TAROT CAST • August 7th, 2017

As you already know, spiritual evolution is notched with moments where we suddenly realize we have to change our beliefs. It's that simple & that challenging. Sometimes we're loyal to a belief, because we share it with our mother or a mentor or a BFF. Sometimes we clutch to a belief, even a damaging, self-limiting one, because it just feels sooo... factual. This isn't a BELIEF, like an IDEA, or an OPINION. This is just how the world works. This is just how EYE work. I can't change it even if I wanted to.

Omg, rarely is that ever the case. If ever.

This week's Tarot Cast is about power. If you want to feel truly powerful in your life, you have live from your core. The tough part is that getting to the core means going through doors you're most afraid of crossing.

This cast has 2 Major Arcana cards, Strength & The Moon, & 1 Minor Arcana card, the Ace of Swords. The Ace of Swords speaks to an initiation we must make in our ordinary lives: a choice in reshaping the thought forms of our mental life, so that can penetrate into the raw shadow power slumbering beneath the topsoil. Strength & The Moon speaks to the lessons we'll have to task ourselves with in order to reset our beliefs.

Everything you want is on the other side of the door you're most afraid of walking through.

Tarot Cast - August 7th 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: Love your fate.

Self-Truth is not something you hunt for. Strength means having the power to claim Sovereignty. Authenticity is our reward for claiming responsibility for all our life’s experiences, as well as for our thoughts, feelings, & action. It takes real strength to plainly adore all that has happened to you--especially the worst of it. But this loving strength is how we unlock our true raw power. How you control your energy--your creative life force--determines how free you will be, & there is no higher freedom than Authenticity.

Tarot Cast - August 7th 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: You cast whatever shade you see.

The Moon card symbolizes the step in spiritual evolution that’s all about making the unconscious conscious. This is the card of dreams, illusion, & psychic powers. This is also the card of shadow-work, which is a necessary step in every phase of soulful evolution: every new phase we pass through, we have to reintegrate the primal funk lurking in our unconscious with the Higher Self we continually become more aware of.

True intuitive power comes from digging up, examining, & figuring out how to integrate our darkness with the Light. Usually we can only begin this tough, stomach-churning process after we’ve come online: we truly understand our capacity for cosmic consciousness.

We've decided we're capable of evolving towards our Highest, Truest Self.

Tarot Cast - August 7th 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: I Believe...

Aces represent initiations, inspiration, & new beginnings. The Suit element will tell you what area of life it’s speaking to. In this case, the Swords corresponds to Air, which symbolizes the mental plane.

The Swords are discerning, astute, & edgy. The Ace of Swords can be summed up in a statement: I believe…

Finish the sentence. However you answer, is it a surprising new belief you were unaware of? Or was your first response one of the beliefs making up the bedrock of your reality? Whether old or new, I believe… brings the core ideas shaping your experience into direct awareness.



Shadow work is the effort you make to confront your own darkness. The Moon card represents the key of making the unconscious conscious: bringing the darkness into the light of day. Until brought to light, shadowy feelings—like shame, guilt, & fear—congeal in the lower layers of your psyche, hardening into inner barriers that trap powerful instinctual energy.

And instinct is huge in magic! Instinct is primal wisdom: wisdom evolved through millennia, coiled up right now inside you. Shadow work is where we begin crushing those inner barriers, so wisdom is unlocked & brought into service to our highest intentions. 

What puts the darkness there? Well, first of all, the darkness isn’t bad. Don’t moralize the darkness—that only instigates shadow-drama, which is draining & futile. 

Secondly, darkness is always there. The trick isn’t vanquishing, but creating an alliance with the darkness. That’s tough for a lot of us, though. Particularly if we associate the darkness—even our own darkness—with abusive experiences; instances where someone else used darkness as a weapon against us.

The darkness can be summed up with an archetype: The Shadow Self. The Shadow Self is an amalgamation of the personality traits you reject or deny. Your Shadow Self can be sketched from all your fright, embarrassment, impulses, & vulnerabilities. 

