How To Create A Full Moon Ritual

Glamour spells, sex magic, & glitter bath bombs. Shrieking-tingly manifestation. Heart-stopping weirdness. Catharsis. Chaos incarnate.

Full moon rituals abound in both mystical & sensational pleasures. It’s the time for granting wishes, gratification, & embodying Goddess. Full moon rituals are times for catering to your instinctual urges & purging the energies resisting the realization of your magical intentions.

Symbolically, full moons are the most ripened point in the lunar cycle. The full moon signifies fruition, liberation, & surrender. Whether abstinence or endurance has been part of realizing your magical intention, the full moon is where you’re allowed a full-stop. While a new moon ritual charges up your magical intention, full moon rituals blast away the kinks. This is the manifestation moon where you celebrate progress & rinse out your angst. 

What’s the best way to ritually celebrate the full moon?

Doing whatever you want

Full moon rituals are about building ceremonial spaces where the wolves can run wild & bay at the moon. Tuning into & exploring your desires will help you build the ceremonial outlet best for them. Ceremony carves an energetically safe boundary for your to shift your psychic weight, surrender to your moods, & follow your most controversial gut-feelings.

And the ceremony could be as simple as lighting a candle & saying a prayer just before dancing naked through your living room or taking the train with your BFF to visit a night club in the city.

I’m really not about formalizing full moon rituals, but I want to give you plenty of inspiration for making the most of your's. You can invoke Goddess if you like or just create an experience that helps you embody Goddess.

So, here are 4 steps for creating a sensational full moon ritual, plus 3 ideas for taking full advantage of the moonshine!



Full moon rituals are about purging the energies, beliefs, & habits obstructing the manifestation of your monthly goals. (Goals set by your new moon ritual.) 

In the last 14 days or so, where did you feel thwarted, low energy, or unfocused? Has your progress glided along or plateaued? Where has fulfilling your intention(s) gotten sticky?

Automatic writing is really helpful for finding this. Set the timer on your phone for 15 minutes, then write without stopping to review or edit, answering the prompt: What do I want? 

Sometimes the answer(s) align with your core intentions; sometimes you’ll alight on cravings or yearnings that are totally left field—yet still subconsciously gnawing at you.

Write every obstacle or frustration these last two weeks on its own square of paper. You could also Sharpie an obstacle directly onto a largish flat stone—do this if you’re really struggling to break a self-limiting habit, feeling, or belief.



I use the DeluxeMoon app to find out. The moon cycles through a new zodiac house every 2.5 days (versus the sun, which cycles every 30 days). The house will definitely impact the lunar influence, so read up on the astrological flavor that’s coming up. 

I like to use the Always Astrology moon sign compatibility calculator to find out how my moon sign relates with the sign of the upcoming full moon. I talked about this in my post about moon signs, but essentially, you want to gauge the full moon vibe. What does the astro climate inspire? How can you magnify or parlay the house traits into what you feel like doing? How may the sign the full moon appears in amplify your own moon sign traits?  

For instance, if your Moon is in Aries & the forthcoming moon is in Leo, you’ve got optimal celestial conditions for a big, zany moon bash! Plan a nighttime adventure—for yourself, your BFF, or your girl gang. Brave a new type of venue or event: a slam-poetry reading in the city or a walk through the downtown district of a neighboring city. Take a nighttime drive with your BFF to the desert & stay out there until you catch the sunrise. Tell each other all your secrets & do pretend rain dances all night long.

Remember: your celebration should align with what you feel like doing, so if that includes a good long ugly cry or belly laughs until you’ve ruined your new leather jeggings, do it. Ride that vibe.

(Psst—I have more full moon party ideas at the bottom!)



Like new moon rituals, full moon rituals involve meditation & ceremony. You can perform the ritual within a 14-day radius of the night of the full moon itself: either a week before or after. I’ll usually create a ceremony a couple days prior, then do something fun & impromptu the night of the full moon.

Whether you’ve written your obstacles on paper or stones will impact where you perform the actual ceremony, so keep that in mind.

When you’re ready to start, power down your phone, then slip into something pretty & ethereal or go sky-clad. 

First, meditate on the thoughts & feelings you want to release. While you meditate, hold the squares of paper or stones you wrote on before. If you can, visualize the sensation you’ve felt with the obstacle(s) into the objects. 

Use this little micro-meditation move to channel the moon goddess Diana. Breathe slow & deep until you feel your skin tingle with relaxation. Inhale while visualizing your cells soaking up the moonlight, fattening up on its wild moon potency.

