5 Tips For Aligning With Saturn’s Cruise Through Capricorn ♑️

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In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer.
— Albert Camus

Can you feel it?

It makes me feel clammy & grim. I feel more dread than ever before in my life. (At least since junior high.) Dread, to me, feels like "bad news" dragging at my teeth & bones. All day long.

When I read this article from Aeolian Heart Astrology, the other shoe finally dropped.

On December 20th, 2017, Saturn lurched into its dry, icy home base in the zodiac, Capricorn, where he’ll be for the next 2 1/2 years. That means, Saturn--that grim-about-the-mouth headmaster from the school of hard knocks--is cranked up, & will be hanging over our collective shoulders like chainmail. You may suddenly become hyper-aware of ticking clocks, or feeling as though your usually whisper-soft conscience is straight-up doggin’ you, so every ordinary emotion you feel comes tinged with shame or guilt. 

With Saturn’s shift, the tone of things will change. Doors that have been left open will close. And all that has been meandering around in penultimate tones will be forced to find a conclusion.

(All quotes hereon come from Aeolian Heart Astrology! Click here to read the full article.)

Saturn symbolizes our Outer Limits, the hard line between what's probable & what we simply don't have the reach for. Capricorn is the Sign of soul-survival, personal excellence, & self-responsibility. Together, there's more tons of energy available to help you strengthen your soul-core while simultaneously improving your real world affairs! 

While Saturn is in Capricorn (until 2020), we have an opportunity to square away practical matters, for healing bad karma, & for relaying our personal foundations, so we can build higher than we would've been able to go. You’ll confront discrepancies between where you want to be & where reality proves you belong.

Which makes this the perfect celestial vibe for making transcendent new year’s resolutions, for committing to a pragmatic point of view, & for tackling those scariest need-to-do’s that you know will uplevel your life!

Saturn’s transit into Capricorn is all about the brass tacks. No frou-frou visualization here; just an kind of icy pragmatism that every cosmic babe should master if she wants to live a magical life without face-planting on her own Idealism. 

…Such as I.

According to the Readiness Guide @ Aeolian Heart Astrology (get your's when you subscribe), Saturn is transiting my Career House, the house of legacy-building. My personalized Saturn in ♑️  mantra:

"One day you will become an ancestor."

I am transfixed by this information. I am a little obsessed with death—I have literally drafted the eulogies for all my friends & family—but this realization rocked me. My life was CATASTROPHICALLY impacted when my dad passed away—not just the emotional drama, but the financial void. My mom never recovered from the debt, foreclosures, & bureaucratic drama that immediately ensued. By a certain point, she dug her heels in muck & let it swallow her up.

Before reading my Saturn in Capricorn horoscope, I’d never before considered that EYE could be doing the same thing to someone else, or worse, to myself.

I sat down & asked, What am I building out of my life?

And what I know for sure: I want to feel rock solid. I want to spend Saturn’s tour of ♑️ clearing the slate, squaring things up, & tackling some taboo must-dos before I run out of time. I want to reboot the "taking care of business" quadrant of my life, & most importantly, start integrating the lessons learned from my Saturn Return. 😩

Let me show you what I'm doing, what I've done, & what I plan on doing while Saturn in ♑️ ! 

If you're not afraid of a little true grit, this 2-3ish long Saturn transit is the perfect time for relaying foundations, especially in areas of life that are pretty shoddy & out of sync with the outcome you want!

Tip #1, Log Your Life

What are you doing with your life? 

Like, seriously. Where do you spend your time, focus, & energy? (Time + attention + energy = consciousness.) Does the investment feel as if it’s snowballing into lucky synchronicity, or does everything in your life feel like it’s grinding down to a halt?

Do you even know?!

What I’m about to suggest will sound insane. But it works. It works, because it’s based on data, not on how you think, hope, or feel like your time is spent.

The only way to know without a shadow of a doubt where your time is spent is to get a topological view of it. On paper. Broken down by the activities you spend your life-time doing. 

It’s easy. Buy a pocket-sized notebook or create a new folder in your iPhone’s Notes app. (There are also time / activity logs for sale in app stores, but don’t buy one until you’ve already tried it out analog-style.)

Now, for the next 3 days, log your activity. All of it.

