How To Create A New Moon Ritual (Also Introducing: The New Moon Ritual Roadmap!)

How To Create A New Moon Ritual

Everybody craves magic. We Pin articles about manifestation & Instagram pics of Tarot cards. We buy chakra-boosting jewels & Tweet about mercury retrograde. Yet, when we’re alone on a new moon night, heartsick with an unfulfilled craving, a true wish to manifest… we don’t do magic.

Probably because actual magic gives us the weirdsies.

When you finally try a new moon ritual, it feels like stodgy wannabe-Pagan playacting. Once in the moment, you feel silly. All the advice from New Age articles suddenly sounds so vague: How long do I sit here? How should I word this... does the Triple Goddess know English?! Incense is spilling everywhere! Do-over, DO-OVER!

If you leave the ritual disappointed or underwhelmed, you may even feel a teeny bit humiliated... as if Goddess herself is watching you, thinking, "Um. Wtf."

So, come the next new moon? #NetflixAndChill.

Well, stop it. I want you to create psychedelic, mystically-melty magic that hits you like an adrenaline shot to the SOUL! 

So, I created a tool to help you overcome the magic weirdsies: a roadmap of my actual ritual performance. I list every checkpoint of my ceremony, with time estimations & alternatives for tools / activities, so you can make natural, authentic-feeling moon magic of your own!

Use the map as a compass. All the steps are parsed out. All you need to do is enter the ritual with focus, receptivity, & readiness to activate your intent. 

That's all that lies between now & wish manifestation.

Get the roadmap right here, then keep reading for my tips for using it to create a totally yummy new moon ritual!

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Magic is a practice, not a product. We're trained to think of new moon magic is like New Age goal-hacking. So, you hit your altar thinking strategically. 

But that mindset will totally malign your ritual.

Moon magic is not mystical dress-up. Instead, your moon magic ritual should make you wild & sublime, like you're on an adventure, streaking naked through enchanted forests of possibility...

Paradoxically, true moon magic can also make you feel like you're swimming in a psychic ocean with fresh paper cuts all over your body.  One ritual could change everything

That's what you're afraid of.

And that's why your proto-new moon ritual felt freaky & weird. Sure, feeling wild & sublime sounds sexy, but I mean, how are you supposed to perform the ritual while also having a mystical experience?

How do you lose yourself without completely losing it?

Trust. Yep. You have to trust in the process, because the process is simple. The process exists to serve your intention. You don't have to play the part any certain way.

Your biggest takeaway should be this: Self-consciousness ≠ presence, & presence is key to falling into the mystic swoon. That mystic swoon is what gets you from weird & awkward to powerful & awe-some. That swoon is what naturally lowers your inhibitions & inner defense mechanism. 

And if you're trying to energetically charge an intention that matters deeply to who you are & what you want out of this life, then you've got to be willing to surrender...

...because you're actually not 100% in control. Ever. Rituals are a great place to formally acknowledge that you're addicted to the illusion that you are in control. 

And if you're willing to surrender, your unconsciousness will take care of the rest. 

So, forgo mentally drafting the Tweets & Instagram captions that will report on your ritual. And put extra effort into creating a beautiful experience. 

And of course, to help you trust the process better, let me offer my New Moon Ritual Roadmap again! It's not the secret key to magic or anything, but it will definitely you something to mentally work through (& even rehearse with), so that in the actual ceremony, you're purely present!

Here's your chance to score your copy:

Once you get your copy of the roadmap, carefully read it over. Jot notes down in the margins, highlight points of the ritual that look iffy for you. Embellish it with ritual actions & words that mean something for you

Most importantly, start projecting into the future how this ritual process will unfold for you. Don't create unnecessary expectations, but decide how you will make this roadmap work for you & most of all your intentions!

Once you've done that much, keep reading for my tips & tricks for creating a new moon ritual!



New Moon Intention-Setting via Pinterest ( help me credit the artist )

New Moon Intention-Setting via Pinterest (help me credit the artist)

Naturally, these guidelines align with the roadmap (obvs), but as with all magic: take what feels right & leave what doesn't.

How Should I Use The Ritual RoadMap?

I did my best to chart my new moon magic practice from start to finish. (My actual timing is shorter than what the roadmap indicates, because, don’t rush.)

Still, this isn’t everything you need to build a solid moon magic practice. Building a magic practice is experimental. Meaning, leap in & let yourself experience it. Research (like this) should mostly just help you confirm your instincts. 

That said, I know the best chance you’ve got for having a great moon magic experience is to enter the ritual already assuming your practice will be technically on-point. The roadmap is supposed to help you truly believe that assumption. Trust that you’ve got an outline, then explore what you can do with it. In the ceremony, go with your gut unto whatever feels real for you.

When Can I Do New Moon Magic?

You’re able to perform new moon magic 7 days before &/or 7 days after the actual new moon. Naturally, the actual new moon is the most auspicious time for a magic ceremony.

