The Cosmic Babe Manifesto

Image found via Pinterest (help me credit the artist)

Image found via Pinterest (help me credit the artist)

I'm creating this blog, because I LOVE cosmic babes! I love magical girls with moxie who lead themselves, take everything as a sign, & want to make friends with the delicious, nougat-y mystery of life.

Here at HellaNamaste, I promise to reveal ALL my mystical lifestyl’ing tips. If you're a cosmic babe, I want to help you design a life that makes you feel wild, yummy, & mythical… like moonbeams & Lana Del Rey lyrics baked into a cherry-cacao cupcake. 

Read on to confirm if you're a cosmic babe, & if you are, let me share with you the Cosmic Babe manifesto! 

Are You A Cosmic Babe?

A cosmic babe is enchanted, atomic, & apocryphal. She’s a sleeper agent for the stars. She glows like candlelight & you taste chocolate when she’s around. A cosmic babe’s got secret names for everything, talks out loud to Goddesses, & has a transformative effect on the people around her. Her heart is a crystal prism, but she’s sweet & tough, like a jawbreaker. 

A cosmic babe is endlessly the object of girl crushes, because being around her, you feel infinite. Expansive.  She’s lying sky clad in a treehouse, watching stars twinkle through gaps in the roof boards, humming The XX or the music score to Cloud Atlas. Inspecting her purse reveals weird artifacts: twigs wrapped in purple ribbon, holographic stones, a nudie lighter, scraps of receipt paper with jagged symbols repeated in pink highlighter. 

A cosmic babe goes by many labels (witch baby, Goddess girl, star child, etc.), but her root is ultimately cosmic. Her DNA is coded with a mission statement for raising marvelous weirdness in the world. She is rare & not a bit lonely. (Homesick, maybe.) She craves brilliance, communion, & music festivals. She can be found daydreaming, running with wolves, trekking through graveyards, or meditating by rivers. 

Cosmic babes come in all flavors, but all have 1 thing in common: mystical lifestyle design! Conventional life is a quick death for the cosmic babe. And more than likely, it took a while for her to learn this. Now, she’s totally devoted to alchemizing her life: with wisdom, creativity, & magical moxie.

The Cosmic Babe Manifesto

  • be sweet & bright
  • have faith in a self-correcting, self-perfecting universe
  • feel hot & glowy in your body
  • in matters of the heart, be sweet, but tough—like a jawbreaker
  • synchronicity happens, so make your own luck
  • find (& cherish) your Goddess girl gang
  • live by the moon
  • inspire others to feel as wild, mythic, & yummy as you do
  • flex your magical moxie every chance you get
  • rarify yourself
  • gift your friends crystals, poems, & superfood treats whenever you can
  • remember that authenticity is the new enlightenment
  • meditate everyday
  • love your fate (hint: by living intentionally)
  • keep your passport updated
  • glitter, flash tattoos, & all-night drives to the beach are routine musts
  • ALWAYS LOVE (it’s the most hedonistic thing you can do)
  • put the twinkle into strangers’ hearts 
  • leave non-believers in a mystic swoon
  • perform ONE magic ritual everyday
  • when stressed, close your eyes & smile without moving your lips
  • learn to swim, so you aren’t afraid of making waves
  • value your experience more than tradition, politics, opinion, or what’s in the canon
  • lead yourself, love yourself, be purposeful

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