TAROT CAST • August 28th, 2017

As wannabe modern mystics, we like to believe we’re pretty attuned to our intuition. We’re keenly perceptive of how we feel in any given moment & we might be pretty good at deciphering those feelings.

Yet our feelings aren’t always… on point. Close, maybe. But if we’re aspiring to honor our feelings better, why aren’t we manifesting more of what we want? ...More of what actually vibes with our highest ideals?

It may be because we’re deluded. We’re confusing circumstantial emotions with deep intuitive wisdom. But I FEEL this way! It’s part of my TRUTH! 

This week’s Tarot Cast spotlights the kind of orientation that keeps us dazed & confused about what’s our core Truth… & what’s just flitting over the surface.



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Emotional Stability: The Better To Keep The Big Picture Front & Center.

The Cups speak to matters of the heart: relationships & love, both familial & Divine. Cups also deal in visions & artistic expression. The King of Cups can symbolize a benevolent patriarch-type in our life: sweet-hearted, soulful, & steady as a wide, deep river. He’s tuned into his feels, but never swayed by others’ knee-jerk emotional responses to life. His empathy is great enough to bear-hug whatever you’re feeling without absorbing it.

The King of Cups is an emotionally sovereign visionary. He rules with his heart, because he’s done a lot of work discerning his intuition from his emotions. Emotions are reactive while intuition is generative. Wisdom is solid; doesn’t wiggle or jive. Emotions & superficial feelings about our circumstances may cloud judgment; set us on the edge of hysterical busy-ness or nervous meltdowns. The King prefers smooths surfaces, so his heart can expand into the deepest nooks & crannies of his psyche.

The King of Cups asserts, I’m in charge of my feelings, babe. I trust & lead my life with my intuition.

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What Are You Doing To Help Your Dreams Flourish?

The Hierophant is the card of gurus, mentors, & royal viziers. The Hierophant represents a little bit of the status quo: they’re a wisdom-keeper with a defined social role & a static set of teachings & principles. The Hierophant is basically someone who guides you on spiritualizing the material & materializing the spiritual.

In this reading, The Hierophant symbolizes conventional wisdom. In all matters of the heart, conventional wisdom is an oxymoron. I mean, what can anyone else teach you about what you the way you feel & experience the world?

But The Hierophant asks the Q that makes flighty visionary types quiver: In what ways are you building a place for your dreams to flourish?

If any part of the world you’re creating for yourself conflicts with your private, glowing vision, or throws static on your ability to feel that vision, or even if there just seems to be hella drama coming from every corner… you can’t help but feel distracted…

Conventional wisdom can be a useful counterweight. Conventional wisdom can ground you, give you refuge, until the emotional drama stops flurrying. Only then can you tune back into what’s real & eternal inside you.

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Turn Up & Turn On.

Pages are also court cards, representing either true-life people or the materialization of the suit’s element. In this case, the Page of Wands is a mover & shaker notorious for scorching egos… occasionally, just for the sake of seeing her own power. She’s enthusiastic & ever-inspired; turned up & on.

If symbolizing a person, the Page of Wands would remind you of your very first grade school BFF. She’s flirty & loud; silly & brave. Endlessly the object of girl crushes & the target for fascist girl cliques around campus. She’s a wild card who will not hesitate to put a half-baked idea into action.



Unlike the King of Cups, the Page of Wands has zero emotional maturity. Together, these cards represent how we should take different approaches to different aspects of our self-growth. The Hierophant thrown in the middle symbolizes the conventional paths of emotional & creative development: this is what emotional maturity looks like, this is where you should take inspired action.

If the conventional approach does not vibe with you, but you’re not quite anchored into what feels real & true & progressive for you, then it’s definitely time to sorting some emotional baggage. I’m not talking about daddy issues or unresolved anger towards your old high school bully: I’m talking about the baggage that snowballs from daily circumstantial feels. The stuff that builds up like emotional plaque, stalling us from taking small, brave, potentially heart-expanding risks. 



When there’s a lot of emotional static, it’s nearly impossible for our rational minds to interpret our gut feelings. Our intuition is genius, but our thinking mind is a self-important ditz who’s distracted by these other circumstantial feelings, like, dread at the idea of switching up the status quo, or guilt at the discomfort it might provoke in your family or friends. 

But I don’t think you can really know how to sort your feelings until you eliminate the biggest sources of emotional static. 

So, here’s the Q: Where in your life does it feel like your intuition is being fucked with?

You have a strong feeling about the atmosphere at work or about your partner’s coming & goings. You have a mild, but unrelenting urge to act on the feeling (initiate the awkward convo with your partner or start updating your resume, for instance), but it just seems so unrealistic. There’s a calm, rationalizing voice trying to blanket the urge. 

But urgent non-emotionally-based feeling is coming from somewhere. Why is it there? Is it something about your relationship to the people & situation, or is it actually your spidey-sense? 

Make an appointment with The Hierophant in your life. A therapist, your mentor, or maybe that super conventional friend who’s got her shit together--the one you avoid any discussion of feelings or woo-woo with, because she’s got zero patience for extra-reality. 

Any one of these people may dispense totally predictable advice, but until you’re sharing the moment together with them as they’re dispensing you, you won’t get a true reading on that urgent feeling.

Why do you have to be in the moment with them? Because that’s how you’re going to examine that urgent feeling. Talking about the person or situation surrounding the feeling will lure it to the surface. Notice how it shifts in light of the advice. Ask follow up Qs to continue feeling it out.

And note how you feel when you walk away from the interaction. If dissatisfied, try someone else. Conscientiously describe the way the urgent feeling evolves as you gather advice on the issue. 

Most importantly: if there’s an action that you’ve been rationalizing against taking (because, why would you, if that urgent feeling is indecipherable anyway?), but it still feels like what you should be doing, regardless of the advice you’ve received…

...THEN YOU SHOULD DO IT. Obviously.

Maybe that urgent feeling wants you to dust off your resume, but you keep rationalizing, why, what for, we’ve just landed this huge account at work, my job is totally secure, this feeling is stupid! And all your advisors agreed with you. Maybe one advisor even shrugged & added, “But why not update your resume? It’s not like it’s totally pointless.” And maybe you absolutely recoiled at the thought…

...but the urgent feeling remained.

So, you mix yourself a way-too-strong cocktail, plop on the floor of your living room with your last printed off resume, look it over & realize… 

You actually want to quit

From here on out, action steps will help dial up the volume on your intuition. Because as you start moving in the direction your intuition is nudging you towards, you're start liberating parts of your psyche you didn't even realize were muted: feelings that are way closer to the heart.

And for overachievers: check out my post on using energy medicine in shadow work. Before I started using energy medicine, my body was straight up foggy with entrained feelings. So many of my strongest intuitions were rained out by my circumstantial feelings, which were shadowy insecurities that needed to be deluged. Highly recommended!

In the meantime, have a magical, emotionally contented week!

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