For You, Twinkly-Hearted Boho Princess: Sagittarius New Moon 2017

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If Scorpio season is full of alchemical ego-death, then Sagittarius season is the time for reframing. It’s a time for perfecting theories that have only been sloshing around in your head, that you may be holding onto or holding out for, but which you’ve never quite tested. 

It’s the time of year for taking aim & letting it all OUT!

Amidst this new moon, Mercury is in retrograde! Mercury won’t go direct until the 23rd. If you need a cheat sheet, visit this post, which also has an nifty graphic showing all of next year’s Mercury Retrograde dates!

For this new moon, I’m calling in an African Goddess who can rhapsodize with her body. I need a mover & shaker with the heart of a poet, but who thinks like a philosopher. A mega-cosmic babe who knows the right Qs to ask, but won’t hold back from launching into action, no matter how poignant she finds her own thinking. 

I’m calling in Uma for the Sagittarius new moon, because she’s the perfect follow-up to the sogginess of Scorpio season, & the only Goddess I know who wouldn’t let Mercury Retrograde trip up her plans. 

Keep reading to learn more about Uma & to find out how I’ll be kicking off the Sagittarius moon cycle!

moon in sagittarius: how to fall into ecstasy 

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Uma is a cave dancer. She finds the beat where others only feel cacophonous thudding.

Through Uma & her trance dancing, the earth & the cosmos join in communion. She is a conduit. She thrives on the flow of internal energy, & intuitively calibrates the electromagnetic energy in & around her in order to keep that flow smooth. 

She’s effervescent without becoming staticky. Bubbly without giving you vertigo. Uma is the kind of babe who can turn your blues into gold; an instigator of giggle fits; the girl who cares more about questions than answers.

Uma is a bit of a puritan. Because she sees herself as having this cosmically important function, of grounding & discharging energy, she eats only clean, raw foods & avoids all animal-based products. She dances morning & night. If she skips a session, she’s hit with a case of nerves. Her friends can spot the symptoms of Uma’s hoarding energy right off the bat: gnawed cuticles, darting eyes, shallow breathing. Instead of tapdancing her way into the center of the crowd, she’s edging away, looking for a bathroom or private corner to lock herself in & swallow a few deep breaths.

Her signatures are her sharp-edged features, like light glinting off a blade. She lives in yoga pants, with her hair pulled up into a top knot. Her aura is indigo, with prickles of white light glinting around her like twinkling stars. When you stand nearby, you feel her heartbeat pulsating through your body… your own heart intuitively syncs with its steady, drumlike rhythm. 

Uma is probably the most mentally balanced babe you’ll ever meet. She doesn’t stress over a single step. She bucks against confusion & anxiety; she puts the same amount of distance between herself & nervous hand-wringing as most people put between themselves & someone with a loud cough. 

Uma’s favorite past times are movement & philosophical dinner party conversations. At the end of the night, she’s still twirling & tapping around the kitchen, helping tidy up, then cha cha cha-ing through the door to her car like a spry puppy. 

Numerologically, Uma corresponds with the number 14. In the lunar cycle, the moon waxes for 14 days. It also wanes for 14 days. The number 14 signifies the full duration of the moon; the limits it can swell & contract. 1 + 4 = 5, which numerologically corresponds with Awakening consciousness. Uma is the type of babe who is always running for the horizon, knowing that stretching beyond her limits will bring about sudden new self-awareness. 

In the Tarot, Uma corresponds with Temperance. In the Rider Waite deck, Temperance is depicted as an angel, who has one foot dipped in a pond, the other foot perched on the bank. The angel is also pouring water from one chalice into another. The obvious message is one about conscientiously balancing the scales. This is not a card about maxing out or giving your all. 

Self-awareness means intuitively hazarding against overwhelm & burn-out. 

The energy of Uma & Temperance is one where endurance is the key to happy, flow-y life. Endurance means taking wise consideration of your energy levels, the territory you’re spending your energy in, & avoiding all extra pushing or pulling. You’ve got to stay in motion. You’ve got to stay balanced & on-point. 


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Uma comes from the African Yoruba tradition. The orisha a.k.a. the Uma are Divine personas that enter the human plane of reality through ceremony. The orisha / uma depend on the human summoners for sustenance, while the summoners depend on the uma for helping navigate the complex psychospiritual problems of life in this realm. 

Uma is a Patron Goddess for philosophical cosmic babes who think with their heart as much as their mind. She’s for the type of babe who loves to move… or who desires far more movement than she currently gets. Uma is perfect for cosmic babes prone to anxiety, brooding, or overthinking. The kind of cosmic babes who worship dead rock stars, who don’t mind camping under the stars, & who live for conversations that gain momentum until the original thread is totally lost. These are the twinkly-hearted boho princesses who crave to amp up their inner glow, but have been afraid to bust that move. 