On the exhale, visualize pink heat seeping out through your pores & wafting around your body. There is plenty of that moon mojo to last.

After the meditation, move into your ritual. Invoke your Patron Goddess or a moon Goddess you vibe with, like Diana or Hecate. Request her to help you release the obstacle you’ve written down. 

Touch the squares of paper to the flame of a candle & burn in a cauldron or metal waste bin. (Without risk of mayhem or injury.) Chuck the rock into a moving river, the ocean, or bury it into ground. Scatter salt over the stone before covering it with dirt.

If you’re outdoors & carried away with the mood, take a piece of fruit, like an apple or a pear, & hold it in your hands while doing the same meditation. Transfer the feeling you’re trying to purge into the fruit. Bury the fruit in the ground. 

When finished with your ceremony, give thanks—whether to Diana, your Patron Goddess, or to yourself for practicing the wisdom of letting go. Blow out the candles & nibble on a nub of dark chocolate or popcorn.



© Bohemian Diesel,  White Magic

© Bohemian Diesel, White Magic

Do NOT sit around brooding after a full moon ritual! 

Here are 3 ideas to help you create a sensational evening. While celebrating, keep your senses alert for signs & synchronicities: in the light of the full moon, your next steps in manifesting your intentions may be revealed unto you!


Full Moon Rituals are opportunities for sharing & bonding. Throw together a full moon bash: tell your girls to bring their Ex Boxes to your house for a ceremonial burning in the backyard. Dress up like Disney princesses to do it. Party favors should include travel-sized packages of Kleenex & strawberry milkshakes spiked with champagne.

You can totally do a group full moon ritual, of course. But if your group won’t vibe with it, take care of the ritual prior to your celebration, so you can really lean into it!

Afterward burning your Ex Boxes, put on your jammies, light candles, & Netflix a film you’ve all seen before & won’t mind chatting all the way through, i.e. The Craft or Mean Girls.

Before the night wears off, decide: Will you throw a witchy slumber party every full moon? What other astro-themed party activities could you do? Dream up the weirdest shit possible & just have some wicked fun!


Use the full moon to air out your imagination!

First, create an ethereal environment that makes you feel flowy & mystical. Make a playlist that will last 2-3 hours & set the scene. Once the space looks like a fairy-tale, lock the door, power down your phone, & descend into a new dimension.

Plan for creative activities that will pan out within a few hours—avoid any projects that you’ll abandon after the moonshine wears off, particularly ones demanding carefulness or hard focus. Ideally, these projects should help you melt into flow. Some ideas:

  • Write an erotic short story (perhaps of an unrequited love?) & illustrate it with small collages
  • Build a diorama of the breakroom at work & represent your boss/coworkers with small animal figurines
  • Give yourself a makeover, then take pictures & blog about topics/situations as this alter-ego (maybe write new blog posts as this alter-ego during future full moons)
  • Create stuff to destroy (ideal when purging icky feelings & ugly memories). Sketch, paint, or build a diorama of a scene where you were once terribly humiliated, then take it outside & set it on fire. Bake & frost a special cake from scratch (the kind of thing worthy of momentous special occasions), then set it in the kitchen sink, turn on the faucet, & melt it away

Once you start the activity, your creative mojo will start pinging all over the place. Keep a notepad or voice recorder nearby, to bottle fresh inspiration for more meaningful projects you can take on when you’re ready to give it your best focus.


Take the full moon as an opportunity to treat yourself to some extra-personal attention:

  • Hit up your gym for some night sweating on the treadmill, burning up whatever angst you’ve built up over the month. Afterwards, go home & slip into a delicious smelling bubblebath. Unless deeply moved to, don’t shave or go about your usual wash routine; be natural & savage.
  • Hang out naked. Lay out a blanket or beach towel you don’t mind getting oily, & use a soft-bristled tool to brush heated coconut oil onto your skin. (Called skin-brushing—super nourishing! Read about it!) Witchy gold star if you go outside naked to soak up the moonshine. 
  • Pack a picnic. Pack homemade sub sandwiches, cherry chocolate cupcakes, a little bubbly. Take a drive with your boo or your BFF to a gorgeous location. Create cinematic moments.

Don’t forget to lay out your crystals to charge in the moonlight! Do the same with containers of water to create moon water. (Great for using in rituals or staying hydrated.)

I hope you have an ooey-gooey delicious full moon revelry & move beyond whatever has stymied or flummoxed you! 

May your magical intentions FRUCTIFY!

Happy magicking!