Spent 4 hours watching Netflix after work, write it down. Spent 2 hours at work clearing your inbox, write it down. Spent an hour having relations (not including foreplay), write it down. 10 minutes IM chatting with your cousin, which segued 50 minutes rereading old emails from your ex, write it down. 

Try keeping an activity log for just 3 days. After 3 days, break down the time spent based on how much you actually value the activity or by the feeling it creates. After you ID the activities / people / experiences that you love doing, design an “ideal schedule” inspired by how you want to be spending your time.  

Obviously, you won’t be able to switch up the obligations on your time in a snap, but when you know (down to your bones) how you want to spend your time, you’re more willing to take brave actions to start making your schedule unfold that way. 

Besides helping you build a better schedule, time logging may clarify why you’re struggling. You may be spending more time cleaning up after your partner than is fair, which turns out to be the reason you’ve been quietly resenting him/her. Time logging might help you finally connect the dots between your 3 o’clock sugar craving & your ritual 45-minute scroll through Instagram.

The best thing I got out of activity logging: finally identifying what I’m totally unwilling to spend my time doing. When I saw all those minutes piling up…

...it was like suddenly noticing blood trickling from a small wound. A small amount of blood for sure, but still a drain on my life force. 

This was the article that walked me through keeping a time log. Scott tells you how to set the log up & evaluate the data, but you can be intuitive about this. Log for a certain amount of days, then note your reactions during your review. 

Michael Hyatt actually created a planner just for making your schedule match your ideal, which I haven’t used, but I’ve heard good things about. Here’s Amy Porterfield’s interview with him all about it.

So, how do you start tracking & managing your time (& making sure it doesn’t go on autopilot again)?

Read on...

Tip #2, Stick To A Plan

What do you do to protect your time? 

You need a space to plot your life, so you don’t wind up relying on serendipity. (Hint: serendipity will not pull through.) It doesn’t have to be an actual planner, like the ones doled out in gift bags at freshman orientation. You just need a physical, analog space to retain that eagle-eye view of your life, so you can spot synchronicities & assess consequences. 

Personally, I consider my planner to be one of my altars. Having a planner helps me manage time, energy, & attention. Otherwise, the time-energy-attention I really need for x ends up getting blown on y. My planner is where I log the stupid, trivial things (like how much I spent at the grocery store), so I can’t leave anything up to guesswork. A planner is a place to store data, but also to consciously engineer the outcomes you really want.

There are hundreds of planner systems out there, which I talk a lot about in this post: The Cosmic Babe’s Guide To Getting Proactive (+ Finally Vanquishing Petty Low Vibe Drama!)

But whatever genius planner-system you find, it’s worthless if you don’t use it! In that same post, I talk about creating planner rituals: luxey, gratifying activities you can do to lure yourself into actually using your planner, if for nothing else than tracking your money & appointments. 

What exactly is action-planning, though? Action-planning is breaking a desired outcome down into smaller steps & tasks, then plotting when / where you’ll pull these items off. Sometimes just having these items on a calendar will be motivation enough, but many babes need to align their deadlines with tangible consequences. 

For instance, I’ll book a nail appointment for the day after a deadline. If I pull an action off, I keep the appointment. Otherwise, I call & cancel. (Or, more likely, reschedule for a week later, when I meet the task.)

Want to see what an action-plan looks like? Here are some free templates. Very corporate looking, but you can build your own in a program like InDesign or Microsoft Word, or even just use highlighters & gel pens to create a template in your diary!

Also, here’s an article that gets into the nitty gritty of goal-setting & action-planning. You’ll be the queen of getting-shit-done after reading this!

If none of this helps you start kicking goals in the fkn ass, don’t despair! You might be the kind of babe who needs an accountability-buddy or even a coach! If that’s the case, broadcast your need to your Facebook or LinkedIn network. (Works best if you already have a big goal in mind.)

Tip #3, Master The Basics

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Our debt-based, corporate-materialist black reality is hella Saturnine magic. It’s a spell. A curse. We’re not born, but indoctrinated into it. 

You already know this. Intuitively. Even if you would describe it in different words, you would agree: there’s a weird “pretend game” projected against the natural landscape… totally invisible except for the strings it pulls to spark genocide, war, & also provide “miraculous solutions” for all the problems it creates. 

