Are You A Star Witch?


Are you a magpie for twinkle & glitter? Do you synchronize your routines with the moon's phasing or the astrological climate? Do you love all things cosmic, from your galaxy-printed leggings to binge-watching classic episodes of Star Trek?

Did you "get" the film Interstellar

You might be a star witch.

Star witches are stargazing psychonauts who draw energy from attuning to & studying cosmic rhythms. We guess your star sign before you even say anything. We swig moon water, wear opalescent crystals & gems, & want to make you feel infinite.

Star witchery is common amongst magical cosmic babes, probably because there's a lot of crossover with starseeds. We're attuned with cosmic rhythms, because we know we're microcosmic agents of the Divine. Maybe we can't physically visit other galaxies, but through our dreams & magic work, we try cutting through the inter-dimensional veil. 

Whether you're ready to swan dive into cosmic witchcraft or just spooning some starry elements into your existing magic practice, I've got tips, resources, & clarifications to help you along!


what is cosmic witchcraft?

On the whole, star witchery is known as cosmic witchcraft. Often, the planets in our solar system symbolize certain realms of life. And astrology plays a huge role in intention-setting, as well as the phases of the moon.

Here are my best tips for getting started with cosmic witchcraft:


A star witch may not consider herself an astrologer, but she definitely knows her away around the zodiac. In fact, for star witches: astro timing is everything!

And at the very least, a star witch knows what’s what on her natal chart, which is basically a snapshot of the planets’ positions in the sky at the time of her birth. Whichever zodiac house the planets happened to be in when you were born affects an aspect of your psychic evolution. 

To get started, first: score a copy of your natal chart. All you need is the time, location, & date of your birth. You can get your natal chart for free by subscribing to the Astro Twins’ email list OR by following the instructions after enrolling in HEARTBEAT: A free 7-day class on navigating your natal chart, over at Both options get you a chart, but if you really want a professional chart interpretation, you’ll simply have to book an appointment with a true blue astrologer. 

Now that you have your chart, you can begin your self-study! Hop over to Zenned Out to score a free, printable, & super boho-cute natal chart that you can fill out & frame for your office OR carry with you in a padfolio! (I actually keep a miniature copy of my natal chart in my planner.) Alternately, you can print your natal chart off the computer & simply paste it into your grimoire, diary, or wherever you’re taking notes about what you’ve learned about the positions. (Cassie at Zenned Out also has a great post about interpreting your birth chart.)


I rely on the DeluxeMoon app to stay in the know. Not only does it show me the moon’s current phase, but also the zodiac house the moon is in! (The app also provides advice about what activities to perform or avoid, given the astro climate, but the advice is not always clear! I think it’s automatically translated from a language other than English!)

You’ll also get the 411 on what’s happening with the moon & stars if you’re subscribed to an astrologer, like The AstroTwins, Rachel @ AeolianHeart, or Mojave Rising

New moons are perfect occasions for energizing an intention, while full moons are more ideal for celebration & manifestation. Taking special note of the stars in important when weighing your intention: a spell for self-love just doesn’t vibe as with the Capricorn new moon as well as it does with the Leo new moon! 

For more about moon magic, check out my post How To Create A Mystically Luxe Full Moon Ritual & also go here to score my New Moon Ritual Roadmap!


What's the relationship between alchemy & the solar system? Alchemists are into balancing the micro with the macro: cultivating the psyche to conceptualize & withstand the power of the universal mind. During rituals, they manipulate metals, minerals, herbs, & work with deities corresponding with the planets. They apply power from the universal mind to the world around them.

For instance, the planet mercury influences substances which are changeable or elusive, acquisitive in nature, & quick to materialize, but short-lived. Mercurial is what we attribute to objects, people, & experiences bearing these exact qualities. Alchemists wanting true natural knowledge of this universal quality would create rituals using these mercurial substances, & the ritual experience would widen their awareness & understanding.

If you're a Neo-Alchemical star witch, you can focus your magic on this study of the analogy between the microcosm (natural human experience) & the macrocosm (the universe). Learn more of the alchemical perspective on the planets over on this page.


With the cosmic witchcraft, days of the week & even time of day have a huge impact on the outcome of your spell! 

