My Favorite Goddess Magic for Beauty, Love, & Devotion

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Aphrodite smells like roses & honey. She is all luminous hair & skin, like sunbeams bouncing off the water. She wears vintage silk dresses, Toms shoes, & a tiny diamond stud in her nose. She calls everyone "sweetheart" & is known to surprise a friend with a free ticket to Coachella.

Her Roman sister, Venus--the pleasure queen of the skies--rules prosperity, arts, & relationships. They co-host bachelorette slumber parties for their friends, resplendent with sparkling cocktails & gourmet cupcakes. They roam art galleries & take spontaneous European getaways together. They make you believe in sisterly romance. 

Aphrodite gave her heart away only once--to her high school boyfriend, who cried harder than she did when he came out to her. They still love each other.

Aphrodite is the babe you fear: sensual, gorgeous, & magnetic. Not only does every man fall for her, every man who falls for her wants to become more than himself to deserve her. Aphrodite induces jealousy & Gatsby complexes. 

Though you want to loathe her, you can't. You wind up simply wanting to be more like her. You aspire to a quality in Aphrodite having nothing to do with her clothes or how she styles her hair, but with how satisfied she feels with herself.

Aphrodite reminds me that life isn’t about appearance. @@Life, & especially magic, is an aesthetic experience.@@ Whether you call her Aphrodite or Venus, this Goddess symbol channels into your life the awareness of your own ability to create pleasure, joy, & beauty for yourself.

I want to share with you the ritual recipes that have ALWAYS made me glow with pleasure. These are Goddess Magic practices where intention matters less than creating a mystically luxurious experience--time bending, wall dissolving, ecstatic.

Any of these recipes can be ceremonially mixed into a magical full moon ritual. Most are simple & elegant, but a few link you to you some badass ritual protocols. Wherever I've linked you, you'll find everything you need to create the experience.

Need a guideline for creating full moon rituals? Check out this post.

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Goddess Magic For Love, Beauty, & Devotion

Drink water infused with moonbeams & pink crystals. In the evening, set a couple of mason jars filled with spring water on the windowsill within sight of the full moon. Soak pink stones & crystals in the water overnight. I use rose quartz & rhodonite, but you can use any stones you want to draw in their potency. (Just remember to look up your crystals on My CrystalPedia to make sure they're water insoluble.)

For experts: before setting in the moonlight, grip the jar between your hands & transmit an intention into the water. 

The next day, drink your crystal elixir! My favorite is to drink something pink with the elixir mixed in, like a pink-colored loose-leaf tea. (I'm loving this hibiscus herbal iced tea!) Mix in a few ounces of your crystal elixir, then squeeze fresh lemon juice into the tea pot or slice a few pieces of fresh fruit.

If pink is too fruity for you, try green tea garnished with rose petals.



Soak your body in a magical cocktail of your favorite oils, fruit juices, & herbs.

This link takes you to a post about creating the ritual & tells you everything you need for creating a custom recipe for a magical bath.



Turn your make-up vanity into a Goddess altar. Decorate it with bowls of fresh fruit & lush, exotic flowers. Place The Empress or Lovers Tarot cards & rose quartz on your vanity. Sprinkle sea shells around it.

On the day of the full moon, offer Goddess a chalice of fresh milk sweetened with raw honey. Dust bronzer on your face, so the apples of your cheeks glow in the candlelight, & line your eyes in liquid pink. Set an intention for how you will use the altar & how setting at the altar will make you feel. Transmit that intention into your vanity-altar. Close the ceremony by drinking the milk.

Visit this post to learn more about creating Goddess altars. If you want to find out how Snow Orchid (altar displayed above) sets up her own beauty altar, click here

And for more altar inspo, check out my Altar board.



I call this "Gratitude Journaling On MDMA." Each morning, write in the heading of a fresh page in your diary: Things I Love. Then list all the pretty, irresistible, lovely things you Love. Write as many as you like, but try to get down a minimum of 10. (Note: you can also publish this list in a Tumblr or InstaGram post.)

