Girl On FIRE: How To Write A Mission Statement & Start Living With Purpose

Every light-working cosmic babe comes into the world with a mission statement encoded in her DNA. It’s an instinctual urge to grow wiser, truer, more beautiful… & to do it in service.

Sometimes we need help decoding the message. Our great purpose unveils itself in a hot, sweet moment of clarity, which we have trouble spelling out for our business coach. During a crisis of faith, our true purpose unfurls like a plume of smoke, dispersing before we can capture it, leaving behind a vague sensation of yes, that’s perfect.

I definitely needed help decoding the message. And to be honest, I still have only a fragmented sense of what I’m here to do.

But what I’ve found is: writing a mission statement with even just these scraps of my Big Purpose puts me into cosmic alignment. Mad synchronicity happens. Coincidences fall into place. A friend of a friend shows up with the cash, the network, the insight. Since drafting my first mission statement, I’ve been on a path that feels closer to what I’m meant to be doing.

To come to be you must have a vision of Being, a Dream, a Purpose, a Principle. You will become what your vision is.
— Peter Nivio Zarlenga

Most people think of writing a mission statement for New Year's Eve, birthdays, or even to prepare for a new moon ritual. But brainstorming a mission statement can actually help clarify what you want to do--when you're feeling pulled in too many directions or at a total loss of what you should be doing. Maybe you already have a mission statement--technically--but your aims & goals have evolved.

So, I have a mega-questionnaire to help you decode your mission, plus tips for drafting your mission statement, so you can start declaring your higher Truth! 


When declaring your purpose, it’s got to put the shine in your eyes & stoke your star fire. It has to vibrate.

I have some original, provocative Qs to help you draw out the content you'll need to draft your next mission statement! This questionnaire is a medley of my fav Qs to answer from D. LaPorte’s The Desire Map, plus Qs I’ve found around the web for drafting About Pages, cover letters, & even love letters! 

What determined which Qs made the cut: being asked the Q prickled my soul, so I couldn’t help but answer them with my full heart. Sometimes my answers felt embarrassing or taboo. (Like, who would admit this?I). Other times, I was astonished at how automatic & well-formed the answers flowed out me, as if I’ve been thinking about them all my life.

DIRECTIONS: Grab a few sheets of scratch paper & your favorite pen. Mix yourself a cocktail or set the tea kettle on the stove. Spin your tunes & curl up into the best seat in the house.

Try answering instinctively without stopping to review or edit your responses. (To add a touch of urgency to your pen, set the timer on your phone for 20 mins or so.)

With your answers, we’ll be able to style up the template used in drafting many mission statements with the precise sensations, reverberation, & soul-oomph you want people to know!

Ready? Okay.

Bonne chance!

When I'm at my best, I feel like… I value... I'm dead-set against... I believe in... I feel like a genius when... I feel lovely, downright beautiful, when I... My superpowers include... Besides time or cash-money, what I want more of is... My life’s journey is about… The advice I would give to my younger self... The advice I'm sooo glad I ignored... The first thing I always want to reveal about myself is... When I die, I want someone to mention in my eulogy that I... The world EYE want to live in looks like… smells like… tastes like… feels like… What do I have to do to support the transformation I want to see in the world? What changes do I know I need make in my life, but have been putting off? Imagine inviting the 3 most influential people in your life to dinner. Which quality do you admire most about each influencer? What quality is common to them all? List your top 3 goals for 2017. When people look at me, I want them to see... I want to make people feel... If I could heal, fix, or improve only ONE thing about myself, but knew it would heal, fix, or improve that same issue for everyone else in the world, I would focus on...

Don’t stop writing just because you run out of questions! Answer the questions you want to answer about your mission. Insert quotes or images. Home in. You can trim the fat later.

Once it's all down, put some space between you & your answers. Go to the gym. Call a friend. Write a blog post.

When you come back, grab a few different colored highlighters or pens. Highlight keywords or patterns in your answers. 

What was your fav Q to answer? Why? What unmet need or desire can you sense throbbing beneath your answers? Did you find yourself answering from a professional point of view, or were you thinking about your answers in the context of relationships?

Unless it happens organically, don’t start writing your mission statement! This is your opportunity to explore your answers, to nurture what’s there or probe deeper. Home in on what feels true--as true as possible, given how language itself convolutes the pure truth. 

While probing & nurturing, re-write the answers in a second place, like your diary or a fresh .doc, to loquacious excess; stream of consciousness-style. This is where the actual phrases you’ll use in your mission statement will start coming together!

Par exemple: 

(When I tell people my name  & what I do), I want to feel like New Year’s Eve on the water. Like magnified candlelight. Champagne-golden stationary. Like the itch of a new beginning. Like revels & salty water. Eternal midnight.

(I want to make people feel) like glitter, like jelly beans, like everlasting cake.

(When binge-reading my blog, Twitter feed, etc., I want my followers to) feel like they’re arriving to the Sweet-16 they never had. Fever & Lisa Frank stickers.