It may seem unlikely, but you want to make your Shadow Self an ally, because she’s brimming with resources. Your Shadow Self lives close to your instincts, karma, & the collective unconsciousness that unites every mind. Shadow is the gatekeeper between the visceral subconscious realms of your psyche. 

Shadow work is how you ally with your Shadow Self & get on the healing path. Shadow work is the effort of making yourself whole—not looking outside of yourself. Lovers, mentors, & a really good therapist can definitely support you, but you’ve got to do the Shadow work on your own. 

Because we’re in Leo season, & this Tarot Cast has the Strength card, here’s how I suggest you begin the good work of Shadow Integration: 

Lead with your virtues.  

There are multiple ways to initiate Shadow work (& sometimes the work initiates itself), but if you want to get ahead of the game, start on an upbeat note.

Make a date of this. Take yourself out to your favorite cafe. If you keep a dream journal, bring it, along with your diary & a few different colored ink pens. Order a refreshment, plug in your headphones, & answer these Qs:

What are you good at? What do you really, really like about yourself? Draw a huge circle around this. You can write about your best personality features, where you have been of service to the world, & even compliments you’ve been paid. Talk yourself up.

But what if the list is short—too short? 

If that’s the case, get astrological. Look up your sun sign (the sign you look for when you want to read your horoscope). Visit AeolianHeart.com or AstroStyle.com. Read about your sun sign & list the qualities you totally vibe with. Elaborate on the qualities, if you can, especially when you have a great story about how having that quality once made you the hero of the day or helped you pull off the impossible. 


How will this help you find your virtues? Sometimes having a characterization helps you to compare & contrast. You deeply consider, Aaam I like that? How so? Would it count as a strength?

That should give you plenty to start with.

Once you have your star qualities down on paper, sketch your Shadow Self. An easy place to start is by listing your bugaboos. What are your classic pet peeves? What do you hate? What recent news event disgusted you? When was the last occasion you took offense to someone else’s comment? 

If you’re not in the know, let me bring you to speed: If you spot it, you got it. You’re casting whatever shade you see in the world. Jung called it projection. As in, the world & all the rest of us are just a screen that you’re projecting your own psychodrama against.

We all do it. It’s a universal. 

If you have the nerve, write about your worst childhood experiences: instances where you were shamed, manipulated, or frightened so sorely, you still cringe at the memories. 

If you find yourself balking at this one too, get astrological again! This time, inventory your moon sign qualities. I’ve written about this before: The Truth About Your Moon Sign (+ How To Incorporate Shadow Work Into Your Magic Rituals). Just like your sun sign, your moon sign can spotlight the subconscious traits you’re obliviously repressing.

Visit the post for instructions getting your natal chart & finding your moon sign. Once you have these 2 pieces of inventory, your virtues & your shadows, compare & contrast. 

What are your favorite personal qualities? What personal qualities do you dislike? 

What I want you to take away from this exercise: a working roadmap for how you can lead stronger with your virtues. You’ve inventoried the sun and the moon. And you’ve probably alighted on some beliefs & feelings holding you back. 

The only question remaining: how will you initiate new beliefs? How will you create an environment that allows your strengths to flourish? How will that environment cradle & acknowledge your vulnerabilities? 

You may have to deliberately challenge your self-limiting beliefs--especially beliefs that feed feelings like shame, guilt, or fear. You may need to hire a talk therapist for a few sessions of talking out the experiences that deeply seeded those beliefs. 

This isn't a trivial task! Shadow work is LIFE CHANGING! And it's meant to knock you for a loop. You shouldn't feel overwhelmed or incapacitated by the process, but if you do, cool it for a few days. Let yourself reintegrate. Slowly but surely, you'll evolve, with powerful energy threading through the cracks you've made.

Any thoughts or feels? Any brave insights you need to air about your own Shadow work? Tweet or email me & I'll reply!