BE A RAINBOW: How To Feel Hot & Glowy EVERYDAY With Bullet-Proof Chakra Hygiene

Image via Pinterest ( help me credit the artist )

Image via Pinterest (help me credit the artist)

You are PRISMATIC. You are a portal for cosmic yum to pour into the world, in places in most needs to flow.

But clogged up chakras can warble or strain divine light's passage through you. 

You want bullet-proof chakra hygiene, because radiating a healthy rainbow glow indicates energy richness. You have all the oomph you need (& then some) to satisfy your needs, fulfill your desires, & also be the Hand of Goddess. 

Which is SO important, because we've got people hanging on for a miracle!

I want to show you how to build bullet-proof chakra hygiene, so you look, think, & feel energy richness! You don't have to be an expert on chakras to practice my regimen. Everything I do is part of basic, general energetic self-care. And it's easy

Let me get you squared away on some basic concepts in chakra science. Then I'll break down my energy health regimen!

"crystals" by the phenomenal Charmaine Olivia (see her gorgeous paintings & illustrations here!)

"crystals" by the phenomenal Charmaine Olivia (see her gorgeous paintings & illustrations here!)


If we are a prism focusing divine light, then the chakras are facets of that prism.

"Chakra" (pronounced SHOCK-ruh) is a Sanskrit word translating to "wheel of light." These wheels need to spin synchronistically with each other. One out-of-sync chakra throws off the whole system, producing seemingly unrelated kinks in the body & mind.

NOTE: there are actually more than 13 chakras, but I only know the 7 most traditionally talked about ones. These ones rise up the center column of the body. At the end, I'll link you to resources for getting a strong theoretical grasp of the chakras. 

Let me familiarize you with some general info & remedies for individual chakras. Any of this can be used in general energy hygiene. As you read the chakra snapshots, think about if any of the symptoms of chakra blockage apply to some of your own kinks. (Important for personalizing your own chakra hygiene regimen!)


CROWN. Sahasrara: the 7th chakraYour right to aspire. Violet, gold, or diamond-white. Corresponds to the top of the head. When balanced, you have higher awareness & divine connection. When out of balance: feelings of depletion, depression, restless mind, as well as headaches & photosensitivity. Start healing this chakra & you'll feel beautiful, see beauty in everything, & start feeling blissed out. Soothing stones: amethyst & diamond. Add some special attention by diffusing lavender oils in your home, wearing gold, & praying.

BROW. Ajna: the 6th chakra. Your right to see & know. Indigo. Corresponds with the pineal gland & represents the crystal star of your body. When balanced, your pineal gland heightens psychic perception & ability to communicate inter-dimensionally. Also, hyper-symbolic dreams, wisdom, ability to see the "big picture." When out of balance: dizziness, loss of focus, hormonal craziness. Soothed by moonstone, lodalite, & lapis lazuli. Give your pineal special attention by brewing some jasmine tea with berries, star gazing, & meditation.

THROAT. Vissudha: the 5th chakra. Your right to say so. Turquoise or sky blue. Corresponds with the thyroid. What's at stake: your self-expression, trust, & ability to speak the truth. When out of balance: reluctance to speak out or offer information about yourself, plus moodiness & frequent infections. Soothed by aquamarine & other blue gems. Unblock this chakra with singing, writing poetry, & having honest conversations about yourself. (Talk therapy highly recommended.)

HEART. Anahata: the 4th chakra. Your right to love. Green. Corresponds with the thymus. The Anahata is the energetic joint between the upper & lower chakras, so spoil this wheel a little extra. What's at stake: self-acceptance & forgiveness, as well as your capacity to experience joy, act with grace, & love unconditionally. The capacity to give & receive corresponds with your ability to manifest abundance (crucial, right?). When out of balance, you are possessive, passive, terrified of rejection, & easily enraged. You may also suffer muscle tension & weak immunity. Soothed by jade, rhodonite, or rose quartz. Spoil your Anahata by practicing random acts of kindness & hanging out in nature.

