TAROT CAST • August 14th, 2017

This week’s Tarot Cast features 3 Major Arcana cards: The Moon, The High Priestess, & The Akashic Records (the bonus card included in the Major Arcana of The Starchild Tarot, Akashic Edition. Major Arcana loosely translates to “greater mysteries,” & each of these cards symbolizes another key to cosmic Awakening. 

The Moon also showed up in last week’s cast, so if you’ve already started, keep digging up your Shadow Self. You’ll need everything you’ve learned to apply this week’s cast, which urges us to use our new power to cross deeper, more arcane doorways. 

It’s getting hella woo-woo. 

Also, the Tarot Activity I have planned is definitely a preliminary to the upcoming Virgo season, which onsets later this month! Let me unpack the meaning behind this week’s cards, then show you how to synthesize their woo.

Tarot Cast - August 14th 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: Examine your inner resistance.

Some people refer to resistance as their inner critic. When you try to pivot from how you’ve been leading your life & your inner critic chimes in with its doubts, pause. Is that resistance coming from some wiser inner influence? Or is it coming from fear? If you’re unwilling to pause & reflect at all, you can probably guess it’s not from a wiser source. It’s your Shadow Self bleating like a lost lamb, needing a little heart to heart.

For this particular cast (& to dive for deeper treasure in your personal psychic universe), you’re tasked to actually confront your Shadow Self while she’s trying to immobilize you. This is what shadow-work trains you to do. And what you learn about your Shadow (reflexively, yourself) adds bonus inner resources for which to navigate the starstuff of your unconscious.

Tarot Cast - August 14th 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: Self-initiate your own Awakening.

With shadow-work, self-Awakening is inevitable. The High Priestess is the archetypal Initiate & Wisdom Keeper.

Numerologically, The High Priestess is 2: the Self & consciousness of the Self. If we are all instruments of spirit, The High Priestess realizes that her Self-awareness is the true key to wisdom. Self-awareness unlocks a wiser perspective & deeper inner resources for evolving towards cosmic consciousness.

Tarot Cast - August 14th 2017 via HellaNamaste

Message: Humble yourself to the infinite wisdom coiled inside of you.

In my version of The Starchild Tarot, The Akashic Records is the final (22nd) card of the Major Arcana. The Records represent the final mystery or initiation of the archetypal journey from The Starseed (card 0) to cosmic consciousness. All the esoteric skills & inner resources you’ve cultivated from the Major Arcana lessons culminate into gaining access to this core Divine perspective of your life path.

What are the Akashic Records? It’s like a giant interdimensional library of every thought, feeling, & action that ever happened. That’s the most common & probably the best metaphor for this unreal place. And the only entry point is through you. To gain entry to the Akashic Records of your own life (which includes insight into past lives), you simply ask for entry.

It’s the act of asking that can instigate hella shadow-drama.



Overcome inner resistance to visit your Akashic Records. 

WikiHow has a pretty straightforward step-by-step tutorial for accessing the Akashic Records, but it still requires some heavy legwork. The process hinges on being able to quell any inner resistance & meditating deeply enough to not only visit, but remember what you learned on your visit.

I myself haven’t gotten to my Records. I want to, but I’m still working out my shadow kinks. I know the info to be learned from the Records is beyond revelatory--what you learn from the Akashic Records is transformational. So, I’ve psyched myself out thinking that by visiting the Records, I will uncover some self-Truth that will upend my whole life… Or that I won’t be able to leave & will be forced to work as a clerk in an astral territory. (Like how Penny from The Magicians was a librarian in the Neitherlands. Only more dismal, but I have a kid & we would miss each other forever.)

I’m working on it.

This illustrates the reason why The Moon card (number 18 in the Major Arcana cycle) comes before The Akashic Records (the 23rd & final card of the cycle): you simply have to be good at allaying your instinctual fears & kinks prior to accessing the Records.

If you have ever accessed the Akashic Records yourself, send me an email! I’d love to hear about it & maybe share your insight! (Especially if you had to work out any fears or doubts beforehand!)

And if you think you’re ready to at least attempt, try it! Do not internalize my Shadow drama! From Google, it appears the consensus for accessing the Records requires only meditation & a request. Want an invocation or prayer to initiate your process? Visit this site!

Before I sign off, if you also happen to be curious & feeling weirdsies (like me), here’s a quote from Danielle Noel, creator of The Starchild Tarot, on why she decided to add the Akashic Records to the Major Arcana:

The Akashic Records card of this special edition comes after the traditional 21st card (The World/The Universe), as a bridge beyond this holistic key, which I think connects well with how we are evolving at this time on our planet. I truly believe that a shift is currently taking place – energies are being enhanced and polarized, insights and sacred knowledge are rising to the surface like never before, and we are being forced to really think about our own enlightenment, mortality, and collective consciousness. This card taps into the acknowledgement of yourself as more than a physical being. It encourages you to take note of your own karmic imprints, and to consider the sacred knowledge that is being offered to us all at this time.


That somewhat boosts my sense of spiritual entitlement. 

I’ll let you know how it goes. ;D


Love, light, & magic,

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