My 3 Favorite Energy Medicines For Shadow Work

The Witch: A New England Folktale  © 2016 A24

The Witch: A New England Folktale © 2016 A24

Shadow work is the work you put into making peace with the repressed, disowned part of who you are. Until brought to light, your darkest feelings—like shame, guilt, & fear—congeal in the lowest layers of your psyche, eventually hardening into inner barriers that trap powerful instinctual energy.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life & you will call it fate.
— Carl Jung

And instinct is huge in magic! Instinct is primal wisdom: wisdom evolved through millennia, coiled up right now inside you. Shadow work is where we begin crushing those inner barriers, so wisdom is unlocked & brought into service of our highest intentions. 

Energy medicine has been a very cool tool in my shadow work. I’ve lopped off a huge slice of shadow drama with crystal smudging, the Emotional Freedom Technique, & Donna Eden’s energy medicine. I may not be wholly 100% shadow integrated, but working with energy medicine has had such a huge impact, I need to tell people!

I realized how energy medicines could help with my shadow work after listening to Tami Simon's interview with Mario Martinez: Archetypal Wounds & Their Healing Fields. Martinez discusses his research about how we carry our shame, guilt, & fear in our bodies--like actual scars. We can heal shame, guilt, & fear once we trace back to the stories / experiences that caused the emotional pain.

The interview provides all the intellectual material you’ll need to confirm that emotional drama can entrain itself in the physical human body...

...And energy medicine can help you break up that entrainment. Once fresh energy is passing through that formerly congested region, you start feeling freer, looser, with more clarity & oomph

To be clear: there's an energetic & psychological components to shadow work. Energy medicine helps you reset your energetic imprint: that's the feeling & awareness you have about the shadow, where she's twisted up & stuck. This can unlock all sorts baggage, so I suggest make sure you have a therapist or someone in your corner you can unload your surfaced feelings with.

Let's talk about beginning the good work of shadow integration, then I'll show you how energy medicines can help!


Energy medicine is like acupuncture with your hands (or, in one of my practices, with a crystal.) Energy medicine helps lessen the entrainment of sensations that have habitually followed certain thoughts. This disempowers the potency of that particular thought, providing fresh mental-emotional space for new (empowering) thoughts to well up.

I recommend experimenting with these practices for about two weeks, & documenting your experience. Once your shadow self has significantly lightened, introduce more affirmative practices, like positive self-talk or creative visualization, into your energy practice. Incrementally, you’ll feel better, your perspective will widen, & you can venture into deeper shadow work.

gOod for releasing stagnant thoughts,
memories, & feelings

  • 15 minutes
  • 1 quartz crystal

Ground the crystal by burying it in a few ounces of brown rice, then set it out on a window sill to charge under a new moon.

Visit this post: How To Write A Rebel Girl Manifesto. Scroll down to the 2nd exercise: Burn The Past. Take some of the introspection you did on your dark feelings & how they've habituated themselves in your body. Eliminate them either by fire (under safe conditions without risk of injury or mayhem) or by speaking out loud into an audio recorder. Delete the recording.

Now grab your charged crystal:

  1. Pick a quiet time & place. Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode.
  2. Stand up straight. Start dragging the crystal from your crotch up to top of your skull, then back down again. You can close your eyes or watch yourself perform in front of a mirror.
  3. Repeat:
I sever all cords no longer representing my highest & greatest good.
  • Visualize the crystal slicing through the cords binding you to old feelings, traumatic memories, & habitual thoughts suddenly snapping apart, so you start breathing deeper & more freely. You’re not re-hashing those feelings, thoughts, or memories, but imagining their hold disintegrating.
  • When finished, stay still & imagine white or golden light emanating from & surrounding your body, accompanied by the sensation of being clean & warm. Your crystal just “scrubbed up” your etheric body.
  • Allow yourself a few sessions to ease in, then consider adding onto your recitation. For example:
I sever all cords that no longer represent my highest & greatest good. I clear the pathway for my highest & greatest powers to flow freely.

