How To Create A Banishment Ritual For Jupiter In Scorpio

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Last October, the planet Jupiter moved into Scorpio, where it will be until November 8th, 2018. I’m not an astrologer, but I get astro forecasts from Aeolian Heart Astrology, which is where I read this write-up: Jupiter → Scorpio: Sex, Drugs, & Apocalypse Now

While reading it, my heart started spitballing. I became obsessed with Jupiter → Scorpio. Maybe because, more than once, I have proclaimed to be Jim Morrison’s reincarnation. (You obviously have to read the article to track this.) Maybe because I’ve been enrolled in INFLUENCE, a virtual course about ritual shadow work. I’ve also been thinking about the healing power of catharsis. Like, how cleansing a confrontation or a belly laugh can feel, especially when you’ve been avoiding the inevitable.  

Because I’m obsessed (& the astrological timing was just too perfect), I decided to invest into some information. How could I put this perfectly-timed zodiac event to work with what I’m already doing in INFLUENCE? 

I spent an AMEX gift card on a mini-course offered by Aeolian Heart called REVEL: The Magic & Alchemy Of Jupiter In Scorpio. (No longer available, but subscribe to the mailing list to find out when the astrology ecourse, DISCOVERY, reopens!) 

And through REVEL, I’ve decided to align shadow work therapies I learned in INFLUENCE to the astrological ritual I learned in REVEL! It’s extremely niche, but I thought I’d share my own ideas about it, as it might entice you into thinking about getting a jump on your own shadow work!

In this post, I’m going to show you the basic outline for a banishment ritual. As ever-expanding Jupiter rotates through shapeshifting Scorpio, some heavy emotions will churn up. Taboos will be momentarily forgotten. Pacts of silence will be broken. Random confrontations & inappropriate moments of catharsis will abound! 

You can use this outline for any sort of banishment. Banishments are like psychological resets. You banish something within your control, like an embarrassing memory, a disgusting habit, or self-undermining pattern of behavior. You formally renounce your own internal barriers. The ritual experience (this was the process I paid to know) sanctifies your resolve. 

Banishment rituals solidify your resolve, but concentrate on removal. Banishment rituals initiate the process of removing toxic influences. They’re especially useful if you have clearly identified a personal habit, memory, or person you’ve let block your path. 

Before we dig into the outline, I’m going to tell you more about astrology’s role in this work I’m doing. 

O btw, a quick note: Astrology doesn’t need to play a role in your shadow work. I choose to align goals & intentions with what’s happening in the stars, because, um, it feels dreamy. Astrology makes me feel like the center of the universe. (You can read more about how I think about magic over here.)  

So, if you want the outline without the cosmic operetta that’s attached, I also share my favorite ordinary practices for shadow work at the bottom. For your perusal!



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Archetypally, Jupiter corresponds with philosophy, status, & growth. Jolly Jove is a starry-eyed optimist. Limitlessness is his core-desired feeling. He wants to gather the tribes to chill together until sunrise, inhaling star shine & basking in glowing bonfires. Jove wants to host symposiums in his lavish bungalow, gesticulating with a snifter of 20-year-old brandy while reciting Camus. He’s the king of neighborliness, inside jokes, & could spend days poring over old books in the second-hand bookstore. 

In my universe, Jove looks & acts like James Franco intersected with Santa Claus & Benjamin Franklin. Generous, but self-serving. To Jove, getting to the Good Life depends on your willingness to hop fences, which sounds exciting, but can also get you busted for trespassing.

Jupiter is also the planetary deity of Sovereignty. Sovereignty is a quality of self-rulership. You can run your own shit, not just in all appearances, but within your entire psychic universe. Sovereignty combines freedom & self-mastery. 

As the jolly, philosophical Sovereign, Jupiter in Scorpio guarantees catching some of your own darkness. In Scorpio, this limitlessness-seeking king of kings churns up a lot of yucky, emotional goop. Scorpio will instigate a lot of cringe-worthy self-reflection. The kind of stuff you can’t just think about; you’ve got to feel your way through it.

