13 Signs You're A Starseed (+ What To Do About It If You Are)

"She's A Rainbow"  via Behance

"She's A Rainbow" via Behance

Starseeds are kind of like mercenary wisdom warriors. Originally from other star systems, they've incarnated on Earth to seed a new consciousness. They're spiritual overachievers & totally allergic to low-vibrational conventional living. 

I suspect MOST cosmic babes are starseeds. Both feel as if they were born with mission statements encoded in their DNA. Cosmic babes & starseeds are wiser, more sensitive, & less beguiled by Earthly drama. Our moxie manifests as a life-serving pragmatism to raise hella sweeter, brighter vibes (as opposed to typical self-serving ambition). Low vibes are hella toxic for the typical starseed AND cosmic babe, which is why both really care about fengshui'ing their lives around high vibrational activities & people.... not that they're always successful.

So, you already know you’re a cosmic babe, but are you also a starseed? The 13 signs below will help you figure it out. 

And of course, because you are a cosmic babe, you'll want to know what to do about your starseed status. I also have tips & resources for activating your latent abilities!



"She's A Rainbow"  via Behance

"She's A Rainbow" via Behance

  1. You’re purposeful. You may even call it an “existential kink.” You’re nettled by a soul urge, a restlessness to fulfill some sort of mission. You’re not killing time asking questions like, “What’s the meaning of life?” You’re finding clarity with action. 
  2. You’re prone to saying (or feeling), “I want to go home.” But not home, per se. You’re not missing yo’ momma or a place where you keep your stuff. Your “home” is larger than life. Starseed homesickness is a meta-craving impossible to satisfy. Your only hope is channeling the longing into creativity, fulfilling your mission, & raising hella vibes while you’re here.
  3. You are sufferingly empathetic. You may have consciously tried hardening your heart to human suffering. Or you may feel weak & like you’re caving into your spongy anahata chakra-zone. In either case, you’re sensitive to suffering & trying to manage how it affects you.
  4. You are hyper-perceptive. It’s like your awareness enlarges to encompass the space you’re in & all the other people in proximity to you. You know what people are talking about, even if out of earshot. You sense your roommate’s mood when she’s in the other room. You can “feel” the neighbor’s dog pawing at the fence & the house noiselessly shifting its weight. Most star seeds overwhelm easily or suffer certain types of anxiety, like social anxiety or agoraphobia, if they haven’t learned to integrate all this subtle data flooding them. 
  5. You might also have a photographic memory, an ability to visualize finely-detailed imaginary people & objects, & have a SUPER fast learning curve. This may be why you’re gifted in subjects like astronomy, physics, & philosophy, even if you’re more interested in creative subjects.
  6. You are naturally punk rock. Have you ever heard yourself say something like, “I’m not going the speed limit because it’s a rule, this just feels like the right speed to go at”? Authority (whether it’s your boss, your class instructor, or “society”) gets under your skin more than ANYTHING. You simply resent hierarchies & the idea that human beings formally subjugate each other.
  7. You’re an insightful problem-solver. Star seeds are “wisdom warriors” for a reason. Whether it’s finding a solution to a friend’s unique relationship problem or figuring out how to sync the universal remote to the TV, you’re a natural creative analyst. 
  8. You resent feeling disappointed or bored. Not to say you tend to be bored—you’re the kind of person who trembles at the beauty of a ladybug crawling up a dewy dandelion stem. Life is brills, right? Which is why you resent getting sucked into cul-de-sacs of low-vibe feelings, like disappointment or boredom. Inspiration easily cures you.
  9. Your inner-thermostat is set to “wonky”. You slip into a sweatshirt & socks while your roommate is throwing open the windows. You feel chills about a half-hour before sunset. Star seeds feel uncomfortably cooler than everyone else around them. No one can really explain why.
  10. You were a solitary child. Sure, you were probably friendly & conscientious of the other children’s feelings, but always felt out of place amongst the group. Parents & teachers might have described you as more thoughtful or called you an old-soul. A few bonafide star seeds have told me they were on the opposite end of feeling out of place: they alienated other kids by getting too rambunctious. Whatever the scenario, you were an odd duck. 
  11. You’re irresistible to little children & animals. Even if you’ve got ambivalent feelings about such creatures, they beeline for you! Toddlers make eyes at you in the grocery store & library. You’ve heard at least a couple times, “I can’t believe she’s letting you pet her! She usually hides under the couch until guests leave!”
  12. You lived through a traumatic even or series of events. Some people who met you much later on might be surprised to learn you’d lived through it—they’d never suspect it! I actually believe many of us “blueprint” the lives we incarnate into. We specifically choose a lot of rough ’n tumble early on to psychologically prep us for the higher-order work we want to perform later on. It may also activate soul-memories & latent genetic abilities that we wouldn’t be able to access without intensive meditative training.
  13. You’ve also had CRAZY mystical experiences! Maybe it was a UFO sighting, prophetic dreams, or conversations with otherworldly creatures. 