Check out this book: Secrets of Planetary Magic by Christopher Warnock. Someone suggested this book to me, & although I don’t incorporate everything I’ve learned from it, it packs a ton of useful info! No matter your magic practice, you definitely need this book.

Correspondences are always critical in any ritual or spell-craft; correspondences are what give the ritual its psychic zing. And in cosmic witchcraft, planetary correspondences are crucial. Visit this article for a complete reference of the planetary correspondences: minerals, metals herbs, crystals, harmonics, Goddesses, symbols, etc. Everything you'll need to start thinking cosmically about the Craft!

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest


If you KNOW you're a star witch, why not invoke an astronomical Goddess, like Shakti (the Cosmic Mother) or Nuit (the Egyptian Sky Goddess)? It's much easier to compel a deity's attention & power when you actually build a relationship with her (such as when she's your Patron), but if you're just starting the explore, I'd suggest reading ALL about sky Goddesses!

If you already have a Patron Goddess, research the planets & constellations they're associated with, & see what inspires you. For instance, my Patron Goddess, Inanna, is associated with Venus, so I use copper-plated tools & totems in my Goddess-work. This sounds trivial, but my craft feels so much more detailed & cohesive selecting tools & swag directly attributed to my Goddess. (This post can help you find your Patron Goddess.) 

Btw, I actually write a monthly column, Goddess Moon Magic, where I assign a Patron Goddess to every new moon, then describe the ideal ceremony & intention to go along with the astro climate! This is perfect for star witches who don’t want to commit to a Patron, but who still want to make themselves known to those grand, feminine archetypes of the moon & stars!


You can use a variety of the substances associated with the planets & your Goddess in your rituals. But here are some general ways to sprinkle a little extra stardust onto your altar:

Carve zodiac & planetary symbols into your ceremonial candles--especially if they correspond with the sign of the of the new or full moon you’re conducting your ritual during ✨ score a celestial altar cloth or hang a cosmically-decadent tapestry in your ritual space (like these ones from Danielle Noel, creator of the Starchild Tarot, luvvv) ✨ write sigils or even your magical intentions with a glitter glue pen ✨ hang twinkle lights from the ceiling above your altar ✨ affix glow-in-the-dark stick’um stars on the surface of or the wall above your altarbalance your cosmic altar with 1 glitter jar & 1 “void” jar (versus balancing your altar with the Masculine & the Feminine)

Visit this post for more about building a Goddess altar.



Many of the boosters I recommend below will help expand your cosmic awareness, while others are just for expressing your madly cosmic sensibility!



I love the idea of listening to space while you meditate. But I also LOVE this prayer I found online! I think you should memorize & whisper it to yourself in times of strife, anxiety, & dread. You should intone it together with your girl gang while picnicking under the stars or before settling into a magical study session with a piece of esoteric literature. 

I am the flames that crown the Sun.
I am the valleys & craters of Mercury.
I am the burning clouds of Venus.
I am the life that blooms on Earth.
I am the dust & darkness of the Moon.
I am the towering mountains of Mars.

I am the swirling storm on Jupiter.
I am the frozen rings of Saturn.
I am the floating mist of Neptune.
I am the diamond rain of Uranus.
I am the subterranean ocean of Pluto.

I am made of the same stardust as the planets & one day I will return to them.

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Not convinced you're a star witch? 

There are HUNDREDS of witchy babe-types. Storm witches, sex witches, sea witches, paper witches, bone witches, tech witches, ad infinitum. Check out LavenderWhisp's Master Tumblr Post on witch types for more!

But you don't have to identify as any type of witch. You can experiment with ceremonies, meditations, ingredients, & elements from any magical tradition. Creating this post was for me to show cosmic babes that witchery is a natural enhancer of their pragmatism & moxie! 

If you want to explore more about star witches & cosmic witchcraft, visit the Saturn Queen over on Tumblr! I learned SO MUCH from her #tags! (That link directs you to a collection of her posts tagged "cosmic witchcraft".) 

If you're looking for a star witch support group, ask to join the Cosmic Witch Coven!

So, ARE you a star witch? Come tell me about it

Here's to you, starshine!

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