If you need help tracking the lunar cycle, bookmark the MoonGiant lunar calendar or download the Deluxe Moon App

You can do it alone or with friends, but new moon intents tend to be very personal. If you're comfortable sharing your intent, then sure, invite all your girl gang to your ritual! ...On the condition that everyone gets versed on the ritual & arrives with a true intent to activate. (Otherwise, they'll just throw noise on what should be your sublime experience, right?)

What Do I Need For Moon Magic?

It helps to have an altar or ritual station. For reference, I explain how I built my Goddess altar in this post

You also need space. (And privacy.) You can absolutely perform your new moon ritual outdoors, but I prefer an enchanted indoor space. I hang extra fairy lights, move furniture around, prepare post-ritual goodies, throw pillows on the floor. I throw open windows the afternoon before the ritual (even in chilly weather), dust & vacuum, & spritz sage essence. 

Okay, now, supplies you'll need for the ritual itself:


a couple of candles in white, silver or blue (I love & use the Avalon Moon candle from ArtisanWitchcrafts) ✨ moonstone, cleansing quartz, labradorite, & other stones related to your intent ✨ an offering dish (nothing fancy) & an offering (nothing fancy) ✨ another dish with clean water (to symbolically deposit your wish into the cosmic quantum yummy) ✨ an athame (a.k.a. a ceremonial knife) OR a wand OR pretty much any object to symbolically slice between the present & the past ✨ incense or a smudge stick


Do you need all of this? 

Yes & no. I think having a few magical tools definitely helps, especially if you're new to magic making. Your altar represents the microcosm of a macrocosmic event. You definitely need consecrated micro-space to symbolically play out whatever it is you expect the universe to deliver back.

At a minimum, have a candle & a dish of salted water. These aren't props, but tools to instill your wish. You need to witness the burning & submergence happening! Crystals, Goddess offerings, pretty altar cloths, Tarot cards... these just add cumulative enchantment.

If you want more tips & ideas (& to learn about how I use these tools), check out this post


I invoke Goddesses for all my magic ceremonies. I have a Patron Goddess, but I sometimes invoke a special Goddess that vibes with the astrology of the moon. (I share about each of these Goddesses & how I create astro-specific new moon rituals in my Goddess Moon Magic column!) I suggest building a relationship with those femme archetypes prior to your ceremony. (They supply an energetic oomph that NO altar swag can match!)

If the new moon's coming up & you don't have time to cultivate a Goddess relationship, proceed with your ritual. You can still include an offering & invoke Goddess, but don't feel pressured to make it into a magnificent gesture. 

How Should I Prepare for THE RITUAL?

Rehearse the motions of your ceremony prior to show-time, so during the ritual, you can just flow. 

On days of the new moon, I breakfast after noon & drink detox waters all morning. For the rest of the day, I snack on clean, raw foods. You want to enter the ceremony with heightened visceral sensitivity, which I just do not feel when I have pizza bagels for dinner. (It's hard meditating with a gassy, noisy gut.)

Also, if you've had a wonky day, purge your drama in a diary or on your smartphone's audio recorder. Text a friend & vent about it. Better yet, try to resolve it. Contain the drama or get it out, because drama throws static.

...What If I Still Feel Weird?

Remember: Magic is a practice, not a product.

Your initial magical experiments should be about allowing surreal things to happen. That’s pretty much the nougat-y core of a magic: weird experiences. But once you've set a good foundation, your magic practice will fortify you against the weirdsies.

Also remember: In prehistory, people were initiated into ancient magic. Mystery Schools didn’t write down or codify their training. The Masters created ceremonial settings for initiates to experience the Divine. Weird experiences mean you're experiencing raw, true, unfiltered reality, which is what the people wanted. Initiates treated the pilgrimage to the Mystery School as a spiritual threshold, not a vacation. It was totally plausible they would experience something so ecstatic & weird, they might never come back from it. 

So, give the practice the brevity it deserves. It's meant to change you.

Be patient, be sincere, & feel worthy.

Most crucially, be receptive.

Unfurl beyond your ego’s perimeter. Even though you’ve got the roadmap, during the ritual you’ll LOL; you’ll interrupt your invocation to glance in the corners of the room making sure nobody can see you doing this. You might feel a slimy movement in your gut that makes you panic, blow out the candles, & scramble out of the room.

That's okay! Just remember to come back!

My final tip: let yourself lose control. If you're stumbling through all the roadmap’s check points, accept it as a sign you need to move slower & more organically. (Your instincts might just be trying to lead you in a better direction!)

@@Be a twinkly-hearted tumbleweed. Just let the woo-woo happen.@@ 

I'm SO excited for you! My moon magic practice is my favorite UN-guilty pleasure. Creative, satisfying, & self-affirmative--my rituals feel like I'm indulging in a conversation in a thrilling new setting with a very dear friend. You need moon magic in your life, & I hope the roadmap gets you on your way!

Did you add any special touches to your new moon ritual? Tweet me about them! Describe your weirdsies in vivid, agonizing detail. I'll share some of my WEIRDEST surreal moments under the influence of magic!

Magically yours,