You know that, but it’s irrelevant, I’m sorry. (Please do not email me clips from the Zeitgeist movies. I already know them by heart.) Personal security is our only leverage in this hard-edged mirage, & the less of it you’ve got, the less magical you actually get to be.

Your duty is to understand the factors controlling your destiny. If you’re ever to going to elevate your financial status from “hapless magician in the Matrix” to “savvy deluxe babe in charge of her destiny,” you're going to have to have to work on your money bubble.

Draw a boundary around your financial world. Take a hiatus from bitching about your money probs, which is like catnap for energy suckers. Don’t let anything out, but also, don’t let anything else in. Your new money mantra: Consider the source. Don’t take money advice from your BFF who’s still blogging about #Occupy & just had her car repo’d. (Just… trust me.) Stop clicking on click-bait headlines like, "5 Ways This Stay At Mom Saves Her Family Over $X A Year." 

Since you have to get advice from somewhere, make sure it’s topshelf. Shop around for a financial coach who can guide you where you want to be based on where you’re already at. You basically have a cut ’n dry method for getting where you want to be, & are on the hook to make that expense pay for itself.

If you're not at the point where you're ready for personalized help, pick a personal finance author (just one) with a program you can commit to for at least 6 months. Immerse yourself in their savvy: buy their book, read their blog, & listen to podcast interviews. Finally, map out 1-2 financial goals you can apply their insight towards. 

Keyword here: apply. Once you’ve got ‘em, start playing by the rules. If they tell you to automate your bills, automate! If they tell you to rent out that spare bedroom to pay down your cards, get going! There’s no good reason this off unless you’re a little bit in love with security drama.

If you go the self-help route, keep in mind that there’s way more guesswork, & consequently, more opportunity for self-sabotage. You may be rather attached to your money drama, in which case, admit it! Confess it on Twitter or to the next friend you meet for coffee. This is my drama right now & this is why I might love it.

That's crucial information you need to set the right money goals for yourself! That's where I think the self-help route is useful: when you finally reach out to a professional, you know exactly what you want to get out of the relationship.

The book that served me most on the self-help route: The 7 Steps To Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins. It’s a beast (over 700 pages!), but I read it cover to cover in 3 days & came away with a set of rules tailored to my idea of wealth. So far, so good. For sure, some of the book is about recalibrating your mindset, but most of it is about making an action-plan. 

If you’re interested, here’s part 1 of Marie Forleo’s 2-part interview interview with Tony Robbins about the book.

If you’re curious about this allegory about Saturnine magic & modern society, check out this novel: The Game of Saturn by Peter Mark Adams. Disclaimer: I haven’t actually read this book, but the content prompted a massive group discussion in one of my Facebook groups & has been highly recommended by Dame Elliott of WITCH Magazine. If you’re the kind of babe who needs to work out really woo-woo occult ideas with her imagination, get thee this book!

Tip #4, Carve Inner Space

During this Saturn transit, you will be moved to create much needed boundaries, demanding your right to privacy and to moments of silence. Acknowledging that you need space and distance is not the problem, but is in fact the solution.

During my Saturn Return, I needed a lot of space. Space to, like, process. Deconstruct. Pick through. Re-integrate. 

I decided to create a contemplative practice. I've always liked the idea of the Stoic's inner citadel. I totally believe we all need consecrated inner-space. And a time & place to take care of it.

I take care of mine during my kid's naptime. I curl up on the sectional with my planner-grimoire & a glass of tepid lemon water. I read a little something that I know will give my mind traction. 

Sometimes it's an article I found on the web, & it's never a pleasurable sort of topic, like style or book recommendations. It's gotta have a message, idea, or perspective. Even if the reading is a critical essay about MTV’s The Real World

The reading takes 5 minutes, then I spend the rest of my time there just mulling over what I've read. Sometimes I journal, too.

On occasion, I'll have a eureka moment in one of these contemplation sessions. Mostly though, I just enjoy the engagement.

Maybe for you, building an inner citadel means finally getting into meditation. Maybe you need is a pretty candle & a playlist of Lakshmi mantras. You could pick a few good Marcus Aurelius quotes from a book. Maybe you pull a daily tarot card or cast runes.

