Rebels, Geniuses, & Cosmic Queens: The Aquarius New Moon 2017

© Yee Von Chan,  Stars In My Eyes  series

© Yee Von Chan, Stars In My Eyes series

This Friday is kicks off a whole new year of yummy sublime potential. O, the dream-time! Silvery baths! Late night chocolate! Candlelight & mini disco balls! The playlists to come!

I believe moon magic is foundational to Goddess magic. The moon’s cycle (about 29 days) is analogous to a cosmic breath: inhalation, exhalation. Dreaming, realizing. 

Each new moon comes with its own celestial seasoning. This Friday’s new moon appears in Aquarius: the house of innovation, idealism, & individuality. With the sun and moon in Aquarius, the starry-eyed, brilliant-hearted vibes will be flying high!

Like most cosmic babes, I take new moons as astrological calls-to-action. Like most Goddess Girls specifically, I interpret them from a sacred femme perspective. Moon magic is not New Age goal-hacking; it’s New Age soul-work. And Goddess is about nothing else if not soul-work. 

I’m also offering something new through HellaNamaste to help you maximize the mystic potential of every moon cycle in 2017! You’ll find out more at the bottom. 

Meanwhile, here’s a new feature on the blog: Goddess Moon Magic! Let me tell you about this coming new moon & make suggestions for responding to its call to action.



© Yee Von Chan,  Stars In My Eyes  series

© Yee Von Chan, Stars In My Eyes series

Aquarius is the house of visionaries, futurists, & humanitarians. Nothing settles in this house—the winds of change are always tearing through, making the clarity you’re experiencing slippery & hard to ground.

The New Age is Aquarian. The Age of Aquarius is about Awakening, re-envisioning what’s possible, & finding solutions within ourselves. The Water Bearer—symbol of Aquarius—doesn’t bear the water for only himself. He’s delivering it for all. 

Whatever it is you’re sitting on, this is the season to plan: How are you gonna bring it?

An Aquarian new moon strengthens imagination & individuality, which are the core tools you need to create a revolution in your own life. You may already be surfing the Awakening, but this Friday’s new moon specifically will help you dream huge & make it real.

This Awakening is a ripe, happy time for idealists. An idealist knows that just because it’s not tangibly in front you doesn’t rule out its possibility. Truth, Beauty, & Peace can be known through imagination. @@“Being realistic” is really just admitting to a lack of imagination.@@

So, take the opportunity this Friday to open up the channel for your inner-genius. Let her devour the world like cake: she has to see it, feel it, taste it, know it, & you have to listen. When she blesses you with a shard of white hot Truth—a moment of clarity that smashes every belief holding up your personal status quo: your task is to find a way to make it real.

True mystics co-create reality with the divine. And that’s what the New Age—the Now Age—& Aquarius is all about. You are the locus of your own reality. If you can’t make your world ideal for yourself, then you’ll never make it anything.

I know this sounds heady. That’s Aquarius I’m vibin’ with. And that’s why it’s hard to ground this energy—re-entering the atmosphere disorients you.

So, how can you also ride this vibe? How can I help make this energy real for you? 

I want to tell you about a Goddess. And then tell you how that Goddess can help you raise hella Aquarian vibes in your reality.



© Yee Von Chan,  Stars In My Eyes  series

© Yee Von Chan, Stars In My Eyes series

Nuit craves idealism & devotion. She is super-conscious & glows with starlight. She presents herself naked before all.

She’s a Goddess Girl now, but you’d swear that as a child, Nuit had been kidnapped by fairies. She is a galactic beam of love & truth. Though the depth & breadth of her weirdness makes others feel as if they’re falling off the edge, you can’t help but yearn to keep her in view. Her wonder enthralls.

Nuit’s raison d’être is blending spiritualism, humanitarian work, & the occult: Hosting transcendental meditation workshops for the women’s prison or creating a non-profit to support experimental artists. If a coworker mentions a break-up, Nuit shows up at her apartment with a picnic lunch & Tarot cards. 

Nuit never doubts herself. What other people call doubt, she calls “depression.” She doesn’t mind sitting alone at lunch; she’s in a realm all her own. She seems wishy-washy, but knows how to occupy space. Matching her gaze is like looking Northward into a blue cloudless sky—you know what you’re looking at, but at the same time also know you’re staring straight into the beyond. 

Nuit’s style is zany, androgynous, & utterly original. Diadems, hair sculptures, non-festival related face painting, dandy pants suits, futuristic motorcycle boots. She’s the innovator—wrapping old t-shirts around her hips for a sarong, refurbishing the keys to locks on her childhood diaries into earrings. She’s attracted to pyramids, so her jewelry is always triangular. She carries garnet & merlinite gems to keep her grounded.