Effects: you'll find yourself gravitating towards things that will produce or magnify those lovely feels. You get back 3x the amount of cheer you put out, & gratitude journaling is a key practice for deepening your magnetism. You'll become an epicenter of massive good vibes, with Love rippling out from you. You'll find yourself randomly posting random thank you notes & buying fresh-cut flowers for the break room at work.

If you're new to gratitude journaling (or just new to accentuating the positive), visit this article for a little how-to.

And please help yourself to a few of Oprah's thoughts on gratitude journaling.



This is a ritual that transforms humiliating inhibition into clearer, sweeter flow. Do it during the waning moon (within 14 days after the full moon). 

First, list your insecurities on separate squares of flash paper. (You can buy some here.) For every square of insecurity, write on a separate piece of paper one of your most glowing traits, skills, or accomplishments.

So, for I haaate how I look in naked, you'd have, I have amazing skintone--I look evenly tanned all year long!

Next, touch each Square of Insecurity to a lit candle wick & drop it into a mini cauldron to burn. Say aloud, "I don't feel gross in my swim suit anymore. I look tan & glow-y year round!" Dip the other square in a chalice or bowl of water. 

After your ritual, bury the clumpy, watery paper in the soil of a potted plant.

For experts: you can invoke your Patron Goddess & make 1 small sacrifice in exchange for her assistance in healing your insecurities: nixing an hour of your daily Netflix fix, instating a permanent ceiling on items piled onto your To-Do list, or throwing out the hoodie sweatshirt that's become a staple in your wardrobe.

If you want to read more in-depth about banishment rituals, check out this post.



Or Cleopatra or Brigitte Bardot. Invent your own magical invocation for unlocking your inner-minx. 

Magically charge a phrase (you can use "What Would Aphrodite Do?" if you really want to) by writing it on a square of paper & leaving it on the windowsill in the moonlight. Anchor it under a piece of quartz or surround the square in other confidence-boosting stones, like citrine, carnelian... Finally, dissolve the paper in a ritual chalice (a.k.a. a cup) & drink the water or bury the refuse in a special place. 

To help the invocation gather power, perform new dare everyday for a month--anything that makes you sweat a little when you think about doing it. Every time you create that moment of thrill, say your invocation aloud--it will grow stronger.

Wear the wedgies you’ve been too shy to debut. Friend request the babe at the cafe. Pitch a story idea to the editor of that style blog you're obsessed with. 

Don't focus on the outcome, just on creating a thrill. When you feel yourself leaning away from the dare or rationalizing yourself out of it, say aloud, "What Would [your brave & lovely femme totem] Do?" (Or whatever your magical invocation is.)

Track the effects in your planner-grimoire & feel yourself unfold!



Magic ritual is about energizing intentions. You carve out sacred space, put singular focus on the feeling & idea behind your intention, then channel all your psycho-biological mojo into the intention. Once charged, the intention has 100% full mind-body consciousness backing it up. Manifestation guaranteed.

Orgasms are perhaps the HIGHEST form of human mojo you can apply to intentions. The intention itself--how it's phrased, what it symbolizes--it all the mind you need. An orgasm, then, become the visceral oomph the intention needs to materialize into reality.

If sex magic is totally new for you, check out this article, which goes in depth with commentaries from practicing witchy babes & historical anecdotes about manifesting with orgasm!

And for a little how-to, visit this blog post: A New Moon Magic Sex Ritual. Obvs, this post talks about sublimating the power of your orgasm during a new moon ritual, but you can definitely practice sex magic during the full.

Those are my favorite luxey rituals for love, beauty, & devotion! They're ever-evolving, & really, that's the point. Experience & improvisation are more important in Goddess Magic than procedure. 

Are you going to try any for tonight's full moon? Are there any of Goddess rituals you think are perfect for raising the pleasure quotient of other Goddess Girls' lives? Let me know on Twitter!

Love & luxury,

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