"She's A Rainbow"  via Behance

"She's A Rainbow" via Behance

That’s awesome! Obviously, you recognize by now that you've got special needs & intentions. You've got to be very, very conscientious about how you create your life: starting from your basic daily routines & scaling upwards to how you plan to figure out & then fulfill your mission. 

 The very first thing you should do? CLAIM YOUR STATUS.

Tell people, "I'm here to make the world sweeter & brighter." Excuse yourself from situations, relationships, & conversations with oppressive low vibes. Link up with other cosmic babes (I'll direct you to groups & resources below). Don't feel ashamed, guilty, or afraid to set yourself apart. If you're deliberate & start walking your talk ASAP, other people's reactions won't matter.

Create a vision of who you want to be: the starry girl beholden to no one. To become her, what do you have to start believing? What should your self-talk sound like? What do you have to feel? How should you react to heavy emotions? And most crucially, how do you have to behave today & everyday after this to eventually think, feel, & act like that person... automatically?


Sovereignty is bearing total responsibility for who you are & how you live. 

I’m actually talking about the first steps of spiritual freedom. Freedom means letting other people (your parents, teachers, "society") off the hook for what you believe, how you feel, & why you act the way you do. If it doesn't cohere with who you want to be, let it go & let it be.

The sooner you take ownership of your experience, the more time, focus, & energy you can channel into your purpose here on Earth.

For more on this topic, visit this post: My Rules For Sovereignty: How To Become The Holy Queen Of YOUR Psychic Universe.


It's all on you to establish best lifestyle practices that will 1) keep your vibes high & flowy, 2) help you quickly metabolize spiritual blocks, & 3) commit you to stay on a steady drip of daily inspiration. 

Pragmatism & proactivity set cosmic babes with starseed lineages apart. High vibe livin' is a deliberate choice you don't fall into. Start by subtracting ordinary habits from your daily routine, like Netflix, Facebook, or gaming. Replace the activity with an introspective activity, like writing in your diary or talking out loud into the Voice Memo app on your smartphone. 

Answer the question: Who do I want to be? How do I want my life to feel? What do I want to do? Why am I here? Dig deep.

Once you start breaking up the top soil, you'll start realizing all the seemingly trivial ways you've been undermining your naturally magnanimous capacity. 

Before adding Netflix, et al., back into your day-to-day, mix in some fresh new lifestyle habits, like meditation, creativity, or volunteerism. 

Start establishing smart, nourishing habits & routines, so you keep at a low burn of high vibes!


What exactly is "low-vibe drama"? Trivially, it's the need to justify yourself, explain your motivations, or earn validation. Low-vibe drama can be totally self-destructive though, manifesting as a victim complex, chemical & emotional co-dependency, & rage against the low-consciousness status quo.

Sounds pretty normal, in a way, amirite?

Just because you’re from a star does NOT mean you’ve got an edge on the un-Awakened. You are just as susceptible to the low-vibe drama you’re here to heal. If you weren’t here to learn as well as help, you wouldn’t be here. (You’d be a spirit guide or some other type of spiritual parole officer like that.) 

If you are going through low-vibe drama, initiate the healing process! Perform banishing rituals, visit an energy healer, get a therapist to help you figure out the patterns you're stuck in.

THEN, start raising more starshine in your life!

I've written before on the topic of getting proactive, which is truly simple--it's really just a matter of tweaking your mindset!



"She's A Rainbow"  via Behance

"She's A Rainbow" via Behance

What else can you do to raise hella starshine in your life? 

Bookmark this post or the links I directed you to, & visit whenever you need a cosmic boost! I'll update & re-share this post as I find newer resources for starseeds. 

Do you happen to know of any other excellent starseed resources? Come to Twitter & let me know! I'll make sure to credit you & pass the info along to other starry babes.


You are a miracle! Start acting like it!

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