Scorpio corresponds with creativity, death, & transmutation. It’s a sign of self-corruption & erotic mystery. As opposed to twinkly-hearted Sagittarius (Jupiter’s happy place in the zodiac), Scorpio vibes more with melancholy & obsession. Scorpio is instinctual. Primordial.

In terms of shadow work, Scorpio is the wellspring of our emotional shadow.  Scorpio season is also best for ancestral worship, which I really got into this year. I’ve been healing a lot of family karma, which anyone can attest, family wounds are always so deep, dark, & primal. 

@@When the past is healed, your future is free.@@

For me, Jupiter → Scorpio, this is a metaphorical challenge for re-living & forgiving our loss of innocence. This is a time to examine our aversions, obsessions, & the memories we rehash whenever we want to drop into a heartbroken funk. 

While Jupiter is scooting through Scorpio, we have an opportunity to muck out our subconscious mind. To de-pollute the emotional core powering our inner universe.

The corresponding action for Jupiter → Scorpio is renunciation. In a banishment ritual, you give up, or renounce, a fetish, a vice, a habit, a pattern keeping up from leveling up. 

So, if you’re going to all the way & perform a banishing ritual, make sure you really trust what you’re doing. Belief in the process is critical. You want the experience you create to knock the wind out of you, so that the next shuddery breath you take clean-sweeps your psychic, top to bottom.



how to create a banishment ritual via HellaNamaste.jpg

If you’ve ever performed a new moon ritual, you ought to be able to do this, too!

In order to trust the process, I need outlines. And objects to move around. Which is why I’m sharing this universal outline for Banishment. You can obviously tweak it to suit your needs & protocols.

If you want a printable reference to jot down notes & rehearse going through the motions with, sign up for my newsletter to score a copy of The New Moon Ritual Roadmap!


I have a lot of shadow drama, like everyone else. Different categories of shadow. How do you even get started?

An intention can be a goal, mission, urge, or inspiration. I decided to set an intention based on the reading about my rising sign in REVEL. My rising sign is Scorpio, & according to REVEL, Jupiter → ♏️ will concentrate its powers on my First House. 

On your natal chart, the First House is where identity & self-awareness develops. Style, self-perception, & our self-relationship—primarily, our relationship to our body. Considering that your rising sign already speaks to the mask you wear, witches with Scorpio rising are probably feeling the way I do right now: as though life just transformed into a Sweet 16 birthday party, & everyone’s waiting for the birthday girl to step out. 

So, I knew the shadow-drama to home in on should be the drama affecting how I relate to the world. How I see it; how the world sees me. 

The intention also relates to the intention I had set for INFLUENCE. I want a beautiful life. Always have. 

But the darkness in me feeds on the sense of unworthiness. My intention for Jupiter → ♏️ is about finally taking my medicine. My intention is to heal old wounds. No more ruminating on the past. For now on, I'm saluting every moment as a threshold for the future.

It’s my party & how I want to feel is: gracious. Present. And in alignment.

For your Banishment, you could set a general intention (“I am going to start letting go of past relationships, so I can focus on my future!) or get specific. (“I am cutting him off for GOOD, so I show up in all of my more meaningful relationships truly present!”)

(Btw--If you want to know how Jupiter → ♏️ will affect you, so you can tailor your intention accordingly, get to an astrologer posthaste!)

When you have your intention, state it as a question, in the retrospective

“How did I get from you x to y?”

I read this in REVEL & at first, it didn’t hit me right. The idea is to leave the question open for the universe to answer. Or the Goddesses. Or the wheel in the sky. 

It’s growing on me though--I find myself journaling more about #wins, unconsciously trying to answer the Q. Stating your intention as a question leaves a void to be filled

There’s another way to state an intention that I like, from The Desire Map. It’s around the part where D. is explaining her take on affirmations. You can read about it in this post: why affirmations can mess you right up (+ what to say to yourself instead).