SOLAR PLEXUS. Manipura: the 3rd chakra. Your right to think & believe. Yellow. Corresponds with adrenals. When balanced, you have personal power, feel confident, worthy of being in the room, & in control of yourself. When unbalanced, you embarrass easily & may suffer nervousness & digestive drama. Soothed by tiger's eye & ginger tea. Doing regular shadow work strengthens the manipura. Also getting some sun. Expand your horizons by taking classes, joining clubs, or playing team sports.

SACRAL. Svadisthana: the 2nd chakra. Your right to feel. Orange. 2 inches below the navel. Corresponds with the ovaries / testes. Sensation & sensuality. When balanced, you have creativity, flow, & strong relationships. When out of balance, you're over-sensitive, emotionally disempowered, & prone to sexual extremes (either repressive or sexually compulsive & without pleasure). You may also suffer an eating disorder or addictions. Soothed by orange carnelian, zesty herbal tonics, & hanging around stimulating people. Creativity is the antidote to a blocked or sluggish sacral chakra, so stay imaginative. Massages, hot baths, & enjoying other sensual pleasures will help, too.

ROOT. Muladhara: the 1st chakra. Your right to exist. Red. Corresponds with the spine & nervous system. What's at stake: feeling grounded, secure, & capable. Self-centeredness, anemia, & cold hands / feet when out of balance. Soothed by ruby, obsidian, or hematite. Physical exercise does amazing things for the Muladhara.



My energy health regimen cleanses & heals all the wheels together. I don't encourage you to care for chakras piece by piece, unless you treat them on a revolving daily basis (Sunday for the Crown chakra, Monday for the Brow chakra, & so forth). Often, our biases muddle the chakra-by-chakra approach: you think you need more confidence, but actually what you need is to unblock the truth-telling chakra. 

That's why I've taken this "all over" approach to energy health. When I do feel a little weak in one area, I mix in little bonus remedies, like I mentioned in the chakra snapshots: specifically colored crystals, herbal tea blends, or activities to right that chakra's rhythm.

I balance my chakra hygiene regimen on the 2 principles of vitality: detox & nourish. Mornings & while you sleep are best for detoxing, while midday - early evening are ideal for nourishing. 

It's a lifestyle. A lot of what I recommend is definitely not a one-time fix. But since me & my boo started taking energy health seriously, it's like we're living in a rainbow: There's color, sparkle, & shine! And I honestly can't tell you if it's coming from us, like, our bodies, or if it's in our space & refracting onto us. I just know that raising our energy health quotient put us into flow.

And I want that FOR YOU! So, here's my chakra hygiene regimen. Use it to inspire your own approach to energy health, but definitely refurbish it to suit your needs & taste. What I know is that the principles of vitality (detox + nourish) are universal. Your regimen must balance those. 

And if you're wondering where you'll find the time to accomplish these new daily activities, I say: start cutting time away from social media & Netflix. Trust me. The time is there. And the true benefit of having a chakra hygiene regimen: you gain more time.


  • Detox daily with energy medicine. I absolutely love energy medicine. I share 3 different medicines in this post if you're interested, but I still encourage you to visit to a veteran energy healer for a consultation! A pro can prescribe specific medicines particular for you.

  • Meditate. Start with 5 mins a day. You don't have to go pro, just start creating "free space" in your mind. To really amp up the practice, pair it with a Netflix + social media diet. Start with 1 abstinent day of the week or a daily blackout period (for us, there's no TV / computer time until noon).

  • Mix in a little crystal therapy. Volcanic stones have powerfully helped my chakra detox. You can balance them on your body while you meditate or drag them over your body in the morning, just before dressing. (Need a little background on the relationship between crystals & energy? Check out this video.)

  • Start keeping a purge journal. In the evenings, just before bed: set a timer for 15 minutes, open up your diary, & write automatically. This isn't the time for writing out gratitude lists or composing a reflective essay about the zeitgeist of our times (unless you can do so without slowing to edit or rephrase yourself). Use this time to swirl up all the psychic funk that's been curdling all day.