Oh, & this is critical: show up. Be consistent. Your Inner Citadel is your place to reflect & take stock. This is a place to suddenly think up solutions to your really big questions. It's totally worth the effort of making it into a habit, especially before something happens when you'll desperately crave an interior space to think about your life.

And if you want to make your contemplative practice feel gratifying: buy a special diary you only use while you're in session. Before settling in, note the date, note the data in the Time Passages app, then write a question, symbol, or idea at the top of a fresh page.

You could also use the VoiceMemo app on your phone instead. Just make an effort to document a little bit from every Citadel session; you'll be glad you did when you're retracing the steps leading up to a major breakthrough!

Tip #5, Ask For Something Someone Might Say No To

[I]t must be acknowledged that Saturn in Capricorn is not a glowering and malevolent spirit that seeks to destroy your sense of security. Instead, Saturn in Capricorn seeks to concentrate your vitality, letting all your thoughts and deeds be inspired by a potent sense of purpose!

Whatever task fills you with the most dread, anxiety, or heebie jeebies: that should be at the top of your to-do’s. 

You know what task I’m talking about. The task that you feel too inadequate to pull off. The task you would go to the ends of the earth to avoid. The one that you almost hope to put off indefinitely… or at least until you finish school, figure out who you are, or learn the secrets of the universe.

Because here’s one of Saturn’s most irresistible, mysterious truths (which, incidentally, is also the key to mastering Saturn’s power): When you're not afraid to suffer, you're not afraid of pain. 

Walking through the wall of fire clarifies your strengths. You are forced to retract into your core & everything non-vital simply burns away. When you leave the fire, you are able to draw on core strength faster, almost unconsciously.

You walk into the fire trembling, but harden into diamond, so that when you walk out, you scatter rainbows. 

So, here’s a dare.

Ask for something you want. It can be something you really, really want (so hearing no would actually be kind of devastating), or something totally trivial, but still uncomfortable enough that you’ll avoid asking, like for a discount on a service you’re using or to cut the line.

The point is to put yourself in an awkward position, where you walk clean through the dread & anxiety that build your challenges up to psychotically enormous proportions.  

For me, I dread the call center on my student loans. Even if one fast phone call could spare me a pointless fee or help me find out some crucial info I need for my taxes, I will not call.

It's not about the call. It's because I don’t like thinking about the remaining totals on my loans. Even though that fact in no way affects my day-to-day. It's just a fact. 

Like, the temperature is 64 degrees & I'm still on the hook for 100 grand. 

But one of the benefits offered at my husband's new job is a sweet deal on refinancing our student loans, which means I’ve gotta call up that dreaded call center to have some info shipped or linked to me. We could save thousands of dollars & years of repayment, but…

UGH. Y’know? Just ugh. All the ick.

(Btw, I've given birth without an analgesic. I had my wisdom teeth pulled without Novocain. But calling that fkn hotline...

....makes my soul bleed...


I decided to take Jane McGonigal’s advice about turning challenges into games. This advice is Saturnine magic turned on its head. Instead of going into those tough tasks with my heart in my throat, I go into it as a hero with a clear objective. I’m not trying to slink by with as little damage sustained as possible; I’m going into it because the experience itself proves I am the hero.

Thinking of those challenges as games helps shrink the task down from the size our expectations have inflated it to. Not just our expectations, but the terrible feelings overwhelming us. We consider dread & anxiety as indicators that the task should be avoided, but avoiding the task only keeps those feelings at a low simmer on the back burner.

Ready to go through the fire with me? Here are some scripts from Ramit Sethi for getting exactly what you want out all of the dreaded conversations you need to have

Don’t talk yourself out of doing the most dreaded tasks. Don’t rationalize living with the anxiety surrounding the task. Face it down. All your other to-dos will virtually check themselves off. 

Do it, so you can take that deep breath once it’s done, the breath that’s so deep, your whole nervous system tingles. 

That’s called relief. Once you have a taste, you're less likely to take heavy burdens on your heart for granted. 

If you want to take full advantage of Saturn’s 2.5 year settlement in Capricorn, consider investing in a program like REALITY CHECK: The Evolutionary Power of Saturn in Capricorn, offered by my faaav astrologer, Rachel Capurso @ Aeolian Heart Astrology! 

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All quotes via Aeolian Heart Astrology
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