Look in the mirror and tell the truth: I’m scared. I really want this to go well. I most desire to feel energized, creative, leadership, and love. So far, your unconscious trusts you. You’re in integrity with yourself. This is actually helpful.

-- Danielle LaPorte, this post

If you don’t vibe with stating your intention as a query, write your intention as an affirmation instead. Bring yourself into alignment, right there, in your ritual. Declare what you want, where you’re at, & what you’re willing to do to make it happen.


Whatever tools you choose to work with in your ritual (or lack thereof), remember to include in your ritual an object corresponding with your Banishing. After the ritual, do something with the object which symbolizes its new weakened state.

Everybody wants a full life. Full of what we love

But do we ever turn it into a struggle.

We struggle, because of a divided will. A divided will is what magicians call a conflict of interests. You’re interested in feeling both comfortable and self-actualized. 

Life is just like yoga class. To get some real growth, you have to stay in your integrity. You can’t outstretch your limitations. You can’t create new energy or focus; you have to pull it from somewhere else. 

You already have everything you need to win at life. You just have to creative problem solve. You just have to use it

So, where is there already space, time, or energy for manifesting your dreams? The first place to check: the activities you do like clockwork (like TV binge-watching or scrolling through Instagram), but which don’t exactly enhance your life. These are the habits, people, & patterns that are keeping the status quo. 

To think deeper about what to renounce, answer these other Qs:

🌙  What about your life must change for you to stay in alignment?

🌙  Said another way, what in your life is the reason you don’t already have what you want?

🌙  What habits are you doing as a reaction to how bad you already feel?

🌙  Let me rephrase that. What bad thing do you do, because you already feel bad?

🌙  If you felt good, what would you do instead?

🌙  When you picture seeing through your intention, how does it feel?


For me, I hustle for my worth. Perfectionism is my guaranteed way of making everything, even beauty, feel like work. Like, I’m earning my pleasure, in the worst of conditions, so I deserve it!

I deserve all the beauty, in fact!

There’s a daily habit that activates my Perfectionism. I knew this was the thing to renounce. By renouncing it, I will attain free space, wherein I can spread out more of what really works for me--the pretty, delicate things that perfectionism crushes, for instance. Or I can fill the space with someone brand new, peaceful, & generous. The void is filled by new growth.

Buuuut… you don’t get the growth until you have the void.

When you have your renunciation, write it down. If there’s a correlating story for why this habit / pattern evolved (a childhood experience, for instance) or a mesmerizing story for why you can’t quit that person you’ve got to quit, also write it down--in a place to be destroyed. Tell the stories aloud into an audio recorder. Delete the recording. Write the whole story out, from beginning to end, on stationery. Light it on fire.

Bear in mind, the manner in which you “destroy” or relocate this barrier in the ritual is a metaphor for how you’ll manage the actual barrier.

For example, you could freeze a love letter or ex-lover’s jewellery. (In order to actually freeze them out.)

Or you could translate the object of your Banishing into a symbol (see next section), which you draw onto a rock that you later throw into a river. 

In other words, destroy the object of your Renunciation in a manner that’s stronger than your own capacity for being coy. Don’t tell aloud the entire story of how you met your toxic ex into your Voice Memo app, only to hang onto the recording, which you will inevitably listen all the way through at a later date. (You might decide the story is too cute, which might mean, what, the break-up was a mistake?! 

Cue psychodrama.) 


Most magicians call these sigils. Your ritual will make the sigil mean what you want it to mean. This symbol becomes shorthand for your intention, which you will post everywhere. Throughout the coming weeks that the sigil is in action, you’ll receive regular hits of dopamine-coated inspo! You’ll feel all the vibes! 

The sigil I’m using was supplied by REVEL, & combines the glyphs for Jupiter & Scorpio. During the ritual, I wafted a square of paper with the sigil through Sage incense. (One of Jupiter’s correspondences! I’ll link you to more later in the post.) I folded the paper & inserted it in my charm bag. (Which I’ll also talk more about.) I Sharpie’d the sigil in hot pink all over my planner. I marked off pages in my diary with stories or data related to my intention. 