  • Try 28 days of MORNING fasting: Drink up to 30 oz of warm spring water with lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach. Just before digging into a nutritious lunch, blend half-bunches of parsley & cilantro into juicy super-smoothies. (The cleansing nutrients of these tiny, ass-kicking greens will furrow deep into your tissues to hella scour stored up heavy metals & other body plaque!) I'll link to some cleansing juice recipes in the next section.

  • In the evenings, do a diatomaceous earth cleanse. This one's a game-changer. In the evening & on a totally empty stomach, mix < 1 tsp of food-grade D.E. with a tall drink of water. Immediately follow with more water. (Pro tip: keep TWO drinks of water in your bedroom the first couple nights of your detox--you'll wake up parched.) Add incrementally more D.E. to your water until you're up to 1 tbsp / day. Learn more about D.E. detoxing over here.

  • EXERT YOURSELF! Exercise daily. Your body wants to sweat. And when you exercise, you shake up all the energy in your body. When energy sits in any part of your body, it congeals. (Metaphorically.) And once it's sticky, you have to amp up all the other detox practices to dislodge it. Exercise is more efficient.

  • Mm, bath magic! Try one of these detox bath recipes over at Hello Glow. (Omg, Rose Milk detox bath, yummm.) I whip up a weekly detox bath with 2 c apple cider vinegar, 1/4 c baking soda, 1 fresh squeezed lemon, 2 handfuls of pink Himalayan salt, & 7-10 drops of sage essence. Soak for 30 minutes. (Soak while wearing a SUPER detoxifying face mask out of Indian healing clay!)


  • Drink your greens. Each morning, drink up to 24 oz of warm spring water with chlorella or blend a fistful of dark, leafy greens into a smoothie. (This may coincide with your morning detox bevvie & in fact makes it easier holding off until midday to dig into a big, healthy lunch!) Check out Young & Raw for TONS of green smoothie recipes. (Here's a detox superfood smoothie that will fill your belly up!)

  • Taste the rainbow, all of it, every day. Add more fresh, colorful, raw-to-mildly cooked foods to your diet. Not just veggies (though that's major & a good place to start), but also fresh herbs, roots, & spices.

  • Level up your meditation. I'm only just exploring kundalini meditation, but already feeling great effects! I suggested "mindfulness" meditation for detoxing, because mindfulness is great for clearing the static in your body + mind, but doesn't push your energy. Explore kundalini meditation (a perfect match for the chakras!) or transcendental meditation (highly recommended for creatives). Start dabbling with Gabby's fav kundalini meditations or find out where you can enroll in a TM class.

  • Go ahead, feel the rainbow. Meditate with specific crystals for specific chakras. This page shows you which crystals correspond with which chakra. (Need that link again to the video about the chakra-crystal connection?)

  • Get 30 mins of unobstructed daily sunshine. Show a little skin & leave your sunnies at home.

  • Lighten & brighten your surroundings. Open up the windows & add mirrors, hang crystal mobiles. (So they cast rainbows around your space!) Also, DECLUTTER. A place for everything & everything in its place.

  • Wear white. Sounds trivial, right? But darker fabrics absorb & "keep" the delicious light waves our chakras crave. Mix more white into your fabric OR more vibrant color in general.

  • Feast on colored light. Light is chakra FOOD. Invent ways to bring more colored light into your world (we installed tinted light bulbs in lamps around our apartment). This article sifts through the nitty gritty science on the effects of lightwaves on chakras. Ignore the out-of-date reference to the light portal—scroll down for the juicy info that will help you understand about light, color, & chakras.

  • Start tending a gratitude journal. Maybe it's the same notebook as your Purge Journal. I've realized that mid-morning is the ideal time to outline my appreciation. The rest of the day feels twinklier, I'm friendlier, & I spot all kinds of opportunities to actually show my gratitude to others. Good vibes raised all around.

  • Practice daily creativity. You don't have to produce creative work, though that's cool, bro. Creativity can be inventing a new recipe, taking your camera with you on a stroller-walk with your baby boo, or calling up a friend in the middle of the day to chat. Invite spontaneity into the picture. Fall into flow. You don't have to accomplish anything, just play & experiment.