Afterwards, go out for a walk or slip into an impromptu yinasa yoga flow. Do something physical & shake out the cobwebs, now that they're loosed up.


Good for (literally) interrupting habituated feelings
& negative self-talk

  • 5-10 minutes
  • Prep work. Watch this tutorial to learn the points you’re tapping on & script the issue you’re tapping about

You’re tapping pressure points on your face & upper-body, along energetic meridians where emotions become physiological. 

With this energy practice, you're targeting the sensations that follow certain habitual thoughts, e.g. your criticisms, hate, etc. By interrupting the relationship between the thoughts & the sensations, you're creating new space in your body for newer, affirmative thoughts / sensations to well up.

First, you’ll need to write a script indicating:

  • why you’re imperfect / what you criticize yourself for
  • that you forgive & accept yourself in spite of this imperfection & criticism
  • that you’re choosing strength, abundance, & self-love

You’ll recite your script while you tap, preferably looking at yourself in the mirror. (Shadow work should be very confrontational.)

Your rhythm will be wobbly, at first; expect to spend more than 10 minutes during your first session. If this becomes your fav energy medicine, you’ll pull a session off within 5 minutes, no matter how your script adjusts.

Remember: a changing shadow = changing ego = self-growth. The biggest change will happen if you're prepared with positive affirmations. Immediately following this practice, get physical in a happy, positive way: hit a pilates class, take your dog on a stroll through your neighborhood, or get to the gym & climb onto an elliptical machine.


good for an all-over energy detox
& for cultivating a long-term energy practice

  • 45 minutes – 1 hour
  • Prep work. Invest 20+ minutes perusing this video playlist to learn about the pressure points & method of hitting them:

This technique relates closely to E.F.T., but you’re vigorously tapping meridian points throughout the whole body.

I first learned about this technique from Donna Eden's book, Energy Medicine For Womenbut I'm linking you to the above video, because the diagrams will help you figure out what you're supposed to do. 

When you can, read Eden's book. It will revolutionize your femme life.

I also invite you to listen to Tami Simon's interview with Donna Eden, which shares all about Eden's gifts, developing her energy medicine curriculum, & many other insights into using energy medicine to lift you upward & outward. 

I’m amalgamating the two previous techniques in with this tutorial, so you know how to complete an all-over energy detox. If it seems like too much, nix steps #3 & #5.


Found via Pinterest ( help me credit the artist )

Found via Pinterest (help me credit the artist)

  1. Slip into comfortable clothes (a cami & pajama shorts, for instance) & set your phone’s timer for 1 hour.
  2. Do a couple rounds of E.F.T., reciting your script into a mirror. Remember to indicate: why you’re imperfect/what you criticize yourself for + that you forgive & accept yourself in spite of this imperfection & criticism, + that you’re choosing strength, abundance, & self-love.
  3. Initiate tapping along the meridian points of your body, going from top to bottom. Continue until you get a tingly feeling &/or you feel fatigued.
  4. Stand up, shake out your hands/feet. Drag your charged quartz crystal over the meridian lines. Visualize the crystal sucking up lingering residues in your etheric body.
  5. While smudging yourself with the crystal, repeat:
I sever all cords no longer representing my highest & greatest good.
  • Finish off by massaging the points you’ve just vigorously tapped. Visualize your body expanding with strength, abundance, & self-love. You’ve flushed out your energetic body, now you’re pouring in sealant.
  • Help yourself to a few cups of clean, cool water. You did it! Great job!

Energy medicine can be fulfilling on its own & also as an asset to any shadow work you’re doing. It’s a little like riding a bike, though; you’ll have to review the videos, do a little intuitive troubleshooting, & practice a bit before you’re rolling. Definitely check out receiving a consult from a professional energy healer when you’re ready to amplify the effectiveness of your energy medicine routine. (A healer will certainly assist in personalizing your process, as well.)

Let me know via email or Twitter if this guide was useful in your shadow work. Which techniques did you try & what were your results? Did you find more information on YouTube or the blogosphere? Please also share any insights you have for making shadow work & energy medicine more comprehensive for you!

Magically yours,