If you’re not using a charm bag, you can washi-tape the sigil above your altar. Henna it onto your skin. Pop it into a picture frame. Or all of the above.

Post. The Sigil. Everywhere

It will be time to decommission the sigil when you stop noticing it. If it doesn’t get a reaction, it’s magically inert. Burn it or bury it in a special place with a piece of food or a tiny crystal. Choose the sort of destruction most appealing to you, but make sure the process is honorary. 

(This thing symbolizes your hopes & dreams, after all.)

I started feeling nonplussed by my sigil in about 3 weeks. When the moon started to wane, I dissolved the paper with my sigil on it in a tiny dish of water, then poured the water at the base of a tree. I threw a handful of salt over it. 

Click here to learn more about creating sigils


A zone rite anchors you into the space you’re creating your ritual. You perform the zone rite at the head of your ceremony, once everything is in its place.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual is a popular zone rite, as well as Calling Up The Corners. You can also make one up. For instance, some people rotate in a circle, making the Sign of the Cross in all 4 directions. You can invent names & titles for each direction (North, South, East, West), which you say allowed as you face them.

Whatever your style, make sure you actually know where the 4 directions lie in relation to your altar / workstation. All you need is a compass or an app on your smartphone. Do any zone rite, so you show up on the Universe’s GPS. 

To see how Dame Elliott describes using a zone rite in her magical experiments, read this series: The Promethea Working. (Note: the experiment reported on in this blog series might sound far out, but it’s a really good description for how easily ritualism fuses with ordinary life!)

So, after you do the zone rite & are feeling anchored into your ritual, which feels like you are finally appreciating the magnitude of the cosmos in relation to the tiny dot of time, matter, & space you occupy…

...proceed with the actual ritual.


The ritual is a place, time, & space where you’re allowed to put 100% attention on what you really want. Because this is a Banishing, what you really want is to eliminate a condition from the circumstances you’re working with. You’re giving 100% attention to the process of elimination: what’s to be eliminated, why, & how that’ll happen.

So, plan ahead. Get organized. Show up to be present

If you’re totally new to creating rituals, check out this post: How To Create A New Moon Ritual. If you subscribe to my newsletter through that post, I link you to The New Moon Ritual Roadmap, which you can print off to practice going through the motions. Rehearsal helps you stay anchored into your process, which is critical, so show up to your ceremony with as few things to feel self-conscious about as possible!

Once you know what you’re gonna do in the Banishing, set the date & time. I scored my ritual dates from REVEL, but you can pick any day vibes with you. It’s better to just make the ritual than to wait until you think it’ll be perfect.

But if you’re like me, & can’t pick just any random date without guidelines, then here they are:

🌙  Plot your ritual for the waning moon, the 14 days after the moon is full. The Waning Moon is perfect for banishment & purifying rituals. An app like DeluxeMoon can help you find out when the moon is waning, as well as a calendar site like Moon Giant

🌙  Coordinate your ritual for a Thursday, which is ruled by Jupiter. If you can, time your ritual. This site will calculate the “hour of jupiter” for any date you plug in. You’ll notice 2 times of day when Jupiter is of the hour; if you can, try to coordinate your ritual at the one closest to sunset. Because sunset vibes with banishment. And renunciation. You get it.

🌙  Bonus points if your ritual day falls on a day where the waning moon happens to be passing through Sagittarius, Jupiter’s favorite sign in the zodiac! You can use an app like Time Passages to tell you what sign the moon is passing through today. Remember: the moon spends about 2.5 days in each sign & moves in sequential order. (Aries, Taurus, Gemini….) Obviously, this is just a special corollary, so skip it if it means putting off your banishment ritual until too far into the future! 


Finally, trick out your altar or ritual space with elements corresponding with Jupiter. Many, many references will urge you to use 4 green or gold candles (numbers & colors corresponding with Jupiter). I used a single green Money candle, which I scored from this company. You can wait for your candle(s) to burn all the way down to the end, or simply light your candle(s) at the hours of Jupiter on Thursday until it’s finally worked down. 


