How To Create A Magical Bath Ritual For Melty, Creamy, Twinkly Self-Love

how to create a self-love bath ritual

Girl, you are gemmy. You are a living, dazzling wonder of the cosmos, unfurling through time & space as a rampant expression of the divine. You are inside-out worthy of feeling rich, beautiful, & sensational.

That’s Goddess-ness. The Goddess just is

Goddess doesn’t self-justify. She assumes she is truly beautiful. As she celebrates what she already is, her awareness & appreciation of herself grows & amplifies. She evolves more sweetly & brighter.

Because you are a child of the cosmos, a daughter of the Goddess, you should be able to love yourself. @@You should believe in your true loveliness & be walking around feeling like Cleopatra on ecstasy.@@ 

But, more than likely, you're not sure how to start loving yourself. How do you even begin? 

What's a Goddess Girl to do?

Today, I'm gonna show you my self-love bath magic process. It’s totally modifiable to suit your taste.

This magic is based on creating your own self-love recipe: mixing the herbs, fruits, oils, salts, etc. that bear the signatures of Goddess Love for you

While you bathe, you'll soak in the Goddess nutrient of self-love. With regular bath magic, you’ll heal your psyche, & clarify the rad cosmic energy vying to emanate through you.

I do a sacred soak within a few days of every full moon. (Truth: a lot more often.) The actual bathing is soft & fabulous, but the prepwork sounds like a big production with all the ingredients involved, so I suggest gathering all your bath magic swag far in advance. Buy the oils you want, measure out the herbs you need, then keep everything tied up until Magic Time. If you’re gonna throw in flowers, buy them fresh the day of.

If you need guidance about blending oils, check out Blending Essential Oils for Beginners. Scroll down to find Blending Categories. At the top of the list, you'll find that "floral blends with woodsy, spicy and citrus", & those tends to be the kind of blends I focus on. Most alternative shops also sell blended oils, & I really like Naturally Lovable by NOW. Remember, this is YOUR self-love recipe, so blend what feels good. 

Half the pleasure of building this recipe is exploring the different textures & scents that make you feel melty-creamy-twinkly, so indulge yourself in the different zones of the health foods store. 

Word to the wise: buy or repurpose a small wire mesh strainer to cover your drain, so your stones don't slip away forever & clog up the plumbing. You’ll also need to spritz vinegar cleaning & douse baking soda around the basin to cleanse the oils & lighten any discoloration.

This sounds like a pain, but it’s actually a beautiful process. This isn’t a bath you do for date night. This bath magic is about reclaiming your heart, mind, & body. Nourish it, cleanse it, soak up the good vibes.


Jot down a list of 10 of your most nagging, self-depleting thoughts. These are thoughts associative of incompleteness, sadness, worthlessness, ugliness, & futility.

The best time to gather these thoughts is when you’re already in kind of an icky mood--don't plop down & just decide to get into a funk. Wrap them up into a few sentences, then proceed. 

Next, procure an apple. Cleanse the apple in castile soap & set it on the best windowsill in the house: the window that gathers the yolkiest, richest light of the day. Before setting it, tell your apple something joyous—out loud. Even if you just cup the apple in both your hands & whisper, “This is such a pretty apple!”

Why? Because words are powerful. Read about Dr. Emoto’s research linking linking the emotional effects on the molecular shape of frozen water. For the ritual to work, tell your apple something sweet, generous, true. Recite your favorite lyrics or lines from a movie; just imbue a strong, ebullient feeling into the fruit.

While the apple is luxuriating in mad positive vibes & catching some rays, prepare the sacred soaking space. 

Some people build bathroom altars. Consider arranging a little temporary altar on the edge of the tub or on the vanity. (Visit my Goddess Altars board for ideas.) If you skip the altar, decorate your vanity & the edge of the basin in totems, talismans, & candles. I also bring in our Himalayan salt lamps. (We have two--the light fills the bathroom like mini-campfires, it's perfect.) 

Bring objects of your own totemic color. For me, pink is totemic. I decorate my bath area in chunks of raw pink quartz. Do you collect geodes, crystals, or rune stones? If charged (& water insoluble! Check on My CrystalPedia to be certain your crystals won't melt!), drop them into the tub or also arrange around the edge of the basin. 