I want my (work) to feel like a brand new toy & they’ve got a Sharpie in their hand.

(When people look at me), I want to shimmer right in front of their eyes, like a pink & cream-sicle beach sunset.

Don’t get discouraged if your Life Purpose isn’t blinking at you like a neon light! I guarantee that clues to your big life project lurk within the data. It may be that you need to craft a working mission statement that gets you on the right path--especially if you’ve ID’d a few lifestyle factors that clash with how you imagine the Big Picture of your life.

If you’re reeeally struggling, you might benefit from a little visit to your Akashic Records! The Akashic Records Hall is a metaphysical place where every thought, feeling, & action is documented, including past lives. Your personal Akashic Records are totally accessible, you just have to issue the request, then meditate or take a relaxing cat nap. (This article gives you a little background on the Records, while this article shows you a little prayer you can use in your meditation for accessing the records!)

I make it sound easy, but really, accessing the Akashic Records requires a little meditative practice--often, even if you make it there, you’ll have trouble drawing in the info you gained (which is very insightful about why you are who you are & why you experience the particular struggles you do). Supposedly, most people have visited their own Records, but the insights filter into their consciousness as random inspiration. Left-field a-ha moments.

So, decoding your mission might not be flash-direct. Sometimes it’s like a fan dance. But you’ve paid for the show, & now that you’re present, you can begin directing the course of your life experience!


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
— Rumi

So, how do you organize your answers into a mission statement? How do you distill everything (especially the woo-woo, stargazin’, light-workin’ parts of who you are) into a straight-forward & energizing declaration?

A good mission should feel hearty, but travel well. If you want magical coincidences to fall into place, shortening the distance between here & where you want to go (in the way you want to travel there), then your mission statement has to pack a wallop. 

So, I encourage you to keep a crisper version of your mission on hand--it'll become your best cocktail party accessory!

When I was writing the Cosmic Babe Manifesto, I brain-dumped ALL my thoughts & feels about cosmic babes—the sensations, ideas, & habits of excellence I personally observed about myself & the type of girls I love—& described how I wanted us to re-create the world. 

When I re-read the Cosmic Babe Manifesto, it induces a soul-tingling state of awareness that brings me home to why I’m doing what I do. Reading the manifesto is meant to be an experience in-of itself

But when I’m telling people about what I do, I don't recite the whole manifesto; just my “cocktail line.” It’s a tidy, one-two punch version of my mission statement that communicates who I am & what I’m about. 

Here’s my mission statement: I teach cosmic babes how to build a relationship with the Divine Feminine, demystify their inner-genius, & fengshui their lives around magic, love, & wisdom… with stationary!

This is all your "cocktail party" mission statement needs to answer:

What do I do?
For who?
How do I do it?
Why do I do it?

Basically: what do you do, for whom, why, & to what consequence

I write psychonautical novels for young adults with themes about trusting their own experience first & I also tutor ESL students. I just really care about people finding the experiences & language to explain who they are, what it means, & how they see the world.

I run a service that prepares beautiful, nutritious meals for tired new moms. Part of my proceeds are donated to the Fistula Foundation, which provides natal care to women in war-torn parts of Africa, because I believe motherhood is the fiber of truly sustainable world.

I blog for cosmic babes, showing them the tools & rituals to use to design enchanted lives that juice up their creativity, power, & beauty. I believe magic AND moxie are the base elements for self-generating true happiness. 

You’re allowed to transplant all your lyrical, most sensational answers in this framework. Remember, this mission statement doesn’t have to be used for your career, per se. Your answers might have unconsciously pointed you towards building an exciting social life or world travel… or maybe your mission statement will bundle all your soul urges into one elegant statement! 

This may take a few drafts to smooth down. Practice saying the cocktail party version of your mission statement into the mirror. Tweak it as you go, until you feel a little jolt of excitement saying it. Now you won't be able to resist telling people who you are & what you're here for!


Sharing a mission statement commits you to your loves, your vision, your principles, & the Higher Self you’re capable of manifesting. You should translate your mission statement into as many shareable formats as possible, so your mission statement becomes a trellis for your entire reality.

Why don’t you...

Insert your cocktail party-sized mission statement into your resume, LinkedIn page, or even your Twitter bio! 🌙   If you’re handy with Canva, create a Pinterest or InstaGram graphic to share! 🌙   Print & hole-punch the whole version of your mission statement, then store it into a pretty notebook binder. Pull it out during Mercury Retrograde to review & update. (The perfect time of year to get retrospective!) 🌙   Suss out keywords from your mission statement, then add to your vision board as calligraphy art! 🌙   Write a version of your mission statement onto gorgeous stationery (I am obsessed with these printable sheets on Etsy), then hole-punch it into your planner-grimoire! If you created a social graphic, print it out, have it laminated at FedEx Office, then hole-punch that to slip into your planner, too!


What trivial action could you do right now (or later today) to serve your mission?

What can you do in a year towards accomplishing it?

What's going in your mission statement? Tweet me about it!