All Hail The Cosmic Queen: My Go-To Astrologers, Star Witches, & Cosmic Alchemists

In magic, timing is everything.

In the past few years, I’ve started to appreciate good timing as an intuitive power. Hesitation, urgency, unease, getting the Green Light… all of these instinctual feelings arise out of the crossfire between heavenly signals & the vibing of our intentions. 

Studying astrology is just a way of making sense of it all. 

Contrary to most Realist belief, astrology is not a bygone pseudo-science. Astrology is the art & study of intuitive time-tracking. Astrology teaches us that time is not linear, but cyclical; unwinding like a ribbon along an eternal pattern of friction & expansion. 

Each of the 12 zodiac signs represent a different expression of time’s energy, which is raining down on us constantly. If you’re trying to create mad synchronicity, your intentions better vibe with the astrological weather you’re performing your ritual in, otherwise it may get rained out. Of course, the stronger your influence (read as: the more powerful your presence & consciousness), the less dependent you are on auspicious timing…

...but for those of us beginner-intermediate magic makers, we could use an extra pinch of auspiciousness!

Now, I don’t believe that every mystical witch needs to become an astro-guru to do magic. Eye am not an astrologer. I just crush so hard on them. The more I tune into their forecasting, their astrological deconstructions of pop culture, & their tips for mixing starshine into my life, the tingler, the more effervescent, my life feels inside me! 

I never imagined admitting this as a philosophy undergrad, but studying astrology makes me feel smarter

So, I'm going to point you to the stargazers I go to when I’m calibrating my spiritual craft for the season. I’ll also link you to my fav resources, articles, & free online classes, so you can initiate your own practice in the art & science of time!


Aeolian heart astrology

Rachel, the astrologist over at Aeolian Heart, is a bonafide sylph. Her weekly astro forecasts are heart stoppingly ethereal. I fangirl so hard over Rachel & two of my life goals involve her:

  1. Enrolling in DISCOVERY, her flagship program on becoming an astro-mage, and

  2. Seeing Lana Del Rey live in concert…

...which I’ve decided I simply can’t do with anyone but my favorite astrologer. (This astro forecast, with “High By The Beach” lyrics is everything to me.)

That time I fangirl'd on Facebook when Aeolian Heart suddenly stepped into the convo

That time I fangirl'd on Facebook when Aeolian Heart suddenly stepped into the convo

Rachel captions her celestial deconstructions with quotes from Romantic-era literature & classic rock lyrics. She’s also co-written a book with Carolyn Elliott, editrix of WITCH online magazine, called Pluto In Scorpio: The Millennial Generation

If you’re ready to dig deeper into astrology, check out HEARTBEAT, Rachel’s free book to teach you about navigating your natal chart! I learned so much from this guide, back when it was a 7-day email course, & I highly recommend it! (Move fast, it won’t stay free forever!) 

Mojave Rising.

Sensuous astrology for luscious living. I want to roll with this crowd so hard. 

Mojave Rising is made up of Bess Massera, co-editor of & author of the Sensual Exploration column over there, which deconstructs the aesthetic of the cosmos into sparkling, epiphanous astro experiences. Every zodiac sign reads like the dossier on an It Girl, & I desperately want to be invited to her slumber party. 

You can find MR in almost all the Astro stuff @ The Numinous, but also check out her on-point, astro-inspired Spotify playlists & addictive Instagram

Kimberly @

Kimberly offers Zodiac-specific fashion & beauty tips. I go back to this site again & again. In fact, this is the article that helped me decode my elusive fashion sense & transform my wardrobe. (I am better off for discovering that I can rock the shizz out of turquoise.)

Here’s how to get started: Pull out your natal chart (Kimberly gives instructions for doing so over here) & look for this symbol: ♀

Which Sign was Venus lounging in when you were born? 

Voilá, that’s your Venus Sign. 

Now, head over to this page on & click on your Venus Sign to have your sense of style, flirtation, & general femme virtues decoded!

You’re very welcome. ❤️✨

The Saturn Queen (a.k.a. Luna) On Tumblr.

Saturn Queen (a.k.a. Luna or Nova) is the Tumblr witch who first set me on the path of cosmic witchcraft. If you liked my post Are You A Star Witch?, you can thank Saturn Queen. 

To quote one of her Blr articles, Cosmic Witchcraft 101: Where To Start?: “Not everyone who practices witchcraft uses astrology, and not everyone who uses astrology practices witchcraft”, but astrology (especially studying your natal chart) is a great entry point.

There’s a slew of other ways to mix more starshine into your magic practice! Check out the Saturn Queen’s Cosmic Witchcraft master post for more!

The Astro Twins.

The Astro Twins are the astrologers you would invite to an elegant dinner party. They’re classy, pragmatic, & best of all, the Twins give whole, well-rounded interpretations of the stars. This is astro-inspiration for the kind of mystical witch who looks for real-world application, with plenty of quick-start ideas for celebrating the celestial season. (For instance, check out their latest post for Scorpio Season: 5 Ways To Reignite Your Passion By November 21st.)

I’d say that if Aeolian Heart’s beatific high-concept musings on the stars don’t cut it for you, the Astro Twins’ down-to-earth quick-start inspo certainly will. And between the 2 (if you can only choose 2!), you’ll start building a multifunctional relationship with the stars in no time.

So, tell me honestly, where are you getting your astro forecasts? Who do you love, what do you do with the insight, & how has it benefitted you? Tweet me, email me, or slip me a message on Facebook

May all the stars & planets align for you!

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Collages by the INCREDIBLE Eugenia Loli! Check out her portfolio here & follow her collage board on Pinterest!