HAPPY BELTANE! 5 Magical Ways To Celebrate Spring

© Tati Ferrigno

© Tati Ferrigno

‘Tis the season for sensual self-expression, consummating our dedications to Goddess, & sowing glowing psychospiritual seeds for flourishing & abundance. Come the dark, cruel days of winter, you’ll be glad you took the time to relish the sweetness, brightness, & splendor of spring! 

I have a few tips to help you sumptuously unfold with the season, whether you’re interested in growing wiser, fitter, or lighter. I’m doing a little of everything I mention below & am already feeling splendorous & tremendous, so I have to share. 

Before we begin, let's set the mood. 😉


© Tati Ferrigno

© Tati Ferrigno

Venus, pleasure queen of the skies & Roman Goddess of prosperity & the arts, rules Taurus season. 

Want a fun, astro-inspired spring makeover? Dress for your Venus sign, which is the sign the planet Venus was in on the day you were born. Your Venus sign nicely summarizes your attraction factor, as well as how you like to spend money & style your life. My Venus is in Aquarius, & lately I can’t stay out of the color turquoise. I’m wearing sundresses & maxi skirts that make feel sylphic & dreamy. 

To get started, calculate your Venus sign (you’ll need the exact date, time, & location of your birth), then hop over to the Vision of Venus page at StarSignStyle.com to find inspo for dressing up as your Venus! (That’s where I read that Venus-in-Aquas look good in turquoise!)


Are you ready to start feeling good? 

If you need a little extra scootch, watch this MarieTV interview: “Kelly Brogan Will Change The Way You Think About Depression.” Dr. Brogan is a conventionally trained psychiatric doctor who prescribes a nutrition-based healing protocol for common chronic psych disorders, & her reasons why will blow your mind! 💥 What Dr. Brogan says about our broken dis-ease treatment models totally vibes with my intuitions about reclaiming femme health. It was definitely the push I needed to start taking massive, proactive action with my vitality.

But the only place you need to start? BreakfastClick here to get the breakfast recipe she mentions in the interview. If you want to hear more about Dr. Brogan’s breakfast guidelines, check out this post.

Psst--if you're looking for a little nerdy-girl beach read, check out Dr. Brogan's book, A Mind Of Your Ownwhich comes with a full detox program, including meal planning guide! These recipes have literally become the backbone of how we eat in my house. And we couldn't be happier or healthier. 

What if every woman treated her body as if it were the Earth? As the beginning & end of all sustenance, comfort, & possibility? What if you stopped manipulating your body, & began delighting it its generative magic, & the experience that magic is creating for you every single moment?  

I love medical superstars who are using their education & research to re-educate women about their choices. Chronic disorders primarily affecting women (PCOS, PMS, for example) are lifestyle-based. Meaning that it's not your body choosing dis-ease; it's your habits routines that are making you sick. You are not hostage to Patriarchy, the way our actual planet is. 

Start by watching Dr. Alisa Vitti’s TEDtalk.

Want to align your femme cycles with the skies? Dr. Alisa Vitti posted on her blog a few tips for getting started! I actually use & love the MyMoonTime app (mentioned in Dr. Vitti’s post), which calendars your menstrual cycle respective to the lunar cycle. Just plug in the day of your last period & go.

I also replaced most of our indoor lighting with salt lamp fixtures & installed f.lux on our computers & phones, which was inspired by Dr. Vitti’s tips. Nighttime feels like nighttime in my house, which means my body doesn't rely on depressants to wind down. 


© Tati Ferrigno

© Tati Ferrigno

I love a springtime home detox, but how about a psychic detox? If you’re still in the wintry habit of switching on the TV as soon as you walk through the door, it’s time to bust it & start living your life!

For me, that means deleting the Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, etc. apps from on my phone. I always wind up re-downloading them once the weather stops being so delicious (they're saved in the cloud), but while there's sunshine, birds chirping, & a fragrant breeze calling my name, I definitely don't have an urge to veg out with Frasier.  

Pre-pack snacks & lunches to keep stocked in your fridge, so when you come home on a gorgeous day, all you have to do is switch our your work garb for a floaty skirt or a tank, then grab & go! Bookmark your town's event calendar, so you know what's coming down the pipeline. (Find it by Googling "[name of your city] + event calendar.")

Also consider packing a bag of supplies to bring with you to the out-of-doors: your journal; a library book; a couple chunks of hematite & black tourmaline to hold in your hands while meditating in the sun.

Why not institute a new ritual that steals time away from your screen habits, like nightly ritual baths or cooking dinner for yourself? Even if you eventually snuggle down with Frasier reruns or your FB timeline, you’ll have still prioritized time to feeding your soul.  


On Beltane, we celebrate life, love, & vitality. We celebrate jouissance. On the opposite side of the year (remember, witches see the year in a circle), on Samhain, we celebrate death, transition, & healing. Beltane is the cosmic signal that it's time to stow our melancholy & our


© Tati Ferrigno

© Tati Ferrigno

As most cosmic babes are well aware, the unconscious lies in the body.

So, what happens to our bodies when we accumulate emotional smog, like unprocessed grief, anger, & shame?

Well, those feelings sit & get funky. Emotions can harden up in the energy meridians of our body, like energetic plaque. Energy medicine uses acupressure on the energy meridians to dislodge emotional plaque, so the energy flows. 

I’ve talked before about my favorite energy medicines for shadow-work & you can use these same practices for a spring reset!  

My fav of the 3 is the practice I learned from Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine For Women, which is an all-over body routine that takes less than 7-minutes a day (though I am famous for drawing it out into a 45-minute session). Click here to hear Tami Simon’s interview with Donna Eden, where she explains how energy medicine works & her journey through healing herself with the exact techniques in her book.

Combined with a new look, new routine, new food, & new hyper-femme practices, energy medicine will help you build sweet momentum straight into summer! I can’t think of anything better to do with this time of year than reconnecting with & using your feminine magic, so I wish you well. If you’re hitting major, totally unexpected breakthroughs, hit me up on Twitter!

Merry Beltane to all!

Illustrations by Tati Ferrigno. Follow her on Instagram!