Nuit listens to Animal Collective, Boards of Canada, & Coldplay. She’s always the first to get up & dance, moving as if waiting to be plucked up by the air. She polishes her nails in pale opalescent colors: shell-pink, orangesicle-cream, flower-stem yellow-green. Her fingers flicker like fairy wings. The scents wafting off of her smell like starfruit, soap, & unripe lemon. 

Nuit channels information. From spirits. From extraterrestrials. She’ll drop channeled info into the conversation at dinner parties, like Luna Lovegood reports on Nargles. Sometimes her audaciousness makes her friends cringe, but she inspires such devotion: they’ll be the first to volunteer anecdotes where Nuit’s channelings produced verifiable messages.

© Yee Von Chan,  Stars In My Eyes  series

© Yee Von Chan, Stars In My Eyes series

As a Patron Goddess, Nuit is perfect for the idealistic, devotional cosmic babe. If your life journey is about blending enlightenment with service, Nuit is the archetype to mentor you into a Goddess Girl.

Nuit (a.k.a. Nut) is the cosmic gate—the passage between us & higher realities. Crowley referred to her Our Lady of Infinite Space. She is atmospheric, but rooted to our planet. She was often symbolized as a tree & in pre-dynastic Egypt, was supposedly to first to welcome the deceased to Amenti, the afterlife. If you want to discover more about Nuit (including symbols & elements to weave into your new moon ritual), check out this Crystalinks page

Also, here's a Nuit Goddess ritual I found online, if you'd like a template for your moon magic. I'm going to share some of my own ideas for your ritual in a minute! 

Cosmic babes identifying with Nuit tend to be quixotic, self-realized, & passionate nurturers of the human species. Weird & wonderful psychonauts love Nuit, as do lovers of ancient Egypt. 



© Yee Von Chan,  Stars In My Eyes  series

© Yee Von Chan, Stars In My Eyes series

The upcoming Aquarian new moon is all about finding solutions within yourself, then using imagination & your individuality to make them real.

For your ritual itself, I suggest experimenting with star witchery. Buy glow-in-the-dark stick’um stars & press them on the wall over your altar or set up a star projector. Listen to space while doing your ceremony. Do Tarot readings & swig moon water. (Visit the link above for tons of star witchery ideas.) 

During your new moon ritual, when it’s time to make your ceremonial offering to the Goddess, direct it to Nuit. Offer her glitter, a psychic experience you once had (written onto a piece of paper), or a slice of rare, exotic fruit. She digs originality, so make your offering as personal & imaginative as possible.

For your pre-ritual meditation, open the channel for your inner-genius. Write a Q on a square of paper, then leave it on your altar. Ask something about yourself—What does the world need from me? What can I offer other people?

Let the answer to your question billow up from inside you. Use the insight to create your new moon ritual intent.

Because it's Aquarius (the humanitarian), invite your best friend to your ritual—even if she’s never done anything woo-woo like moon magic. Instruct her to ride the Aquarian vibe & bear-hug the weirdness of it all. Light silvery, green, & blue candles, wear silky dresses, & refurbish long necklace pendants into diadems. Share your visions & fess up to the uniqueness you see & love about each other. Invent an accountability system: how will you help each other throughout the year on the path of materializing your deepest, truest dreams?

Don’t rely on past experience to tell you it’s possible. Use creativity. Use logic. What does the world need? More Love, Peace, Justice, Truth? How can you--on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis--materialize the ideal? Talk it out with your friend or scribble it onto an index card. Sleep with it under your pillow.

The Aquarian vibes wants you to think differently about idealism. If you're in process of Awakening, you're probably already pretty idealistic. But what's the solution you can provide to make the world ideal? 

How are you going to haul the water?

That’s my insight for your Aquarian new moon ritual. Hopefully Nuit helps decode the celestial vibe, so you can create a totally special experience this Friday.

But I have a TON more to offer. Like, a mini-course teaching you the basics of new moon magic, resplendent with a video presentation, printable altar cards, & an optional assignment to help you create smarter, more intuitive magical intentions!

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Meanwhile, go forth & start planning a weird, wonderful new moon ritual. Knowing you're raising hella sweet, bright vibes in the world will make my own ritual sing.

Happy New Moon In Aquarius!

Lovely illustrations from the series "Stars In My Eyes" by Lee Von Chan. Check out her Behance portfolio!