  • DANCE! Exercise squeegees stagnant energy out of the body, but dancing swirls up & distributes hella good energy all through the body! Invite your friends over to dance around your living room & kick-off an orgiastic frenzy of positive energy!

  • Practice self-love with crystals. I like crystals for detoxing & meditation, but I'm gonna clue you into something you may not know about: rose quartz self-love wands. This is a pricey investment & I'm only suggesting it because crystals can nourish EVERY nook & cranny of your body! (There's also rose quartz Yoni eggs for getting the most bang out of your kegel exercises.) Of course, you don't HAVE to stuff crystals in your orifices for self-loving care! I love charging crystals in the full moon or in the sunshine (for a very short amount of time, so they don't fade), then carrying them in my pockets or holding them during meditation.



Energy health is holistic. That’s why you can’t treat chakras on a case-by-case basis. When you've got sticky energy anywhere, you need a multi-dimensional approach to flush it out, heal the gap, & invite sweet, bright energy to flow through it again.

For real, what you do, the energy rituals, are more or less arbitrary. If I feel nourished, cleansed, or in any other way boosted by an activity, it's incorporated into my regimen. Collecting the rituals is basically a laboratory experiment, where I only keep what makes me feel good or healed.

Your regimen should balance self-care practices for all your layers. The objective with any energy detox & healing regimen is to treat the whole energy field, but creating it starts with homing in on where you feel stuck, sluggish, or broken. Sometimes you'll ID that as a mental blockage, sometimes a physical one. Experiment with activities to find what helps you feel lighter & brighter. 

Once you start paying attention to what feels like it’s “not working,” you'll intuitively know what activity you should try. It will probably be an activity you’re already curious about (maybe you’ve been curious for a long time), but there’s no logical connection.

This is your permission slip to just try it. Show up for Pilates, dive into Paleo, book a chiropractic appointment or bring up EMDR with your therapist.

But to make it work, & to build out a regimen, you have to document it. Otherwise, you’ll quit. Start tracking what you’re doing whether on paper or a Google Doc or an audio recorder.

Another way to enhance or sprinkle into some mysticism in your self-care: track the planets in the Signs. Most cosmic babes enjoy astrology, but aren’t quite sure where to apply it, beyond speculating about boyfriend or celebrity behavior.

Well, the astrological weather can play a huge role in your energy routine! Over time (for me, within 2 years), you’ll notice that the astrological weather sets a certain tone; that your energy waxes & wanes during specific seasons, not always in tandem with the collective. If you track your energy rituals alongside major transits in the stars, you’ll learn what really works for you during these auspicious times of year! 

Just note planet-play wherever you’re recording your energy regimen. You can do it in your dream journal, grimoire, or a .doc in your Notes app. I use the TimePassage app to find out what’s where, then sum up the day’s mood in a couple words or with a doodle.

Remember, you don’t have to DIY your energy regimen,you could always work with a pro. With a professional energy healer, you can explore an array of healing systems. Most likely they will have specific training in 1 or 2 modalities, like Ayurveda, Reiki, herbal medicine, or acupuncture. Do a little Internet research on energy healing, then find out what types of healers are locally available. Choose someone who cares about being perceived as a professional. Feel me?

If you prefer to DIY your energy routine, I suggest 2 books: Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine For Women is basically the foundation of my energy rituals. I talk more about my favorite insight in my post about energy medicine.

And Dr. Kelly Brogan’s A Mind Of Your Own, which is going to confront everything you think you know about mental health, & also challenge you to invest a month into learning how to feed & care for yourself.



I'm THRILLED right now. Think about any time you've ever said, "If only I had more time... focus... energy..."

Well. You do. You have an INFINITE SUPPLY of time-focus-energy, just a management issue.

And once you've tweaked the regimen to suit you, you'll be practicing energy health like it’s second nature. Because energy health is natural health.

So, what are you gonna do with your energy richness? Drop me an email about it