As a Patron, Uma will teach you how to reach in & hold onto the cosmic rhythm beating inside you. It’s a primal beat; it’s the heartbeat of the universe. As long as you’ve got a grip on that, you can shimmy through any kind of situation. That cosmic heartbeat is the only real thing tethering your soul to Source. 

Everything else--all the swirly-whirly confusion & chaos of your life, thoughts, & feelings--that’s all just noise. 


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Sprinkle your altar with pyrite & lapis lazuli. Light indigo-colored candles & sage-scented incense. Drape patterned scarves from exotic places over your lampshade, windows, & any mirrors. Spin The Doors or any kind of music that makes you want to move. It doesn’t have to be ecstatic motion, but you should give yourself permission to shut down your self-consciousness & get carried away.

Your Sagittarian new moon intention should concern a new belief you want to set, especially about your status in the world. This is perfect for priming your New Year’s resolutions!

Here’s an exercise to help you shape your intention: instead of asking, What do I want to do? (whether about your career, your relationship(s), your craft or art, etc.), ask yourself, Who do I want to be

This little tweak will pull you back to center every time you ask it. The only answers you’ll come up with will have nothing to do with your beliefs about the world. The answers will only speak to how you want to live. 

When you ask it in your new moon ritual, you can think about other Qs, like, How do I want to make people feel? How do I want to feel doing x or hanging out with y? Who or what can I be a champion of?

You can totally diary about all this, but Sagittarius vibes perfectly with having deep discussions with an intimate group of friends. Gather at the neighborhood cafe with kindred spirits for the explicit reason of feeling out your potential resolutions. Collectively review 2017. Ask each other to elaborate on what’s shared. 

The Sagittarian full moon will emerge in May of next year. Use your ritual space-time to plan your next great adventure--the one that seems totally impossible as of right now, but with a plan & a little organization, you may be able to make big things happen. Make a checklist. Get some cost estimates. Google for some true-life experience about that adventure. Have you got your 2018 planner yet? If so, flip to May 29th (the date of the 2018 Sagittarian full moon), then start working backwards. You’ve got about six months to snowball your tiny actions into a big payoff! 

Also in this ritual space, write your Happy List. All the things you love. All the people, products, & experiences that feel crucial for your contentment. How can you ensure every day or week of 2018 incorporates most if not all of your Happy List? (Jot that down in your planner, too!) Here’s an example by Emily Faulstich

During this moon cycle, track your movements through the day. How do you move? Are you economical? Klutzy? Graceful? Sagittarius is all about artful motion. This article shows you some great yoga poses for Sagittarius season

Go out & philosophize. Socrates style. Stroll the downtown winter wonderland festival, intentionally striking up convos with strangers. Wear an attention-getting outfit, like a giant floppy hat or a rainbow colored scarf. Make interpersonal synaptic connections with people around you. Find out their takes on life. For a little help dialing down your wallflower tendency, check out this article: How To Immediately Connect With Anyone. (New tips I learned: “look for the good in them” & “turn off your inner voice.”)

Most of all, be generous. Jolly Jupiter rules Sagittarius, & besides philosophical growth, Jupiter concerns generosity & status. In fact, nothing elevates your status as much as giving big. 

If you’re looking for a little holiday reading, pick up Isabel Allende’s masterpiece, The Island Beneath The Sea. Tété is a woman who lives in 2 worlds: the Saint-Domingue plantation she’s enslaved to & a holographic world where her ancestors & ancient ideas about heaven move through & around her. The book opens with Tété dancing with the loas, a dizzying image of ecstasy & freedom in motion. 

Island Beneath The Sea is the best philosophical book I’ve ever read having nothing to do with philosophical thinking. This book was actually required reading for one of the most important classes during my undergrad: The Haitian Revolution In The Literary Imagination. It’s full of images & scenes you’re forced to feel your way through… there’s no room for intellectual debate. My favorite idea: that freedom is not a political issue. The only people who try to make it into one are people who want to control your ideas about freedom.

If you vibe with the thoughtful bohemian virtues of Sagittarius season, you’ll get a ton of conversational mileage out of this gem!

Another recommendation: Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception. I know you already know that this book is where The Doors got their name, but it’s one of my classic Sag season reads. Especially since Jupiter is now transiting through Scorpio (NO I WILL NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT IT), I think it’s crucial reading for anybody serious about magic & mysticism who hasn’t yet had a psychedelic ritual experience. Get ready to be primed.

So, here's a Q: Who do you want to be? How will becoming that person stretch you beyond your limits? Email me about it!

Happy Sagittarian new moon! 

And have a merry Mercury Retrograde! ❤️


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