A Grand Formal Banishing, as I learned it in INFLUENCE, required burning a written declaration of your renunciation in a ceremony, then exiting the cemetery without a backwards glance. I think this is dramatic & beautiful & witchy.

But I like my ceremonies as contained as possible. Almost like a psychic bunker. Sacred Tupperware. 

I don’t travel. 

If you want that to be all or part of your Banishing, tack it on! 

You could also finalize your Banishing with a soak in the tub. This is the Alchemy Bath recipe I modified from Dame Elliott: mix ½ box baking soda with 1 cup epsom, rock, or pink salt. Dribble 20 drops of your favorite essential oil on top, though I recommend choosing a fragrance corresponding with your greater intention; the motivation behind the Banishing. 

So, for instance, if you just want to feel peace, add Sage oil to your bath. (Sage also corresponds with Jupiter! I’ll soon link you to where you can find other correspondences.) Relax in the water, then climb into bed. 

Ta-da! Purity bath!

For my first Jupiter → ♏️  ritual (I’m planning on doing 8 more in 2018!), I built a charm bag. I just recently became a fan of charm bags. I mentioned in this post about my ritual tools that I definitely rely on the materials I’m using to make me feel like something is happening. Otherwise, I would fall asleep. 

Charm bags are constant reminders that we’ve set magic to work. It’s like carrying a secret subatomic laboratory in your pocket. An object signifying what is presently underway. Click here to learn more about charm bags!

Here’s what went in my bag: 

4 quarters with my symbol written in blue Sharpie ✨  sage incense, a small chunk of amethyst, & a cotton ball daubed with cinnamon oil (not associated with Jupiter, but often used in money-draw ceremonies) ✨  I also briefly wrote a question related to my intention on a piece of seed paper, which I folded & inserted into my little satchel ✨  On the opposite side of the seed paper, I had printed off a miniature image of The Chariot card from The Starchild Tarot (corresponding with Jupiter), which I had scanned & uploaded to the computer


This sounds like work, but it really wasn’t. A quick jaunt to the metaphysical shoppe, a note on my calendar, & some thoughtful meditation on my intention while washing the dinner plates. Not a big deal. 


A more other resources for creating your Banishing ritual:

🌙  Where can you find out about Jupiter correspondences?! I relied on Christopher Warnock’s Secrets Of Planetary Magic, which you can download onto Kindle!

🌙  Alchemy Works has a comprehensive list of correspondences (including other Jupiter-related patron deities you can draw on) available for free online, where you can also order supplies!

🌙  And if you want more background info plus a comprehensive list of correspondences, check out Christopher Penczak’s website, which is probably one of my fav online resources for planetary magic.



how to create a banishment ritual via HellaNamaste 2.jpg

Banishment rituals solidify your resolve, but it’s not bullet-proof. As all deluxe witches know, you have to back the Craft up with True Grit. You must saturate every ordinary process with intentional awareness. Invent new habits or spread out good habits, so the void is full.

To supercharge your process, I thought I’d share my favorite ordinary practices for shadow work--my favorites long before I ever registered for a single course on practical magic. Use these to help get your magical realization under way!


So, what exactly does your shadow feel like? How does it manifest? What makes your inner bitch froth? 

Your moon sign can actually help you better relate with your shadow self. Your moon sign is actually symbolic of your instinctual nature & temperament: the most sublime part of who you are. It’s like getting the Owner’s Manual on all the circumstances that bring out your worst qualities, so you can co-engineer the sort of circumstances that will bring out your best. 

This post will show you where to find your moon sign & how to use it to up-level your shadow work!


Energy medicine is both a combat & a defense against negativity bias! 

If you don’t already know, negativity bias is where you condition yourself to expect the worst. You lean into the misery, because the feelings associated with misery feel normal. (Learn more about busting negativity bias here.)

And here’s what you should really be concerned about: without disruption, those heavy vibes you’re recycling will start hardwiring negativity bias into your body!

It’s no longer about your mindset or having an attitude problem--you are literally circuit-boarded for feeling shitty! 

