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All Hail The Cosmic Queen: My Go-To Astrologers, Star Witches, & Cosmic Alchemists

In magic, timing is everything.In the past few years, I’ve started to appreciate good timing as an intuitive power. Hesitation, urgency, unease, getting the Green Light… all of these instinctual feelings arise out of the crossfire between heavenly signals & the vibing of our intentions. Studying astrology is just a way of making sense of it all. 

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How To Be A Sylph: My Tips For Celebrating The Aquarian Full Moon With Tons of Beauty & Starshine

Full moons epitomize cumulative energy: creative, emotional, devotional, desirous. And today’s full moon is in Aquarius, the rebellious, idealistic psychonaut of the zodiac. We’ve also plunged into Leo season, which resounds with the 2 strongest expressions of Leo: Strength & Desire. We’re surrounded by deep feels & big thinking, so I’m basically swooning.

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