Play the soundtrack from a movie that always makes your heart glow. Have a silky kimono or robe waiting for you. Chocolate is my favorite thing to end a ceremony with. Maybe you want some champagne or a tiara. 

Pour in 2-5 c. raw milk for the base. We get our’s from a local dairy, but you can usually find raw milk in any health food store, like Sprouts, Whole Foods, or Natural Grocers. If you happen to live where raw milk is banned (I'm sorry), you can totally use pasteurized milk--just know it's lost its core nutrient value, which the skin loves. (Pasteurized milk is essentially sanitized mucus.)

You can also use a couple cups of raw apple cider vinegar--SUPER skin-softening & detoxifying, but it might affect your herbs & oil blends.

Next, add your self-love recipe. Add 10-20 drops of your choice of oil essences. On top of the oils, sprinkle herbs, dried petals. Instead of herbs, I sometimes use 7-10 pinches of high-grade white tea leaves. I also add dried rose buds I get from Sprouts. Juice any fruit yourself—don’t pour bottled juice into your sacred digs.

As you drip, sprinkle, & dunk items into the water, release the thoughts & feelings from the rest of the day with them. As stuff flutters into the luxurious murky waters, feel the thoughts evaporate from your mind, as though losing grip on the string of a balloon. This is your bath time. Lock the door. Put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode.

Okay. Magic time. On your vanity, you should have one ceremonial candle, a mini-cauldron or metal wastebin (clear of debris), an offering (chocolate or champagne are my bath magic staples--you'll consume it after the ritual), & squares of either flash or normal paper. You don't have to act formal--you're not hosting a dinner party with the divine.

Invoke your Patron Goddess. Indicate your offering. Ask for what you want: "I want to feel beautiful, I want to feel devoted, I want to feel like a planet of love..." This is partly confessional, partly a pledge. As a sacrifice, you're giving up your toxic thoughts.

On the squares of paper, write down your toxic thoughts you noted from earlier. Feel where in your body these thoughts hit you: your gut, lower back, your knees, or maybe straight in the heart? Move swiftly, so the thoughts don't dig in. Touch each toxic thought to the flame, then drop it into your cauldron or wastebin--safely & without risk of injury or mayhem

For bonus points, apply some energy medicine: scrub up your body with a cleansed piece of crystal quartz or thump away the shadow drama from your meridian points. (Visit the link to find the 3 energy medicines I use most often.) 

Now, your happy apple comes into play. Retrieve the fruit, along with a clean knife. You may choose a ceremonial type of knife (like an athame) or a simple knife from the Target Homes collection. Bring the apple, knife, & a decent cutting board into your soaking space.

You're going to slice the apple into thirds. First, cut your apple through its widest point. (See the star?) Choose & slice one of these halves in half. You’ll end up with three portions of apple. 

As you slice, think or say aloud the following:

First slice: That was then.
Second slice: This is now.

Drop them into the tub.

From here on, I am whole & growing. 

(And from peel to inner-star, I assure you: you totally are. <3)

Finally--the moment you've been waiting for. Climb into your bath & soak. This is nourishing water you're lounging in, so put off shaving your legs or scrubbing your hair. Leave out any other bath products—if it bubbles, it’s sulfated. If colored, it contains dyes. 

Your objective is to soak up all the yummy, fresh energy in the bath. If you're feeling weird or gross or {insert whatever neggy self-talking point you have}, picture little rainbow bubbles floating out of your mind. Imagine all the little cells of your body supping up the tasty water, filling the void left behind after your self-loathing floated away. You can enjoy your Goddess offerings (chocolate, champagne, extra pieces of the fruit you're steeping in) while bathing or wait until you exit.

When you get out, skip the drugstore lotions & smelly creams from stores in the mall, too. Save them for another bath night. Sometimes I rub droplets of essence with a little coconut oil as a carrier into my skin & I hang out in a robe for as long as possible. 

Refine your self-love recipe. Experiment with sacred soaking as many chances as you can get. Your skin will look & feel nourished & yummy. You're going to start feeling nourished & yummy inside-out. If your shadow drama is deep, it'll take quite a few runs before you start feeling lighter, sweeter, & brighter. 

Remember, you are a miraculous little cutie. Treasure your glittering heart. Be the cosmos in a microcosm.

Stay beautiful,


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