Energy medicine is a really easy, super invigorating tool for “breaking up” the entrainment of toxic feelings throughout your body. There are lots of energy medicines, which I talk about in this post. You can experiment with the 3 medicines I share my experience with, or begin the quest for an energy healer who can tailor your treatment. 

All I’m saying is, don’t start trekking into the shadows without packing a little medicine first!


Is there any event from the past (your childhood, for instance) that you still talk about? Particularly, is there any event from the past that you rely on to explain who you are & why you do what you do?

**Hand shoots up in the air.** 

Well, how would it be if you never felt as though you have to explain yourself again? You could simply open up to the present or look straight-on into the future, without having to handle touchy old memories? 

For me, I’d rather be more of an enigma than a wounded child. 😏 😉  Which is why I decided to throw out most of my backstory--especially the part undergirding my Victim Complex. 

In proper self-help terminology, Remaking Your Myth is basically just reframing the problem. When I got sick of relying on the past to explain who I thought I was (which, by the way, never casts you in a flattering light), I reframed it. 

So, of my childhood: instead of sabotaged, I was resourceful. I am self-cultivated, rather than the product of childhood neglect.

A lot of times, we don’t even realize how poorly we’ve casted ourselves in the drama of our own lives until we actually listen to ourselves tell the story. Rewriting your story makes you aware of how you’re using your past to control your future. 

So, sit down one afternoon, with a notebook or audio recorder, & talk about your life. I share some creative & analytical exercises in this post that show you how to reframe your past in such a way that sets you up for the future you want, instead of a lifetime recycling through tired old psychodrama.


You are the shade you throw. 

That’s the (rather simplified) entry lesson in shadow work. However you relate with the world is a mirrored reflection for how you relate with yourself. 

To reap the benefits of freedom & self-mastery, you have to start thinking of yourself as the ultimate hostess & facilitator of your life. You are responsible for your experience. Every morning, you wake up & set the rules. 

Very rarely, as adults, do we decided to reset those rules. We usually opt to just recycle what we used from the day before, which may stretch back to…

What, childhood? Everyday, we keep believing in the same ol’ stories, leaning into the same ol’ misery, avoiding touchy points, & trying to drown out the signs that we need to change with a barrage of criticism & excuses.  

Well, there’s comfort in that. Stability. 

But if you want to feel rock solid, even when your life is in a tailspin, you’re going to have to claim ownership of alllllll the shade. Even if the problem was definitely triggered by some shady asshole, it’s already in the past. (Like your childhood.) All that matters now is how you’re going to make things right.

If you want ideas & a handful of techniques to help you deliberately build self-Sovereign confidence, visit this post: How To Become A Holy Queen Of Your Psychic Universe.



Shadow work isn’t easy. It’s humiliating. We look & feel grotesque to ourselves. 

And it’s rather psychedelic, which intensifies the fearfulness. Psychedelic in that colors, shapes, textures, & other ordinary stimuli suddenly becomes disproportionate to how we’ve always interpreted it. That’s because we’re changing. Our psyche is changing, & by consequence, so are our faculties. 

In shadow work, we learn to perceive, feel, & think differently. After so long resisting or compartmentalizing our shadow, we decide to actually draw on that shadow power. Suddenly, we want to get to the bottom of all our weirdness. 

Suddenly, the weirdness looks like the only path to freedom & self-mastery. To Sovereignty.

Which is why I enthusiastically encourage you to snatch up this opportunity to make your efforts really matter. Once Jupiter moves out of Scorpio (November 8th, 2018), you’ll have to wait another decade before you can naturally supercharge your process unto a united will!  

If you ever want to achieve having a united will (as in, zero conflict of interest), shadow work is where you start. Everyone’s process is totally individual, but I do hope you find something useful (+ time-saving!) in this post!

What are you going to make of all this freakness? Click to Tweet me about what you’re doing to synergize with Jupiter’s rotation through Scorpio, & also share some of your favorite insights / techniques for shadow work! 💖

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