences by typing “tarotelements.com” + “[the card]” into Google.

Which of the card’s correspondences appeal to you most? Build your ritual with this info! You can use the card’s astrology to pick a date; its elements to build your charm bag. You could use keywords from the guidebook to create a sigil. 

If you want to deface the cards (like, for supercharging a sigil), scan them into your computer to print onto cardstock, so the originals stay safe. (Click here to read Avery’s post about sigil-making

And go here if you want to read about the ritual tools I use!)

If you’ve got an intention related to your own #karmicreboot, make them real in a new moon ritual! You can find guidelines for creating a new moon ritual (+ a printable instruction sheet!) in this post

(And if you’re working with the Capricorn new moon, visit this Goddess Moon Magic post!)

Although the Cast factors into how I’ll build the new moon ritual, the Cast is actually a tool for me to think through what’s on my mind.  Usually during my kid’s naptime. I press coffee, stir in a drop of maple syrup, then arrange myself on the couch with my journal or planner-grimoire. This is how I “engineer” eureka moments. I’ll think up solutions right here in this space.  

I highly suggest picking up your own contemplative practice while Saturn is in Capricorn! Check out this article about my #karmicreboot, where I describe my contemplative practice in greater detail, plus share a few other techniques I’m relying on for the next couple years, while Saturn’s at home.

And to help firm up your intentions for this month, here are a few diary prompts based on this month’s Tarot Cast!

What inner-resistance has slowed me down in the past? 
When was the last time I cowed to my inner-resistance? 
How can I make conquering the resistance a game I can beat? 
What resources will I need to increase my likelihood of winning?
What can help me manage that resistance in the meantime? 
What’s an adjective to describe how I want fulfilling this intention to feel?

So, here’s to you--your shadow, your karma, your new moon intentions! 

Before I sign off. You’ll notice this sigil around HN:

Tarot Cast January 2018 via HellaNamaste.png

It’s a “lightning glyph” for Viral Marketing. I found it in Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery. I recognized this sigil from somewhere before: the footer of WITCH Magazine! The sigil has been retired, but I thought, Why not?! Feels like a full-circle moment to me!

(Even though, Carolyn Elliott, the editor of WITCH Magazine, was the one who recommended to book to me. So, everything checks out.)

I will baste myself & you in Jupiterian juices!

Happy New Year!

Avalon sign-off.png